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Nobody Blames Their Mother…Okay…No I don’t.

Nobody’s Opinion

I stayed away from Politics today. My husband and I were out looking for deals on ‘appliances’: Why? Because NEXT year we are being told, we might not even have FOOD to eat, or even electric. My electrician told me that ALL the prices are going up next year and I’d better buy now.

I believe him because he used to do all the work at Boeing. SO…

 We went to Best Buy, Lowe’s, Home Depot, all the major big stores, simply because the old mom and pop stores went out of business years ago. We used to buy our appliances at Sears…the oldest retail company in America—now gone. To me, that’s a sure sign America died. What are you going to do?


One salesman told us they still had one store in Chicago.  

The old stove top in my kitchen is so old, they don’t make it anymore. Out of four burners, one bit the dust in 2006, and you can’t buy a replacement…anymore. That’s happening with most everything, have you noticed? Sorry, they don’t MAKE that part anymore.

Frankly, I think they were saying that in my knee replacement when I was in the operating room.

So, we thought…hey, lets get one of those shiny electric ones…and my girlfriend said, “I have one, you can’t get anything off it. I had to use a razor once to scrap it clean.” Okay. On top of that, you can’t use cast iron on it. WHAT? EVERYTHING tastes better when cooked in caste iron. Those plastic pans are much like the plastic bottles…. it’s PLASTIC coming at ya, probably attaching to those pesky blood clots from the vaccines floating in your DNA.

I think they’ve thought this all out. HOW TO SLOWLY KILL THE POPULATION. I would have loved to be a little mouse and heard all the elites tell creative stories on that subject. ANYWAY…

I asked the salesman about not being able to use cast iron on them and he said, “Oh, you just LIFT it up very carefully, and put it aside.” Then he admitted he once had a glass top and now owns a gas stove.

“Well, I can’t get gas because I’m SURE my long hair would catch on fire.” I have often started boiling water and gotten bored and went into another room to read or write something only to come back and find the water…gone. I get bored easily. My husband always is walking around the store saying, “Have you seen my little girl?” because I will wander off to look at everything…focusing on standing still is something that I NEVER mastered.

 I pictured my local fireman saying “Lady, we couldn’t get to your burning house fast enough, the truck was being fixed and the part hasn’t come in yet.”

Anyway, we are looking at these glass top stoves and I noticed that it says, one small burner is a ‘warmer’ and another small burner will ‘melt’ and one BIG burner will boil.

You tell me: How would YOU take that? That’s PROGRESS? What the heck does THAT mean? I can cook a stew, but only WARM the corn? Melt the butter to go on the corn? WHAT?

They wanted $1,200.00 for it. What good is having only one burner to COOK on? Sure, it’s pretty, but I only make gravy on Thanksgiving. Why would I go from three burners down to one?

My husband liked the way it looked. “We’ll take it.” He said.

“ we won’t.” I said, as I turned to him and made a face…” We need to look around.”

Let me say this up front: I’m not into cooking. My MOTHER was not into cooking. We have a few recipes like all women handed down generations, but with all the ‘steam vegetables’ in a bag made in 5 minutes, and two-minute Betty Crocker potatoes in a bag mix, who wants to peel the potatoes, stand in the kitchen half the day, and wait for the water to boil?

Not me. Give me a cracker. ALL the woman I know post their MEALS on FACEBOOK…and I say “REALLY?”

Your biggest moment of the day was that potato salad you made with apple slices?

Sorry, I do NOT want to sound like that old hag of a mud puddle– Hillary. I envy any woman that enjoys cooking and is good at it, it’s an art.

I’m just not that woman. When they told me in Girl Scouts that I had to get a bag for cooking…I quit Girls Scouts.

So, my husband has taken over the cooking mostly. And I, being of sound mind, encourage him. BUTTTTT—

When it comes to spending over $1,000 dollars just for maybe ONE boiler that works?

I HATE to waste time, and that’s a sure time waster.

We ended up coming home, and finding something at Amazon, that we both liked. For half the price.

And THAT’s why Jeff Bezos can go up in a penis looking rocket for 15 minutes and come back down and declare he’s giving his fortune to global warming.

I’m always telling my husband: “You wait. Pretty soon Amazon and Walmart will be the only stores left.”

And by the way I don’t buy that news that Amazon is going to deliver my stove by a flying drone. Nope. Amazon will say, “You can pick it up at this location.” And ALL those Amazon drivers will be obsolete. You think THEY want to pay gas for those big trucks? Do you really think electric trucks will save THEM money?

Let me know. I’m already getting messages saying, “You CAN pick your Amazon package here” and that’s because most of the drivers can’t read addresses.

Yes, I’m proud of myself. I fought for FIVE burners that get hot and STAY hot. And I will be a happy camper unless there is an EMP attack, and ALL the electrical grid goes down.

THEN…well…I DO have a lot of trees, and my husband is great with barbeque.  

Like I said. He’s happy I don’t like to cook, because…no telling what would happen.

God only knows. Or maybe, not even God can tell why I wander off into space when it comes to cooking.

Someday, I plan to ask him.

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