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Nobody’s Opinion: The NWO Starts in Australia

Here’s a lady who tested negative, (see first video) and yet, she will be fined if she even dares move INSIDE her prison. While many of us remember how quarantine camps looked long ago in history, filled with beds and nurses, with NO barbed wire or even threat of fines, THIS one has barbed electrical wire. This Nobody here in America can hardly believe that in our lifetime we would see such tyranny…and yet, our politicians remain silent.

I was standing in line at my local grocery store, and notice that now, the self-service machines will accept no cash. This cashless society has been in motion for quite some time now, and it’s a way to put all power of finance into the ‘powers’ who rule us. When you can’t control your own money, they own you.

Nobody Knows that the whole world now seems to be in control of the “Build, Back, Better” United Nations New World Order plan. Notice now, the ‘leaders’ are openly saying “Build Back Better” every chance they get.

You may think, because your little neck of the woods is still America, your politicians in your state are still conservative, but, for how long?

The German people looked away when the Jews were being persecuted. America came to their rescue, but they paid a heavy price. And now, the psychological warfare is so well developed, along with technology that far surpasses even ten years ago, they mean to implement this fast.

Just because you can watch sports or movies on TV, and you still have your house, and your life, doesn’t mean your life isn’t about to change drastically.

I watched the movie “IKE” tonight with Tom Selleck. WE ARE AT WAR. They are just really good at keeping us all now…accepting our fate.

Come on Joyanna, you are being silly: America will never die.

It’s already halfway there and not too many people notice it.

The man from the Holocaust knows.

Austria, Germany, Australia: the West is being given over to the Hilter’s of our time.

And they are doing it…perfectly. As they say: You will own nothing, and you will be happy.

Think that’s a joke? Nobody Wonders it seem but a few.

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