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Nobody Wonders Which Video Will Be More Popular: Sad Little man or THIS One?

Nobody Wonders

You have to laugh when they use famous pop stars to promote booster shots. It’s a cute song, but seriously? Is the deep state THAT desperate to get teenager to get the shot that they have to get Jimmy Fallon to join up with two black pop singers and pretend it’s a CHRISTMAS song?

What’s with the toilet paper man dancing around the Christmas tree? What’s with the Christmas tree wearing masks?

Yeah, Christmas and booster shots. Why didn’t they just send Santa down the tree with a vaccine needle, candy and Pizza for the kids, and masks for everyone?

Let’s review what ELSE this stupid video is telling you.

FIRST: You are GOING to be cold this winter. Which means, lots of blackouts, gas prices too high, better put on your sweater. And that includes the people in Europe whose heats depends on Putin, 50 percent of it does. Lots of people can die from freezing, as we saw that happen in TEXAS when the Windmills froze. Getting rid of gas and oil is at the top of the list of “Build, Back Better” program. Get used to saying, “I’m cold” and wearing your snow suit in the house. And good luck getting electric: you WILL be lucky to get it in your laundry room.

SECOND: Notice how they manage to put in the transexual message with Jimmy wearing a mask of a woman with lipstick and Arianna wearing a young boy with a slight Moustache?

What, no kiss?

THIRD: The lyrics are simply scary, but not as scary as having vaccine needles as your fingernails. I’d prefer Edward Scissorhands.

So, is this the highlight of Jimmy Fallon’s musical career?

Does anybody WATCH The Tonight Show anymore?


According to THIS lady, this crap is NEVER going to end. Notice, Australia is not going to LET you have a happy Christmas.

Nobody Says: WANNA BET?

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