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How do we STOP the Game?

Nobody’s Opinion

If it wasn’t so sad, you’d have to laugh. I’m talking about the news that a bunch of young traders, with no political motive but to make some money, bought GameStop shares when the billionaires decided to crush it and make themselves some easy billions, only to be stopped by regular people, who refused to let them do it, and in the end, the billionaires lost…billions.

So many rich elite Wall Street guys were losing that Janet Yellin stepped in, and Robin Hood stopped them from buying. They shut the game down.

BAD KIDS. Stop it.

How DARE the peasants DO such a thing! Shock waves ran throughout the world with “Hey the game really IS rigged!”

It’s not like we haven’t been there before. In 2008, When the rich Wall Street elites got greedy, President Bush, along with his band of Wall Street cabinet members, and the FEDS, stole OUR money so they could keep their elites friends in their big mansions. They could NOT go down.

They didn’t go down of course…they all got bonuses AND tripled their investments; the rest of the country lost their 401 Ks’. And generations of upcoming citizens would never again be able to even afford a house.

George Bush lost to Obama because of his “bailout” of his buddies. Remember?

I keep thinking? Why the surprise? Remember how much you LOST in 2008? And remember how vainglorious George was about the whole affair? Saying that a few rich friends just got carried away?

I put that snarky excuse right up there with “I did NOT have sex with that…woman.”

The whole world just witnessed a very well-planned rigged election where a President who got the most votes in American history, was NOT allowed to win. The elites didn’t want him. Didn’t matter that he broke all the Wall Street records for them, they just kicked him out…then build a huge wall around their precious Capitol, along with enough military troops to stop Russia from invading.

They used the ‘riots’ as an excuse.

When I heard of this GameStop steal, I thought of all the times I’d spent in my lifetime standing around a GameStop store, watching my husband or my son literally salivating at the latest video game while I walked around bored mostly. Nobody really talks about it, but video games have kept whole generations of young men occupied and not thinking about much of anything else. Especially the ones who couldn’t afford college. It was an escape where they could be men again. Where they could succeed again. If only for a few hours.

After all, they learned nothing about money or the stock market in high school. Their future was bleak.

This continued educationally planned ignorance about the stock market serves only the rich.

Remember, once upon a time the democrats didn’t want a ‘negro’ to read, and now the plantation owners don’t want the general public to understand markets, or what the elites really do with our money.

And President Trump…exposed them all.

Is it any wonder how much they hate him?

So, to me, it’s funny: the revelation that the market is rigged by Wall Street and you are NOT allowed to play the same game, when in effect, the elites are shutting down the whole world, is a much bigger steal. It’s one thing not to be able to bet in the stock market, quite another not to be allowed to make a living.

Malls, where GameStop was always to be found, will never come back. Millions of restaurants, small businesses, people’s very lives— everything will now change, and nobody will be allowed to work for themselves, and all that they do will be basically serfs to the oligarchy that is taking over the world.

This virus, is just a means to an end.

It’s the perfect Trojan Horse.

The rich know, they have us. They control all the levels, and as we have witnessed time and time again, they are untouchable. And everything is done “For Our own Good.”

That’s the horrible lie they always get by with.

Except for a few moments, when the real Robing Hoods who played the video games, decided to fight back.

One of the leaders of this group said he remembered his dad and grandpa losing everything in 2008. Sitting at the kitchen table trying to count change to pay the rent.

To him, it was sweet revenge.

They will have to come up with some other crisis to make sure this peasant rebellion doesn’t happen again, because they like the rigged game, and YOU are not allowed to play.

So, the real question is: How do we stop the rigged game?

Nobody right now knows, but I bet a lot of good people are thinking about it tonight.

Including a few crying billionaires.

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Nobody Flashes: The Lost Gospel of Thomas

I enjoyed this. Lessons well thought out, and this young man is a real THINKER. So refreshing.


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Nobody Remembers…This was Predicted

Nobody Remembers that some of our most important authors tried to warn us about slavery.

