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Don’t Look Up: Movie Prediction or Opinion?

Nobody’s Opinion:

In politics, nothing is a coincidence: So, said FDR. Let’s include movies into that shall we? Especially Net flick.

My husband and I watched this movie on Netflix on Christmas Eve. It had every liberal Hollywood actor and actress you can think of in the leads: DiCaprio is the main character. He plays a scientist who discovers that the earth is going to be hit and destroyed by a Comet. At the beginning of this trailer, it SAYS it was based on true events. (Give me a break.)

But in the end, everyone dies when the comet hits the earth.

Okay. All through it I kept thinking wow, this could be about the Covid Virus, but they switched it to another threat. Covid has killed, and now the vaccine is going to kill. Many doctors have been trying to warn the public about the vaccine killer, but they are being censored and laughed at, and Dicaprio is pretty much playing THOSE guys.

Basically, the movie portrays the Presidents, (Played by a GOP Meryl Streep) who also hangs out with Bill Clinton, as a narcissistic idiot.

It also exposes, with great clarity, the hypocritical media and all the sex scandals. In other words, nobody is going to save the planet because they just don’t care.

I won’t tell you about the ending except keep going pass the credits.

While I’m pretty good at being about to see the ‘message’ in most Hollywood films, this one, is confusing. IF you are a progressive, you will think the movie is about how climate change is going to kill everyone, even though nothing about the climate is even mentioned.

IF you are a conservative, you will see in the script sympathy with Anti-Vaxers and the alarming rate at how politicians do not care at all about people, just their polls numbers. You will think of the Virus, which is killing millions.

What they ARE trying to do with it, is convinced the world that the elites know the earth is going to be hit by a comet and are building bunkers right now. You will just die.

I’m not sure THAT kind of information would NOT get out, are you?

While Dicaprio has been on the full fledge boat of “climate change” is coming, and the planet will die, I do remember he made an excellent film about Ulysses S. Grant. I couldn’t believe he would even make such a movie. It seemed so against his progressive character in real life.

And now Trump is right by Fauci’s side, flip flopping just like Fauci…who would have thought?

How can any of us know what the hell is going on?

Is all this mass confusing intentional psychotically warfare?

Or, as the movie suggest, our politicians are all morons?

I’d like to have some feedback on this…if any of you watch this movie, let me know what YOU think.

In other notes, I hope everyone had a very wonderful Christmas.

The Year ahead is bound to be…like a comet hitting the earth.

And I think we’d all better “Look up.” In the meantime, I’m watching this again.

Somehow, I missed something.

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