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Old Hippies Never Die: Hanks, Streep, Spielburg…

Nobody’s Opinion

I guess while Tom Hanks, Spielberg and Obama were hanging out on the billionaire’s yacht last summer, they hatched the plan to make a movie to bring America to its senses.

They made a movie about the Pentagon Papers, and brought back the Nixon years. Now they are going out and appearing on every channel to promote the movie, and say that President Trump is just like Nixon: Corrupt. And Trump is just like Nixon because he is attacking the ‘lst amendment.”‘

One thing you have to realize with liberals: whatever crime they are committing, they claim their enemies are doing it, and in turn act all offended.

It’s the defense they always use, and people are getting wise to it.

FIRST: ALL baby boomers hated Richard Nixon. And while Nixon was paranoid, he was NOT the one who started and continued the Vietnam war.

That war was started by a democrat (Kennedy) and all the lying and escalation upon which 50,000 American men lost their lives was the fault of…a DEMOCRAT and his democratic friends.

Lyndon B. Johnson.

McMasters wrote the truth about that, and uh…Tom didn’t mention that McMasters works for the President now…why how could that be?

Most people were thankful for the Pentagon Papers being released. Just like most American now were thankful that WikiLeaks released Podesta’s emails, where we found out that Hillary rigged her election.

Where’s Tom Hanks on that? Where is Tom Hanks on Hillary destroying computers, cell phones, and thousands of emails? That was all government property.

Does Tom Hanks thinks destroying evidence is a good thing? 

Wait…that’s right. He loved Hillary.

President Trump has not arrested any reporters. They attack him unmercifully every single day. Nixon would have probably done a Bill Clinton and bombed some factory somewhere if he had to put up with half of what President Trump has.

The left has lost control of the media. And they have been caught in lies so often, that nobody believes them anymore. Black men and women all over the country, are waking up.

Besides, both Hanks, MS poutie mouth and Spielberg owe their mass fortunes to that guy they hate so much, Richard Nixon.

It was Nixon who opened up China to trade, and that’s where Hollywood now makes it money, because the America people no longer wish to pay for propaganda, telling us stories of liberal progressive thinkspeak. So if not for Nixon, none of those idiots would have the mass fortunes they now have. 

I was pretty mad earlier today, but then I realized that most Trump supporters won’t bother to see the movie. The liberals  figure they will see it on Netflick out of curiously before the next election.

And we probably will…and you know what? Those of us who lived through the Nixon years know that President Trump stands up for ALL the rights of all Americans—

Even douchbags like rich, billionaire, narcissistic, movie stars.

And one more thing: The “poor women” story of Katherine Graham, is a joke.

If she had doubts, she should have: She was simply a wife before her husband died, and the rich and powerful came in and made her take over. She knew nothing about the business.

And when you talk about the “news” …we all know that you won’t find the truth in any New York Times, or Washington Post.

This is the last dying breath of the progressive moment, and they are still entrenched and fighting hard to censure all rejection of their core values.

Now, it’s up to us to tell our children and grandchildren the REAL truth.

And guess what? All the movie stars on the planet are NOT going to stop President Trump’s 1st amendment rights.

If we have to listen to them, THEY have to listen to him.

Obama, arrested a guy for making a video about the horrors of Islam. He also did stuff to reporters that Trump would never even dream of.

Go back to your boat guys.

You’re not relevant anymore. Also, the sixties are over…Hillary, Meryl, Tom—Steve…Obama.

Just thought, you should know.

Put down the weed pipe and the coke, hang up your bell bottoms, take off those stupid black glasses, and read something besides the New York Times.

Your stupidity is embarrassing us all.


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Tom Hanks: Promoting Oprah! What happened on the yacht?

Nobody Reports

By now, everybody knows that Tom Hanks spent a lot of time this summer sailing on a yacht of a Hollywood Mogul, and hanging out with Oprah, and Obama and Michelle. 

Do you think they were all just having a good time? Or do you think, like I do, they were planning strategies for the next election and getting rid of President Trump?

When this came out of Tom Hank’s liberal lips today, about the Harvey Weinstein sex drive, I found it rather revealing that he mentioned Oprah in the remarks. And even compared Oprah with Winston Churchill and Immanuel Kant. (Like it was off the top of his head.)

Isn’t it part and parcel to all of society somehow, that people in power get away with this?” Hanks said. “Look, I don’t want to rag on Harvey but so obviously something went down there. “You can’t buy, ‘Oh, well, I grew up in the ’60s and ’70s and so therefore…’ I did, too.”

(Laying up the argument for Trump getting away with something…?)Wait for it.