Which is why, Nancy Pelosi, and our political class of ‘globalist’ want a NO BORDERS world with no walls, and have continued to tell us wall don’t work. They are creating a world of slavery for those who are ‘beneath’ them

Not new in history, as we all know.

So, why then do we need a wall around Congress and the White House if walls don’t work?

The good news? They are AFRAID…for they have gone too far.

No more than a few days in office, and it’s being constructed.

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NO President Should Be Allowed to Put Men out of work ON PURPOSE

Nobody Reports

Biden just put, with the stroke of his pen, over 10,000 union men working on the Keystone Pipeline out of work.

They woke up, and all were told to go home.

Where does it say in the Constitution that ANY President has a right to do this? China wants the market on ‘green energy’ jobs and manufacturing, not to mention, put the United States back on defense because…WINDMINDS DONT RUN NUCLEAR SUBMARINES!

And they make such wonderful electric cars, and solar panels in China!

This was criminal…and no matter WHAT Iran loving John Kerry says, they can’t just go out and get a job building wind mills.

It’s amazing how they complained about President Trump being a dictator.

NOW, we have one.

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We WILL Eat Bugs…Davos and China

Nobody Reports

Davos elite tryants are already saying that the land for rising meat is disappearing, no doubt because Gates and Bezos are buying up all the farmlands so we WON’T eat meat, and why don’t they want us to eat meat?

Protein makes you strong and is necessary for human growth. And older people need MORE of it, not less.

NO, they want to kill us all with addictive sugar! That a very profitable business for big pharma.

Okay, I LOVE a good hamburger, but I have to wonder now, just what is in most hamburgers? Don’t you wonder? But, if that wasn’t bad enough…

But, now, if you watch this video, China is eating up all the fish. THIS nobody had no idea.

I’m surprised this video is still on Youtube, so watch it while you can.

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And All It Took Was the Truth…

Nobody Knows

Tonight on CNN, Cumo was complaining that the Republican Senators were voting against the impeachment. He was particularly mad at McConnell because it was Mitch just days before condemning Trump, and blaming the mob attack on him alone.

Gee…what happened?

Nobody Wonders, if it was this speech by Rand Paul that changed Mitch McConnell’s mind? Or have they finally figured out how angry their republican base is about how too many of them were joining the democrats and calling for this horrible vendetta, against a most beloved President. Is it finally dawning on them just how furious the people are for being betrayed?

Nobody Wonders, but Senator Paul’s speech was excellent.

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Isn’t it amazing that the elite had this all planned out so very long ago?

The communists and the socialists, as you can see from this video, have done a great job in our schools.

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David Chou…Patriot or Chinese Watcher?

Nobody’s Opinion;

Last week, as I watched the coronation of China Joe, I was very concerned about the CLOSENESS of one of the Secret Service men. It was almost as if China had their man standing behind Joe to make SURE, that the whole thing went off as planned.

Boy, did I catch heat on Twitter. I was told that David Cho, was a veteran Secret Service man who had received the highest metals from the Department of Homeland Security, and I must 1.,do my research, and 2., don’t be so blinded by my racism to not honor the fact that he also served under President Trump. There was no way he was ANYTHING but a great patriot.

WASHINGTON (Nov. 6, 2019) Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan and Acting Deputy DHS Secretary David Pekoski present the Exceptional Service Gold Medal to David Cho at the 2019 Secretary’s Award Ceremony at the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall. (DHS Photo by Tim D. Godbee/Released)

So, I wrote this to tell you why I was so suspicious. I was just as suspicious about Pence, when Trump picked him, and I turned out to be right.

I made my opinions and concern about this secret service agent, based on the video above, and the fact that China HAS declared war on us. The virus was released which destroyed OUR economy and others, and killed many around the world. Tonight, it was shown that the virus was created here in the states, and Fauci himself had a lot to do with it. It was engineered in a lab to be 20x more potent than anything that nature could have come up with. So, yes, our own country was helping the creation. We pay Fauci MORE than we pay our President.


