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I just got an email selling a book…well, it was free, you just had to pay the postage, which today, is so high, it’s not free is it? This book promised to tell you HOW the Deep State has stolen our government and why no President has any power whatsoever. Mmmm….a bit late I thought. Where was this book ten years ago?

The news gets worse every day. Justice Roberts didn’t want to cause riots so that’s why he kept the Supreme Court out of the very important election case. China Choa Senate Majority leader McConnell NOW trying to get the whole Senate to back Biden. Attorney General Barr quit, or got fired depending on who you listen to. The media already trying to get Biden replaced with Kamala, lockdowns are destroying the country, the stolen election being ignored, and now the FDA has approved Gates’ favorite vaccine, Moderna, and says we must stay masked and locked down for at least two more years.

China has come in for the kill or takeover…however you want to look at it.

President Trump stands alone with only the America people behind him, and they are not being allowed to even TALK to each other.

 It’s Friday afternoon, and the news is all COVID: nobody can celebrate Christmas unless it’s Hallmark marathon, and there is a snowstorm in the East.

Basically, once again, it’s the ‘End of the world as we know it!” Get used to it morons. The elites will CRUSH you in every way, unless you obey.

I was being bored of it all, when I was thinking about something, I had read that morning in a AARP magazine: How did these few really rich oligarchs take over the world so suddenly?

The truth is: it hasn’t been sudden. It’s been systematically planned for years. We just didn’t know about it. Turn on any local news program and you get cheery smiling faces and pictures of cities that look like Hallmark wonderlands. Except, we all know, most of them are cesspools of despair.

The way they hid the decades of decay has been very clever.

After all, the churches are closed.

AARP was instrumental in helping Justice Roberts get Obamacare passed. Now, they were working on getting Biden elected. After all, it’s mostly people over 50 who go to vote.

It was in the AARP paper magazine sent out right before the election, where the editors ‘present’ both candidates and their opinions, in order to help all the old people, make an informed decision. But AARP made SURE Biden looked more attractive than Trump, just by the clever editing.

It was Obama who elected in 2014, the CEO of AARP, a black lady named Jo Ann Jenkins. She pleads in her editorial for the socialist message: We are living in a moment when generosity matters more than ever. YOU the old must give up your money to keep the future going…”Let’s open our hearts and pay it forward.”

Translation: Universal health care, free college, free food, you know where this is going.

The question from AARP to Biden and Trump was this: What do you feel needs to happen to ensure that ALL Americans can exercise their right to cast a ballot? Notice the word “RIGHT.” Insinuating many people are being kept from that RIGHT. Which is total BS. Everybody knows it. If you want to vote, you can. Period.

Anyway, here’s how they edited the answer:


Biden: This president is trying to scare the hell out of people by suggesting that mail-in votes are a fraud, and indicating that your mail-in vote will not actually be counted. Make a plan a out how you’re going to vote.

NOBDODY; This is rich. When all the major channels have been ‘scaring’ the hell out of people since January, a full 10 months, that if they ever BREATHE the air of anybody else, they will die, whose really been scaring the hell out of everyone? The democrats didn’t WANT you to go to the polls. They wanted you to mail in the MILLIONS Of ballads they sent to the whole world, printed in China. And as we know, the fraud was extensive. The virus caused the scare, the mail- in illegal ballots that didn’t even have to be verified, overloaded the systems. Most countries have a law against them.

Biden: The bottom line is that the president keeps whining and fearmongering because he’s scared what will happen if more folks actually show up and vote.

NOBODY: What BS. Donald J. Trump, who drew records crowds in the tens of thousands everywhere he went was trying to get everyone to go and vote in person. Biden got twenty cars one time. The real fear was that NOBODY would show up to vote for Biden. So, they had to flood the country with illegal ballots.

Biden: Everybody should remember: We voted during the Civil War, we voted in the midst of the 1918 flu pandemic, we voted in two world wars, and we can do it again. We can protect our democracy and public health at the same time.

NOBODY: See the propaganda jujitsu here? Everybody went to the local polls during the civil war. Back then, there WERE no dominion voting machines that a guy in China could access and flip votes. It was all done by paper. And nobody was scared. The flu has been around for thousands of years, and people weren’t bombarded with massive propaganda saying they were going to die if they showed up and voted.


Not to mention, Joe Biden STOLE this line from President Trump himself.

Now, you KNOW Joe didn’t write any of this. And AARP has morphed into a socialist paper saying how much it CARES about old people, but it had a hand in editing these questions to make sure Joe sounded like such a wonderful guy, and Trump as someone who should go. Too many old people who are living on Social Security and do NOT have access to the few websites where the truth is told, and who cannot believe that Joe Biden would ever harm them, believed that Trump says mean tweets.

In other words, this is ignorance. How many people did AARP influence? Too many I’m afraid.

So, maybe I will get that book in my email. At least if I’m going to be fried like a lobster, I need to know how to get out of the pot.

But, do I want to pay $10 for shipping?

Ask me tomorrow.

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