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They Blocked Trump, Can they BLOCK the MIDTERMS?

Nobody Knows

WHY nobody on TV: Beck, or Levine, or any of those guys, explained the reason Pence was such a traitor on Jan. 6 better than THIS nobody. (See Video at end) Clearly, with the upcoming midterms coming next week, and the disaster trainwreck coming to the democrats who might not be able to pull off another steal, they are getting desperate. Like the Tik Tock video below put out by Obama talking to who he NEEDS to vote for Biden and the lame dems…the woke college feminine weenie white boys.

Really Obama? About the right age?

The kid is hiding under a desk. He has no clue Obama is making fun of him.

But first up: Paul Craig Roberts blurts out what seems to be the obvious. America HAS been overthrown. They just are hiding it pretty well.

In the meantime, North Korea is shooting missles at South Korea, and Saudi Arabia is telling the United States that Russia plans to take out their oil fields.

So…the dems DO have options don’t they before the upcoming midterms if they can’t pull another fake coup off? Nukes? War? Can’t fool with those pesky elections now…all white people will be drafted. Right? Including white women, who by now have seen enough women warriors on their TVs they are all ready to show the boys how it’s done.

But get the white people…since they are terrorists anyway.

Are we already doomed? Well, Paul Craig Roberts seems to think so. I haven’t lost hope YET.

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