And, lets not forget that China help put Joe Biden in office by making sure the election went to Joe.

These were two major attacks…make no mistake. In any other time, that would have been a declaration of war.

But not in this time. Because of our corporations, China makes most everything that America needs. They’ve got us. But they couldn’t have done it without the help of our most powerful CEOs and Congress. The idea of globalization was to make communist countries more ‘democratic.’ Instead, the Chinese used our politician’s greed, infiltrated, our universities, Wall Street and Congress, and well…here we are.

FUBAR beyond belief. Recognized Biden’s new spokeswoman in the White House briefing room?

Being accused of being a ‘racist’ upset me, so, I did a little research, which in this day and age, is not easy since the whole internet is being controlled by Google, but I did find out a few things.

For some reason, I assumed that the President had a SAY in who his secret service could be. One would hope so. But it’s not true. The secret service is picked and appointed by Homeland Security, which was run before Trump and through the Obama’s years by Jeh Johnson. Jeh was a deep state democrat who HATED Trump and let everybody know it. He served in the highest of the state various departments under Clinton. And he was on the board of Lockheed-Martin. A point to remember when it comes to China.

In 2003 the Secret Service was moved from the Treasury Department to Homeland Security. Obama’s Secret Service were a bunch of morons. ALWAYS getting in trouble for having wild parties while on duty, like the big thing that happened down in Columbia: prostitutes’ and drugs. Since Chou was probably in the Service then, was he involved in any of this? We don’t know.

Secret Service Fast Facts (

In 2017, an important laptop that had all the floorplans to Trump Towers, was stolen out of a Secret Service’s car, suggesting that the Secret Service was working…for Hillary or the Obama’s. It was then that the full fledged attack on Trump began. Well, not? The FBI works for them.

Despite what you see in the movies, NO agent has to give his life for a President. He is suppose to be apolitical, but when Chou was elected, he helped get rid of ALL the agents that might have been loyal to Trump.

If you go to his bio on Wikipedia, you don’t find much, only three little paragraphs, but you WILL find this:


Cho appeared at the Inauguration of Joe Biden as the head of Biden’s Secret Service detail.[10] Many far-right conspiracy theorists falsely accused Cho of being a “Chinese handler” due to racism and the proximity of Cho and Biden throughout the Inauguration.[11]


Wow. Conspiracy theorists like me are raciest for even thinking this. And that’s your cue right there. When something is TRUE, they always label it as a ‘conspiracy.”

But, how can you not be suspicious? We had not one, but TWO heads of our FBI arrange a coup that lasted for 4 years, and they illegally placed a China puppet (remember those who know say Biden IS their puppet) And Barr, the Head of the Justice Department, AND his Vice President, all turned against Trump and joined the China takeover. WITH the help of Obama, And Bush.

There has been hundreds of reports of China taking over our farmland, Hollywood, and our Tech companies, in fact, their war against us has been nothing short of brilliant. It was simple. They used old communist methods and LOTS of cash, to put all the right people in the top positions.

I’m sure most of my readers have read all of these stories.

Recently, we were told that Diana Feinstein has had a Chinese Limo driver, who WORKED as a spy for the Chinese military for years. You cannot TELL me, as she was on the intelligence, she didn’t know.

McConnel’s wife served as Secretary of Transportation, in charge of our boating docks and all traffic from China. We saw how ruthlessly old turtle-butt turned traitor against Trump.

For YEARS, during the Clinton Presidency, a Chinese guy worked in our most top secret nuclear sites in Los Alamos, delivering all our intell. And let’s not forget that Bill Clinton, AN AMERIACN PRESIDENT, gave North Korea the plutoinium they needed to build those missles they are now always threatening us with.

Plus, he gave China the technology to be able to deliver nukes to any city in the United States.


