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Nobody Wins When They Get the Kids

This doctor below explains what he thinks has happened. Then watch the tweet below—- a cartoon being played on Netflick, to get the kids used to the idea of being chipped.

Some believe, we are being lead in small steps to this ‘mark of the beast”: First the vaccine. Then proof of vaccine with an ID Vaccine card, or an app on your cellphone…then the final destination, a chip in your wrist. If you watch the children’s video, like everything else, they sell it as being oh so cool, and much easier than having to deal with all your records.

Of course, it can go even further as many are worried about.

I was reading in National Geographic today, with an article on skin, November 2002. They had a picture of a VERICHIP, put under your skin in your hand…which they introduce in the article as VERY exciting.

Click on the link above to get more of an idea of where they want to take this.

In the meantime, do YOU want to be chipped? If they can take your job because you did not get vaccinated, then they can do the same if you are not chipped.

Remember, the Bible warned us all.

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