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Democrats Cheat, Spit, and Laugh in the Face of Patriots.

Nobody’s Opinion

Wow. You cannot make this stuff up. We all thought they would cheat, but to this extent? We all knew that they couldn’t lose the Senate because they didn’t want Biden impeached. Now they can keep that destroyer of America in for two more years. But to the extent that they put a brain damage moron in?

While for weeks it was clear that the GOP would gain seats, according to every poll watcher and news pundit broadcasting, we are now finding that due to the vast talent of incredible cheating done whenever they could manage it, and in the most important states, the democrats are claiming victory after victory.

Arizona cheated in broad daylight…Jesse James bank robbers. Right in broad daylight. And walked away laughing an grinning.

And who came to their defense? DeSantis? His state is such a mess right now, two hurricanes devastating the infrastructure, that I’m sure running for President would get him out of trying to fix that mess. And to be sure, he had a LOT of help from outside his state to fix it.

The mockery of the American voting system is on the world stage for everyone to see. And what’s even more incredible is the news reporting the belated dumps of votes going on for weeks as being normal and totally believable!

We also find out that all the money going to Ukraine, was laundered and went back to the democrats. How many young men gave their lives so democrats could keep their jobs?

Just like the stolen Presidential election, the judges will hold off hearing the cases until well after it counts.

So, where does that leave us? Will any America EVER vote again when it’s clear, the whole system is a mockery and they are so brazen about it, they know Congress will do nothing. It’s the biggest insult to the American people that any party has ever done.

They fixed it. AGAIN. And the GOP stood by and let them. And the GOP, will go along and say it was a fair election, because let’s face it, even if they win the house, it will be by such a narrow margin that there are enough RINOS in the house to stop everything. Turtle will remain. Or be replaced by another RINO.

BUSH and OBAMA are expected to come out and probably try to blame the people who follow Trump.

THEY BOTH sold us out to globalization long ago.

I was shocked this week to hear David Icke trash Trump and support DeSantis. Everybody must get on the global socialist network or lose their big mansions.

And Candice Owen? You know, she came out today and said that SOMEBODY told her that Trump was mad at her. REALLY. She started trash talking him.

 Did you know that she is MARRIED to the son of a Rockefeller? Bet you didn’t know that.

They play the masses like fools. And they have threatened us, killed many of us, destroyed our businesses and damaged our country almost to the point of no return.

And it was on purpose.

When Pelosi stood up and shredded Trump’s speech, she SHOULD have been arrested right there on the spot and lost her position. But…oh well. She’s has the right to free speech.

But not President Trump.

AMERICA: Our government is no longer to be trusted or believed.

And the attacks are being ramped up today. Every day I open the news on Bing and most of the title are HORRIBLE headline about Trump. It’s not news. It’s communist propaganda.

For Mike Pence to come out and say that Trump put his family in danger? GIVE ME A BREAK.

That man should be cast into the bowels of traitor history… he’s no better than Fetterman.

So, here’s the real question. We no longer can vote our way back to our lives. They won’t fix the system in a million years. They had time to do it, they did nothing.

We don’t have that long.

And January the 6th proved that Biden would send the full force of every American institution to jail us, silence us, or starve us all. If that doesn’t work, he’ll up the war with Russia, and send as many men and women to war to be killed as he can.

China owns Biden, and therefore us. China would love the war between America and Russia. They can sit back and reap the rewards.

They are TRYING to make us so mad we form militias. Too many of us still have guns, and that would give them an excuse to take them all away.

But there must be another way.

As Thomas Edison once said. “There is always another way…FIND IT.”

I hope Trump runs, and I hope the crowds grow bigger and bigger and all those republicans who sabotage him, are shamed into the deepest holes of hell.

Ostracized. Belittled. Put back into the bowels of hell from which they came from. Ridiculed.

Now is the time for new leaders to come forth.

NOW is the time…for the good men to save us all. They are out there; they are just trying to keep their families safe. Keep their jobs. They HOPE that America will return.

Don’t believe anything you read about Trump. Anywhere, unless it’s from his own mouth.

Remember, what the Bible said: the foxes come in sheep’s clothing.

And they are many.

Nobody Wonders. The Canadians stood in the cold for days.

Will the blacks and white, Hispanics and Chinese Americans, unit to stop the communist insurrection?

It’s up to us to start talking to all of them.

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