So I think it’s like, well, what do you want from this position of power? I know all kinds of people that just love hitting on, or making the lives of underlings some degree of miserable, because they can.”

“Somebody great said this, either Winston Churchill, Immanuel Kant or Oprah: ‘When you become rich and powerful, you become more of what you already are,’” Hanks added.

So, are the democrats really planning on running Oprah? Makes sense. They need blacks and single women to get elected…and people on welfare, she would be perfect for them. After all, she helped elect Obama TWICE. No wonder he hangs out with her.

Not to mention, she has basically fallen off the planet for years. Oprah has been laying low, and didn’t she just get married?

Obama left such a terrible mark on the country, it would take a Hollywood PR blitz never seen before to get her elected.

Trump VS Oprah? Somebody wants it: probably the Obama’s. And that’s why this Nobody Thinks they all got together on that yacht.

Oprah didn’t just get Obama elected twice for nothing.

It’s funny, I keep waiting for the news that those fires in California were started by Isis, or illegals, or climate change CIA operatives, but we are off the fires in the news.

Or the slaughter in Las Vegas…quiet. Nobody wants to talk about it, especially since so many are saying there was more than one shooter.

All they are talking about is Harvey Weinstein.

Still…America loves Tom Hanks. Conservative and Democrats alike, but he really spoils things when he says idiotic things like this:

‘You can’t do that to Ashley Judd! Hey, I like her. Don’t do that. That ain’t fair. Not her, come on. Come on!’”

Ashley Judd?

You forget Tom, we all saw her stupid rant in Washington D.C.

We can’t blame her for being mad at all she had to do to get where she is, but it was HER choice, not ours, and Donald Trump had nothing to do with her misery.

As for Tom Hanks?

Is he REALLY that corrupt too? If Tom Hanks believes what he says, that when you become rich and famous you become more of who you are…


Than that means that Tom Hanks is a douche bag.

He’s NOT acting.

Nobody Knows—-But politicians seem to own almost all of them. If actresses were so scared of losing their careers to Harvey Weinstein, then you have to wonder

How many actors are scared of losing their lives to politicians?

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Bridge of Spies—Another Home Run for Spielberg–(Ignore the Media.)

Nobody Reports

The last really good movie I saw, one that I wanted to actually see again, was Jurassic World. Sure, The Martian was fun, but nobody does the sets, the acting, the action, the drama, as well as Steven Spielberg. The man was just born to do what he does.

Bridge of Spies is a movie of American history, and coming at a propitious time when daily we are bombarded with news that black is white, and our whole very notion of being “American” is being torn down.  It’s A spy movie about when America traded ‘spies’ in the cold war, with the help of an insurance lawyer, who basically, against even our own government’s wishes, just does the right thing.

Yes, there still is a right, and a wrong. (even dogs know that.)

From HC

Tom Hanks stars as James Donovan, an American attorney brought on to defend “suspected” Soviet spy Rudolf Abel (Mark Rylance) in 1957 in the early stages of the Cold War. Donovan is reluctant to take on the controversial client, but is encouraged to do so by his boss (Alan Alda) because America needs to prove that it gives everyone a fair trial. In other words, America is supposed to appear morally superior to its enemies, even though Abel’s guilt has already unofficially been determined.

Yes, James Donovan (Tom Hanks) defends the Soviet spy in the same tradition that John Adams defended the British soldiers of the Boston Massacre, and the whole time I was watching this movie I couldn’t help but think of how off the course of America we have come.

Obama can now, if he believes ANYBODY to be a threat to the nation, without a trial, imprison them for whatever time he likes, and Congress let him take that power. It was never even discussed in public, and yet a fundamental American right has been taken away. With Obama’s love and protection of all who are Muslim, this scares mostly those who HE thinks are enemies…and in Obama’s world, it’s a lot of the American population.

In this movie we see a normal citizen fight for the rights and lives of BOTH ‘spies’, American and Russian, the point being driving home is they are just doing their jobs. The ‘governments’ of our world, make decisions that a normal citizen would never make.

Not to mention, (going back to Obama) —Obama didn’t even attempt to get the release of four Americans out of Iran, when he was signing his ‘historical’ nuclear deals with Iran. You can’t help but compare Obama of today, with the past man in this movie, James Donovan, a nobody from some law firm, who goes on to get thousands of people released from jail in communist countries—which you learn as a footnote at the end.

Too bad we don’t have a James Donovan today.

As I left the theater, I wanted to see this beautifully told and meticulously crafted movie a few more times…but I can’t help but wonder why Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks continue in real life to support Obama? Why?

