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Nobody’s Fool: David Icke and Sharyl Attkisson: Brains Washing 101

Nobody’s Fool

Some people think David Icke is nuts, but here, he makes a lot of sense.

Sadly.Everything we watch nowadays, is carefully crafted to manipulate some kind of response.

As you might know, I just finished Sharyl Attkisson’s book The Smear, and she says a similar thing, but just in a more subtle way:

Sharyl Attkisson reported THIS manipulation in her book, about David Brock (Hillary’s butt-boy) and Media Matters, a more national kind of brain-washing:

His flagship is Media Matters. He’s collected salaries from at least seven of his organizations. Brock has made millions from his tax-exempt groups.

Together the entities spend millions upon millions advancing the interests of a relatively small group of donors. They spread money under different monikers to give the impression of great breadth and diversity. They did up dirt to use against their targets. IF they can’t find any sources to indicate, they’re not beyond repeating unproven or discredited information. They amplify their message with simultaneous, relentless attacks that exaggerate the impression of their numbers. They rain armies of messengers in the art of how to use propaganda to shape the news media and political agenda. They conduce secret polls. When the lists show a negative view of an interest they support, they set about changing the narrative. Unpopular concepts are reinvented, renamed by left-leaning interest, and then shed by Brock entities to the public.

Americans aren’t buying “global warming?” Call it “Climate change.” The term “liberal scores negatively?

Change it to progressive. Need to alter the way people think about “illegal” immigrant? Smear those who use the phrase as “racist or “white nationalists.”

They can masterfully steer the national agenda by launching a meme, coining a new phrase, or advancing a charged term. Microaggression. Body shaming. White Privilege. Alt-right. They can use their vast network to implant propagandist terminology in the daily lexicon of Americas. The malleable press adopts the jargon and soon even opponents are using it, unwittingly codifying the very ideas they oppose.

David Icke is Nobody’s Fool. And neither is Sharyl Attkisson.

I’m STILL wondering who came up with the LGBTQ meme to brainwash all our little children.

When I first heard it I went…WTH? They just made it up and slammed it in our face, as if it had been around a hundred years.

Anyway, that’s a perfect example of what they are talking about.

Brainwashing the world: One ‘phrase’ at a time.


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Nobody Remembers Sharyl Attkisson’s Truth

Nobody Remembers

Okay. First there was Snowdon telling us all we were being watched. Every day, on our phones, our computers, in our emails, I frankly think he did us all a favor.

Not only were we being watched, we were being recorded for eternity.

Wikileaks exposed the fraud in the Hillary campaign. And both Assange and Snowdon are wanted men by governments everywhere.

Now we know that Facebook, Twitter, and Google are all trying to suppress conservatives on their platforms.

The very platform we all use to express our free speech.

We may not be on the run like Snowdon and Assange,, but in reality, now, it’s as if we are in Russia. We WATCH what we say, for fear our government will put us on some kind of hit list.

They can SMEAR you, libel you, lie about you.

President Trump is proof of that.

In Sharyl Attkisson’s new book, The Smear, she lets out a few facts of WHEN the internet gurus started to help the liberal’s relentless propaganda shine through:

“We’ve already established that Google is no political bystander. Before its connections to the Hillary campaign, it advised Obama, and its top representatives were invited to more than 420 closed-door meetings in the Obama White House. The government is hardly an impartial actor in the curating equation either.”

Facebooks new plan includes collaboration with Poynter Institute., PoltiFact, ABC News, Fact the Associated Press and Snopes.”

These are all liberal sites, run by liberals and used to manipulate the news.

She also  said: “I wouldn’t trust Snopes as an unbiased fact checker as far as I could toss a boulder. The idea of making truth police out of parties with political and corporate interests seems doomed at the start.”

And now, the House has refused FOX from being able to air any of the 2020 debates.

Whose are the dictators here?

“I don’t know the truth of all the claims against Assange. I only know that it’s within the realm of the possible that he’s being smeared because of his work. He’s upset some f the most powerful people in the world. Appearing live on big screens in the Rossiya Segodnya auditorium, Assange tells us how the Internet is being used to manipulate opinion. He warns us that Google isn’t when it seems. He says that Google’s Eric Schmidt is on board with the Hillary campaign. He describes how Google, Twitter and Facebook have all been used to promote political causes.”

Sharyl Attkisson just might be one of the last real journalists on the planet.

At the end of her book, she gives this advice:

“For now, one thing you can count on is that most every image that crosses your path has been put there for a reason. Nothing happens by accident. What you need to ask yourself isn’t so much Is it true, but who wants me to believe it…and why?”

Good advice

Let’s hope MS Attkisson, just keeps on doing what she does best: Reports the truth.

And she doesn’t go jogging in the open.

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