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Nobody Wins When They Have to Invent Their Own Army of White “Resistance.”

Nobody Wins:

I was going to write about Russia today, but then I watched this and said to myself


Mr. Reagan is first to really talk about how this false flag of ‘patriots’ could grow and be used against us.

The ads are very long, so skip to the good stuff.

Below that, I post a video of Brian Williams who is quitting his job…(No doubt to be replaced by a younger version) and notice he warns everyone of Trump supporters who are going to bring a dark time to us all. Anybody who gets their news from BING knows how insidious the left has been to President Trump and that’s every single day. The headlines are so full of lies it’s hard to read.

Remember when you hear these dodo’s talking about how THEY hold the founders true…remember, they lie, and they copy Sal Alinsky—

The Tenth rule of the ethics of means and ends (Keep yourself in power) is that you do what you can with what you have and clothe it with moral garments. –Sal Alinsky, Rules for Radicals.

And THAT is why you hear Hillary, Pelosi, Biden, all of the Marxists and Alinsky followers talk about our founders and how Trump and his supporters are trying to destroy what they build. When THE FACT is: They are the ones dismantling every sentence of the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

That’s one of his tricks too.

The propaganda is… overwhelming.

I hope you like Mr. Reagan….I did.

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