According to a Wall Street Journal account from Clinton days, a bipartisan congressional inquiry “found Beijing has stolen U.S. design data for nearly all elements needed for a major nuclear attack on the U.S., such as advanced warheads, missiles, and guidance systems. Targets of the spying ranged from an Army anti-tank weapon to nearly all modern fighter jets. Most wasn’t done by professionals, but by visitors or front companies. Lax security by the Clinton Administration is blamed in part, and satellite makers Hughes and Loral are criticized.”


This has all been verified.

If they impeach Trump for inciting a riot he DID not incite, than Bill Clinton should be impeached for getting China all nuked up.

Let’s not forget it was Jimmy Carter, who gave the Panama Canal to China.

The REAL question is: How LONG has China been controlling our Presidents?

I watched that video the whole day, and I mostly watched David Chou, and he might be a patriot, but every time a patriotic thing was said, I thought I saw HATRED on his face.

At the very least, the fact that they put an ASIAN face right behind Biden the whole day, said to this American, NOT that we are such a diverse nation, but that we are no longer an American one.

And Kamala was announced as being an “Asian” too.

And now I am seeing Chinese people in all my movies, commercial, as if, out of nowhere.

And …ONE MORE THING: If the President of the United States can be put in office by China, then a lowly servant like David Chou, could also be working for them. That’s just common sense.

It has nothing to do with me being…’racist.’

Many Chinese fled China to come here for a decent life, and I’ve talked to many of them that were SHOCKED during the Obama years, because they recognized…communism.

It’s the face of Tyranny. The face of hatred. But since Americans are lied to by the press every day, they just can’t believe it.

I once had a history teacher who taught that if you give an opinion, be ready to back it up. And I’ve always tried to do that.

China wanted to make SURE America saw David Chou in every picture with Joe Biden, and both Hunter and his dad are being paid big bucks to do their bidding. (The South China sea?) It was a clear message from the Deep State. “We got RID of your American President who would not do our bidding.”

We now own you. If Chou really is a true American Patriot, then he was used by the Biden Administration to make sure all the world saw the Asian face behind the President.

That’s my Nobody’ Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

Is David Chou a hero? Nobody Knows. But then again, nobody knew much of anything until President Donald J. Trump.

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The Loss…is Great: Prayers for Our President and His Family.

Nobody Flashes—NOT Biden—NOT Obama—Not China—

The REAL President whose country and office was stolen from him.

God be with him, and those he loves, tonight and always.

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Are Whites Being ‘Erased?’

Nobody Cares

I have lived in the same city all my life, and at no other time in my life, did I noticed the rapid little changes being, it seems, “right out of thin air” CHANGED...and overnight, but it’s clear: this OVERNIGHT stuff, has just been sitting there waiting for Biden to take over. The attack on ‘white supremists’ was all rolled out within hours.

For instance, right before Biden’s ‘coronation’ I went to my local Walgreens to buy a simple birthday card. The usual Hallmark isle, had changed. No longer were there ANY white faces on any cards. No. All the cards had black faces. For the last ten years, the ads were all mixed. It bothered me that all through the last four years, the magazines ALL had Obama and Michelle on the cover, ignoring Trump and Melania, I figured that…but this HAD to be planned at the top.

Message: Whites…do not count anymore.

Same with Cosmopolitan Magazine. I’ve told you that someone keeps sending me these. Usually, they mixed the whites and black models. No longer. The magazine and its cover, are now, all black women. Wait. One white modal was seen riding naked on the back of a motorcycle.

I take it back. Clearly, they need to remember ‘sex’ is still important.

Today on the radio, they were discussing the fact that a popular bar downtown St. Louis was told they couldn’t reopen for a whole year. CLEALY unconstitutional. Mostly white kids go there. The owner will lose his business.

BUT…the rich democrats that make the rules in St. Louis…well…Biden just sent them $40 million dollars to give to black families who can’t pay their mortgage or utility bills. Probably the Muslims and illegals will get that too. And there’s MORE money coming!

Is it any WONDER the whites, who get no relief but have to pay for this, are angry?

