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Divided We Fall…Segregated Malls

Nobody’s Opinion

When Kyle Rittenhouse said he was thinking about moving to Naples, Fl, I was thinking: Wise decision. As you know, I grew up in Naples. It’s been many years since I’ve been down there, but it’s clear that from Ft. Meyers on down to the keys, it’s mostly a conservative area. I was talking to my childhood girlfriend whom I still stay in contact with, and she’s telling me you have to have at least $350,000 now to buy a house down there. There are sections of the rich that nobody even knows about.

But my friend, is a stanch liberal. Originally, her family moved there from Canada.

My friend, unlike me, HATED Donald Trump. “He’s such a liar. “she said. I tried to explain to her that he was good for the country. “Janet, you have NO idea what the cities are like up here. Crime, decay, poor, horrible schools,” etc. “You’ve lived in paradise for so long, you think the rest of the United States is just like Naples.”

Janet hasn’t been out of Naples for over 40 years.

What amazes me is the ignorance of so many people. They live in their own world, and if that world stays the same for them, they think, well, whatever the news people tell them. They truly believe that their lives will NEVER change. After all, the reporters on the News are all smiling and show pictures of mostly “America is shiny and upbeat, just like our smiles!”

We all know that’s not true.  

In my life, I’ve seen so much change in America. I live in the suburbs of St. Louis, and it scares me. Once upon a time, I could go downtown St. Louis and shop at the giant mall underneath the arch. Now, you can be shot just for driving on the streets down there. That mall is no longer there. It closed down during Bill Clinton.

Still, I thought the suburbs were safe. No longer. Could it be, America is actually dying?

I have been writing about the closing of the malls here. In the St. Louis area alone over five in the area are abandoned. For decades the malls were where everybody went to gather. To shop, to eat, to meet, to go on your dates, and at Christmas you could take the kids for Santa, or to just enjoy the lights.

Last night, my husband and I decided to go looking for some UGG boots. We went to the only mall left in St. Louis. And it was joyous. Christmas lights were everywhere.  It felt like we had found some kind of…Oasis in the desert of darkness.

Okay, there were mostly white people, but like years before, many black families. The whole place was decorated in Christmas spirit: Macy’s and Nordstrom sold the same expensive stuff, and the mall was FILLED with shoppers. It was a delight to feel like America was still the same old place. I found my UGGS, $200, which was expensive BUT…they are made in the U.S.A. and the last pair I had lasted 20 years.

THAT used to be the norm. Products in America made to last.

Then we went to another big mall that was close by. Like most malls across America, it also had a Nordstrom, and many little shops. It also had a Macy’s but what a difference. As SOON as we walked in, I saw the same young black teenagers you see on the TV screen who steal: pants below their butts, hoodies. I saw NO white people. The mall was ALL black people.

“Uh…” I said to my husband. “Are you SURE you want to go here?”

“Yes, I want to see the Christmas decorations.”

Decision made.

Where are the white people, I thought? We seemed to be the only ones besides the employees who still worked there. And they all looked scared.

As we walked both upper and lower decks, I noticed there was not ONE Christmas décor in any window anywhere, and the black people all looked very depressed. No joy, nothing.

And then, in the middle of the mall was this giant mall was a giant Christmas tree, that had been there for over 15 years, and under the tree was a WHITE Santa. With two white women elves to take pictures.

There were NO Lines. None. Nada. Empty.

I saw a black woman with two black kids, start to go into the booth, then she saw the Santa, stopped. and left.

The poor man looked dejected. I shouted from across the room, “HI SANTA! MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

He waved; he really was a perfect looking Santa. And he yelled said “MERRY CHRISTMAS!”  Big smile. If I had the money, I would have gotten a picture taken. It was…so sad.

Next year, I HOPE they just get a black Santa, that is, if that mall survives. Nobody was walking around with presents. It was like they were all mad that they were expected to actaully pay for their gifts.

How did this happen? Well, Obama. When the riots were going on all over America during Obama, the BLM group attacked again and again and again, this very same mall. Hundreds would gather in the mall and threaten the customers. BLM would block the highways in protests. Every year during Obama. For some reason, they just kept attacking THIS mall.

It calmed down during Trump, but there were shootings and just this year, someone was shot INSIDE the mall, in July:


A police source told 5 On Your Side’s Christine Byers that two people were shot inside the Galleria, that one of the victims was shot in the head and the other victim was shot in the arm. Her source said the shooting happened on the north end of the mall. One of the victims was found outside the Champs Sports store, the source said.


It doesn’t take a genius to suppose that the people that were shot were probably white and shot by a black. No WONDER there were not white people there.

So now, the blacks have their very own private mall. And the whites’ malls are being destroyed. BLM and WOKE stores are now open and ready for business.

Where once there was much harmony at Christmas time, and blacks and whites shopped together, now, segregation is happening. The blacks have their own mall, the whites have theirs…for now. Until they both disappear.

Something tells me this is happening in many cities. This segregation is happening in our schools.


When the malls closed down, I thought they should have turned them into retirement areas for old people. They could make the stores into apartments, and the old would have restaurants, a movie theatre, places to walk, all they needed to add was a medical center. Much better than nursing homes where governors could kill them off with Covid.

I STILL think it’s better than letting these great structures rot. WHY aren’t our politicians more creative, more caring?

 Then I remembered Obama and the inventor of Obamacare (Now Bidencare) Dr. Emanual, who thinks no one should live past 75.

They don’t want the old the live, they want them to die.

That’s my Nobody’s Opinion. Watching Cuomo send the Covid to the nursing homes…what more proof do you need?

It’s all about the money.

Will the little enclaves of America stand the progressive/communism/tech/New World Order? Will the people that live in these towns survive the daily onslaught that they are receiving from their own politicians? The invasion below our border?

Will the black people realize that they once again, are being conned?

Nobody Knows. But, I think it’s time we start believing our own eyes, instead of the news, don’t you?

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