It’s a dichotomy that remains inexplicable: How many liberal actors make their living by blowing up people on screens with guns, and yet, want all guns banned? And how can directors and actors who make uplifting themes of the goodness of America, endorse someone like Obama? The MOST Un-American President to ever hold the office. How?

Is it really just all about the money? Can somebody answer that to me please? (I have my suspicions, but would love to hear yours.)

Anyway, go see the movie, because the PR is telling everyone NOT to.

You’ll want to see it…one more time.


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Nobody’s Email: Tom Hanks in 8

Nobody Gets Email

____and I’m glad I got this one!

Tom Hanks…who doesn’t like Tom Hanks?


(Thanks to Kim Komando)


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Cloud Atlas: Toxic Gas

Nobody’s Opinion

If you have been thinking about seeing the Tom Hanks movie, Cloud Atlas,  and you are like me..a conservative, then please…I will give you a heads up and tell you: don’t waste your money. Money is precious at this time, and the money you spend on this movie could be used for a nice meal out.

I was sucked into seeing it, because of the Sci-Fi scenes that I saw on the trailers. And when I saw Tom Hanks and Halle Barry being interviewed, they BOTH promoted it as a love story through time. Trust me, that was done on purpose. This was not “The Curious Life of Bejamin Buttons.” What you get when they’ve got you in the theater is one nightmare liberal social programming scene after another.

Tom and Halle barely fall in love anywhere in the film, instead you are bombarded with some sick barf of a liberal psychotic dream…the big fricking social messeage being: are you ready for this…?

OUR LIVES OUR NOT OUR OWN  (see video) Who knew?

In this movie slaves are being whipped, there are messages about how a big oil company is going  to buy a Nuke plant and blow it up for the oil industry to continue, and a full-blown love affair with two gay gays who, I noticed during the “gay” scene, the only other person in the theater, one man alone, got up and left. I would have left if not for the fact that well…Joyanna, you now have invested in this crap, and you’d better watch it and warn everybody else.

I guess some social engineering guy somewhere has decided that if you shove enough gay people making love and kissing onsecreens everywere, sooner or later we will all accept it as lovely. They are going to brainwash you into not wanting to “gag” everytime you witness it. Gay rights are one thing,…but brainwashing is quite another.

Oh…global warming was in there…the seas were rising in the future, and there was a revolution at the end, lead by a regular Budda black man, probably related to Reverend Wright.

The gay guy committed suicide because of “abuse.” He had a job taking notation from a composer that he could have walked away from ANYTIME…but of course he ends up shooting the man.

And then back to slavery…

I don’t know about you, but I am literally fed up to here having to watch over and over and over again white men beating slaves. Guess what…white men don’t own slaves in America anymore. If anything, it’s the black man who is “beating” the white man now. And I am sick to death of it.

The whole message of the film was white men are the evil ones. There was lots of talk about “tribes” and men looking down on women (got the “poor” women bit in there) Big corporations are evil. And then there was the violence…And bascially the whole film was done simply to put out all the liberal oligarchy messages..right into your little global citizen brain.


In other words, if you want to “stick” to your tribe, dear future maggots underneath our dear Hollywood superior elites, you will DO as we say, LIVE how we say, GIVE UP to the common good as we say…all because the great Tom Hanks and beautiful Halle Barry are making movies to guide you to see the truth in your ‘obvious’ bigotry, ignorance, and unwillingness to give up your Constitution right to life, liberty and your own very individual pursuit of Happiness.

They also question God…there is not a god, but maybe reincartnation…and that concept has no more proof than real faith, and yet they will use it for now…to control the masses in KARMA. Or THE SECRET, or Oparh Winfrey’s revelations,  or Madonna’s newest global Kabala with a exercise gym, faith crap.

I can’t say this enough: I am sick of all the social brainwashing crap. National Geographic is putting out a big Obama propaganda film on how Obama killed Bin Laden.

I am NOT going to watch it.

Anyway, I’m mad that I wasted so much money on this movie. I will never ever pay to see another Tom Hanks or Halle Berry propaganda movie ever agin in my life.. While there were a few seconds of comedy in the movie, it was not worth the pop. I walked out of that thearter wondering how Tom Hanks could be so bad.

Trust me. It’s garbage. Rent it if you must for educational purposes, but be prepared to be bombarded with YOUR LIFE IS NOT YOUR OWN…

Cloud Atlas really was nothing but a lot of bad gas.

And keep your life…tell them to go shove theirs into their libearl clouds of tyranny and go move to another planet. Now THAT’s a movie I’d pay to see twice!

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