The day before Biden’s great takeover, my electric company sent a letter saying that we could ALL let them come into our homes and tell us how we could make huge improvements by adding the new tech we all could use to save ‘energy’. If we don’t, we will pay higher bills. They would LOAN us the money for ‘new heaters, air-conditioners, “whatever” and it would be put on our bills monthly.

Wow. Right before Biden went to the Oval office. Green New Deal disguised as a big help from big electric? All I could think of was WHAT TIMING.

No longer does my local news report the killings that have happened EVERY NIGHT for years…no, they mostly report what cops did wrong. Every night for YEARS, there are murders, killings, drug fights, and blacks upon black crime. Killing each other…at least 2 or 3 a night: dead. LOTS of young kids in the crossfire. Killed.

For instance they had a car chase a few days ago and some criminal hit another care during the chase and killed the passenger. The criminal was fine, BUT….the outrage and death of the person was blamed on the cops. Cops are being fired right and left for being “racists.” Meanwhile the black upon black murders are not reported. If I want to see them now, I have to go on my cell phone local news.

NOW, the only concern on the local news…is the virus and how many came down with it, or died. A GOP congressmen just said that nobody should get ‘stimulus’ checks unless they get the vaccine. Forget the blacks…St. Louis has the highest crime rate (Next to Chicago) but you wouldn’t know it watching the local news.

It’s all about how IMPORTANT it is that everyone get vaccinated, even though today, Hank Aaron died after getting the vaccination. The liberals didn’t say it, but the conservatives did. I bet that will scare many a black person, who SHOULD be scared, as well as whites.

I saw this video the other day, (See video on blog below) and I thought that EVERYONE should see it. Since I studied patent law and got my OWN patents, I probably would understand this more than some, but this guy really explains the technical side and proves, that the vaccine, is NOT a vaccine.

Nobody seems to care about the truth anymore…but we all should.

Watch it, and like me, you will NOT want to risk getting any of the vaccines…yet. Not even if you are young. Who KNOWS what’s in that thing…only Gates and Fauci know and I don’t trust either one of them.

Don’t miss it.

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Hidden in Plain Sight

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Nobody Wins: Tucker Carlson…The Purge Begins

Nobody Wins

You KNOW that the Democrat’s are the new Nazi party when they start going after conservatives…and they ARE. They are starting at the top. Trump of course, they want to well…this:

Tucker is right.

They prefer if we were all dead. At least that’s my opinion, and I’ve actually HEARD this from a liberal that I know. He said he wanted to shot us all in the head. And they all dream of this.

This cannot end well.

“Unity” ? Yeah. Right.

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Nobody’s Thoughts On The Coronation of Sleepy Joe Biden.

Okay. I DID watch that stupid “WHEW, we got out of jail free!” coronation of a demented, foot dragging old “Chinese bunion” of a puppet today, and I’d like to put out a few thoughts on the whole stupid thing.

