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Nobody Knows: Follow the Money…Always.

When we were young, we all got our shots in school. The small polio shot in the arm, was scary, but it prevented millions of children from getting the disease. That shot, lasted a lifetime.

I used to date Lee Salk, the brother of Jonas, the inventor of the polio vaccine, so when I hear all these morons like Fauci compare the Covid-19 vaccine withe Salk’s…I get pretty upset.

And it WAS a vaccine. The Fauci vaccine, and the Moderna vaccine are NOT vaccines.

I don’t know how many videos I’ve watched warning of the dangers of those bioweapons disguised as vaccine and the danger they are not telling you about, but every day here where I live, people are getting the vaccines and dying. Most have underlying sickness, like diabetes or a bad heart, but some of them are very healthy young men.

And now, in New York and California, they are insisting that the kids get those vaccines. If Fauci had his way, they would get jabbed at birth.

According to Robert Malone, the inventor of the mRNI protein in the vaccines, it will kill many children or cause their own organs to shut down. Most people in America have never heard of the man, nor seen his warning.

So, killing off the old and getting them off Kissinger’s “Useless eaters” menu, is one thing…but destroying the children, the future of your country?

WHY? WHY would any human being even DO that?

Robert Kennedy has a VERY good explanation—and it makes perfect sense.

IF you are doing the Build Back Better reset, you might as well get rich, right?

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