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Nobody Knows How Long Bats Have been Developing Bioweapons…

Nobody Knows—

Just how long research on bio-weapons has been going on in the world? If you just listen to all the news, the consensus was that well, nobody was researching bio- weapons, and Covid-19 virus came out of some bats in China. Fauci stuck to that explanation for how long? So, for months people all over the world believed that most of these deadly viruses came out of jungles or pigs, or monkeys in the depts of Africa. Nations across the world would never dream of coming up with a virus that would transmit to humans like wildfire. A virus manipulated in the lab, to be more lethal.

Why, that wouldn’t happen.

Can I sell you a vowel now?

According to an article written in National Geographic (2002 issue), called Spreading Scourge most all of the major nations have been researching biological weapons and stockpiling them for YEARS. Decades even. From anthrax to smallpox (eradicated from the world in 1980) to the various viruses we see today, they have been just sitting there ready to use as weapons of Mass Destruction. Russia, Israel, Pakistan, India, China, North Korea, Libya, Sudan, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, and Iran…all have been doing lab research. All holding stockpiles. The ONLY country who claimed NOT to be doing research in bioweapons in 2002, was the U.S.

We all know now, Fauci just moved his research to China. Fauci lied.  

Obama had us all scared about Ebola, remember? Guess who owns the patents to Ebola? Our very own CDC. Remember how all of use were scared that when Obama brought that doctor back to the states somehow it would get out?

We all saw the pictures in Africa. And we were told then, that it was from a monkey. Can monkey’s get patents? I don’t know.

While nuclear weapons require expertise and large financing, a biological weapon can be made cheaply in a small building, even in the back of a truck, and transported with ease. All one needs to wipe out a city is a small bottle of anthrax or smallpox, or plague. You could put it in an air-conditioning system. Or you can have Pathogens that kill food crops of livestock which could be sprayed over grazing cattle. OR, you can develop it in a lab, release into a population, and then send THAT population all over the world.

From the article:

“A great irony in the remarkable biological research being done today is that much of the work intended to improve and prolong human life, can, with minimal effort, be turned into the most horrendous means of ending it. By manipulation genetic material researchers can produce vaccines and treat life-threatening diseases like cancer. Genes can also be altered to produce a new strain of anthrax, against which no one has protections. “


The mRNI in the vaccines, many scientists have admitted do just that: Alter genes. Since 2002 they have perfected a “better way” to Build Back a Better vaccine.

At the height of the Cold War, the Soviet biological weapons program employed some 60,000 workers in more than 50 locations. Do you acutely think that China has less? And that was in 2002. Think of how much is out there now.

Recently, Bill Gates threatened us all with smallpox. The Bush administration called on Congress to approve the largest public health budget in history, which included the acquisition of enough smallpox vaccine by 2003 to inoculate all Americans if needed.

Since Gates basically threatened that, vaccines for smallpox are on the way. They are already here.

In the meantime, you can lose your job, your family, your freedoms, in many parts of the world if you do NOT get vaccinated.

Nobody Knows what’s happened in the field of research since 2002, but what we DO know, is that the ‘globalists’ had planned to release a virus and come in with the vaccine, and that plan had to be implemented in this time in history…because of one President who dared demand rights for the people.

Why use a nuclear weapon when you can kill off millions, leave the infrastructure, and control the world at the same time?

In the meantime, we watch TV.  OR…read.


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