  1. I got a big kick out of watching the X-Presidents. When they all got to the podium, before Joe’s big moment, it was VERY noticeable that Bill Clinton was walking around alone like a lost puppy dog, and NOBODY would even go near him. Poor Bill. He wanted SOMEBODY to talk to him. Hillary quickly left him and kept bothering Obama, who would sort of ignore her. Bill ended up falling asleep, (I’m sure as a tribute to Old Judge Ruth Ginsburg) and then after the speech, the ONE person who talked to him was the 22 (Or was it 23?) year old young black poet, who pretty much declared that the black race was now going to take over, in her poem. Michelle Obama gave her a BIG hug. Did Bill score? We’ll NEVER know. Unless of course Epstein is not dead.
  2. George Bush had this look on his face that said. “WHAT HAVE I DONE?!” He looked, dare I say, scared? Thinking about it, so too, did Bill Clinton, more than a few times. And Joe Biden was literally shaking in his lame Gucci shoes before his ‘moment’…why I kept wondering. What are ALL the X PRESIDENTS so scared about? It was like they were all expecting a bomb to drop on their heads. The ONLY one who was NOT scared was Obama. He was his usual: Pimping and smoozing. In fact, he was one of the last ones off the podium.
  3. As I kept wondering why Joe looked as if this was the last moments of his life, I couldn’t help but notice the REALLY tough looking Chinese guy that NEVER, EVER left his side. He sat right in back of Joe, NEXT TO HUNTER. I thought of that scene out of the Godfather where Michael Corleone is on trial at the Senate, and a hit man is about to expose Michael as the head of the Mafia, when Michael steps into the chamber with the man’s brother.  In other words, if JOE stayed to the script, then Hunter would not die of some secret CIA Chinese poison. The REASON I thought this guy was China taking over America A. There is proof that they helped flipped the votes overseas with the dominion machines…yes, it’s true. BOTH Biden and Joe have made billions from them, and B. When the WHOLE crowd turned around to honor the Flag, that guy did nothing as if to say, “Not MY Flag.” And C. Most secret service men roam around. THIS guy didn’t leave Joe’s side…EVER. Secret Service Chinese man. Very clever. If the Chinese wanted to keep taps on an American President, that’s a good way to do it. How does that make sense? And Most important of all..D. NOBODY on any network even said a word about this guy. He LOOKED threatening.
  4. Let’s talk about the music. Lady GAGA made her entrance like Marie Antoinette dressed as giant red cupcake. She had a huge bird on her chest. I’m pretty sure she was singing to a recording. She is SUCH a diva…but she can sing, and I’m sure she will sell that video to the world at $20 a pop. Now, most artists would have gotten OFF the stage, but not Lady, oh no. She hung around and just like Hillary, kept trying to talk to Obama. Who once again was ignoring her too.
  5. Then came Miss Lopez, who sang the good old socialist anthem of the 60’s “This Land is Your Land. This Land is My Land” and then she shouted out something in Spanish which was probably, “THIS LAND BELONGS TO HISPANICS COME AND TAKE IT!!”
  6. And to please the rednecks and those white privilege people who will soon be put in gulags, Garth Brooks came out and sang, “Amazing Grace.” A prayer for White People, the new hunted terrorists in the land? Then he said he wanted us to “all come together” and ran RIGHT over to George W. to shake his hand and thank him for all the jobs he got when George was President.
  7. Was that the end? No. For some unknown reason, probably because they think someone is going to drop a bomb on their heads, ALL three past presidents had to go with Joe to lay a wreath at the unknow soldier’s tomb. ALL the couples looked not only bored with each other, but clearly, acted like kids told to shut up and do their duty and stay quiet when the landlord comes over. Joe had trouble walking. Hillary and Bill did NOT hold hands. Obama and Michelle, who by the way wore her hair in WHITE mode, not black afro mode, pretty much ignored each other. And even though George and Laura look maybe like they might be together; they too didn’t touch. And I don’t think it was because they wanted to honor the moment.
  8. And by the way, that motorcade that took all those Presidents to the cemetery, was a LEAST 50 or more armored limousines, courtesy of the taxpayers, which to my eyes looked like they cost about  $80,000 apiece.
  9. On a typical silly note, BOTH Hillary and Kamala wore purple. The color of Royalty.
  10. Joe Biden’s speech was…just another boring typical politician progressive, “We will unite as one and whites are the problem, and I will heal everybody and everything and give out lots of money blah, blah…” And of course, every pundit on TV said it was the greatest speech they’d ever heard.
  11. President Trump stole the day. After four years of Hillary and Obama, and Bush claiming he would NEVER leave the White House…he did. With class and style and confidence. He made them all look small, and petty, and the greedy lying criminals that they are.
  12. Yes, the greatest President ever to manage to guide the nation through four years of his personal hell, shine like the most brilliant of them all. Now, history will report that Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama, destroyed America. Bit, by Bit, by bit.
  13. And ONE man came back and showed them all up. For a few four years, he showed us all what a President SHOULD be. And we love him still.
  14. And ONE MORE THING: Why did they need ALL those troops?
  15. Fear of the American people? Or Fear…of being killed by China?

