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Every morning, while I’m drinking my caffeine fix, I watch my favorite morning program: Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere on Real American Voice. Here in Central time, it’s on at 7a.m.

I prefer him over most everybody because he really puts OUR American voices on his call-ins, and always has the best guests at the end of his program. He is the most uplifting and sensible guy on the airways. He is from the South and thinks like most anyone with a brain. You know, all of us out nobodies that are fed up with the insanity…and he really has the most wonderful observations.

I’m always going, “Yeah, Exactly…Beijing Biden!”

In the beginning of his program, he tells everyone to send in their mask’s pics. So I did.

And guess what? I won today!


Now, even cooler is the Lady who sings….in the next video below mine. A woman sings about fascism, and she’s really good.

Go ahead and watch both these videos. And if you do not know about Jeff’s great program, for goodness’s sake, do I like I do, wake up to a fresh and uplifting program, where you can hear the REAL truth. Jeff is closer to “We the people” more than any other broadcaster.

I love this guy. Watch and I’m sure you will love him too. He’s as sweet as pumpkin pie.


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