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DeSantis and Elon?

Nobody Wonders

Gee…Ron DeSantis came RIGHT out instantly to defend his buddy Elon when the media started attacking him. Wants Congress to look into it.

GEE…I never heard him defend Trump as stoutly as he is defending Elon. Why? Nobody Wonders.

Trump got him elected. And Elon has not even come close to putting up with all that Trump has gone through…still.

Elon HAS supported DeSantis over Trump for President, so it makes sense that Ron would run right out and defend his friend. Nobody Wonders…how much can we trust either of them?

Elon works hand in hand with Xi in China. And this Nobody Wonders just HOW he got to be the richest man in America? Sure, everything he does turns to gold, but Trump has also mentioned he gets a lot of tax payer money to get there. He works hard, but can we trust what he says?

Will time tell that he took over Twitter so that DeSantis could have a better shot at President?

Will Elon, who prefers DeSantis, use Twitter to make that happen?

So, Nobody Wonders: Are the RINOS using Elon and DeSantis to knock Trump off the run for President?

Freedom of speech is important…but so is GETTING THINGS DONE~!! And Trump is the only politician in years that did anything for WE THE PEOPLE.

All the rest just talked a good game.

Why do the RINOS not want Trump? Because he stands up to China. And they all make their money from China.

How often have we heard great speeches from all the RINOS year after year and yet, they do nothing.

NOTHING. Trump did everything he possibly could despite the establishment trying to stop him every single minute of the day.

Nobody Thinks, that while Elon and DeSantis are making wonderful remarks about freedom and civilization…I think they both have MORE than luck on their side right now.

I’m just not sure, whose helping them out with all this GOOD LUCK.

Sorry, I’m cynical, about angels coming to save the world, no matter who they are.

I’m still trying to get over the betrayal of President George W. Bush.

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