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If Fauci Doesn’t Take You Out, Mother Nature Will

Whenever there is bad weather, I watch the dog. My internet was out all-day Saturday. But Friday night, the TV was on. My husband was in a deep sleep when the weatherman said, “Tornado has touched down,” and they showed it heading our way.

The sirens went off. Getting my husband downstairs was NOT easy. He was groggy. But…a tornado hit our street about 10 years ago, and the line of hot meets cold was the very same line it had followed years before… and I thought better to not take chances. I got my husband down the steps and he went right to sleep in the downstairs bedroom.

But the dog. I couldn’t catch her. She slept. And I didn’t hear hail. I only had minutes before this “storm” passed over. Do I risk my life for hers? I trusted my gut. No…it’s not going to hit us. Besides, I’d hear something…all I heard was heavy rain. So, I went downstairs without her.

And the TV was still on. I watched and just as suddenly the storm line changed about two minutes from our house, and went due West and within minutes the tornado hit the Amazon center across the river. That’s about a 10-minute drive from here. Thank goodness for us, the storm was moving fast.

I stayed up another three hours and watched the forty ambulances pull into Amazon’s parking lot.

We did NOT hear about Kentucky until the next day. In the end, no doubt, over 100 people will be declared dead.

I don’t care what they say about hurricanes, Tornadoes are the scariest storms that the United States has. At least in a hurricane, you know it’s coming. You can get out, prepare, stock up on food, whatever, but a tornado? It comes within minutes. It can take you and everything you ever lived for out in a few seconds. All your memories, your life, your stuff, your favorite music box, your car, your food, your important papers.

FIRES are the same.

Our television treats our storms and fires as if…they are just TV ratings. It’s Sunday, and while the bodies pile up, you best not miss that NFL Football game!

I don’t know. Tornadoes have always been around. There’s nothing ‘new’ about the weather except there are more people and more buildings, and less money to rebuild.

Was everyone comforted by Joe Biden? No. This storm will be forgotten quickly. Or it will be used to push the ‘infrastructure’ through the Senate.

And in that case, if it does pass…I will always wonder: How fortunate that this horrific storm came along at JUST the right moment to get the American people to accept the REAL destruction of everybody’s life.

And it’s Rand Paul’s state of Kentucky who was hit the hardest.

Gee. The only man who is trying to get Fauci arrested. What are the odds?  

Thursday, I saw the chemtrails. As I’ve said before, I notice that one or two days before a predicted rain, I see chemtrails, and the winds and rains are much worse than normal.

I pray for all those that lost their love ones and lives on Friday night because we are only going to see what they want us to see about it.

The rest of us, are just glad to be alive. And to know, it could happen to any of us, in the blink of an eye.

We count every blessed minute on this planet because if Fauci doesn’t take you out, mother nature might.

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