Nobody’s Opinion

Was there a bomb aimed at that podium? Or was this, just an excuse for the final coup of America…by force?

We’ll know, soon enough.

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Goodbye to OUR Great President…Hello to the New American China

Nobody Reports,

Today, President Trump gave his farewell speech, which was TOTALLY confusing. He’s telling everyone he’s leaving and then at the end he says that we will be more prosperous, stronger, and the future will be great…

HUH? What? With Joe Biden and Obama back in the office? With the new Facist bargain made by ALL our polticians with China, and the very threats of ‘reprograming’ all Trump supporters.?

We’re going to be great? Ooooooookay….what’s wrong with this video? Was Trump offered a deal he “could not refuse.” (Godfather reference here.)

What did they do? Throw a Trump supporter’s severed head in his bed? NOBODY ALWAYS WONDERS.

Today on the radio I heard something that sent CHILLS down to my very soul. It was the usual “FOX” hourly report on FOX radio, and the lady was saying how WONDERFUL it was that over 200,000 people had called the FBI and reported, their children, and even friends, who had taken part in the Capitol ‘riots’. These people were TRUE patriot’s!

My mouth dropped. My gum almost fell out.

They do this stuff in China! If you know a Trump supporter now, you’d better tell the officials.

To make everything more insane, never mind that everyone was in a dizzy over Pelosi’s laptop being stolen, it was now reported that some young girl took it so that she could sell it to Russia. More than likely, Pelosi forgot it, or her secretary just forgot to get it, or some other stupid thing, and it ‘was’ misplaced. We don’t even know if it happened. They release so many false stories to trash Trump supporters you can’t keep track of them all.

But, I’m MORE than convinced now that the Capitol ‘attack’ was staged. probably for over a year.

Last week, we watched some TV show where they were handing out awards. We are BIG fans of Supernatural, and were really happy that Jensen Ackles finally won an award for acting, after 14 years. The show was canceled this year, and Jensen was going over to Prime to star in a new series called THE BOYS. So we joined Prime JUST to watch the show. Of course we had to watch 2 seasons to catch up.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s entertaining, but Supernatural was uplifting. THIS is right up the New World Order alley. Puking, lots of sex, someone even gets choked by a huge dick. LOTS of blood and guts.

Watch it if you can take the gore and sex, but I mention this because THIS series was filmed LAST YEAR, and in this they attack the capitol, (Lies just like today and homegrown terrorist’s) and NOTHING is a coincidence, proving to me that the deep state now using ALL movies to move their visions forward. The main character, who is a messed up killer, is a Mr. America and they want you to think he’s Trump.

Anyway, the coup will be complete tomorrow, and I’m sorry. I don’t care HOW many movie stars and singers, say stupid stuff, and how much mass glorification they put on, (Like the states are all together…LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY FLAGS WE PUT OUT FOR YOU!)…no matter HOW many times they want to UNIFY the nation, what the real message is: We have the military, Washington D.C. is NOT yours anymore, and we have THOUSANDS of troops, tanks, ballistic missiles, and HUGE walls to keep out ALL citizens, unless of course, you are invited.

WE THE PEOPLE, are banned from speaking, breathing, gathering, and we want you ALL to watch us now, and know, WE ARE THE NEW RULERS, AND WE HAVE BIG GUNS. I don’t care…that picture reminds ME that there ARE no people, just pretty flags because they wanted you NOT to notice there ARE no people allowed.

The party that screamed that Trump was a dictator for 4 years, now bring out the biggest force of military might ever seen in the city of D.C.

Even his supporters were LOCKED OUT! Huge walls were built, and guess what? They worked!

It’s simply a HUGE Party put on for the world to see, and for you to realized, it’s a one world party now, and you’d better get in line. And yes, that picture above? That’s something you WOULD see in China.

Great god, from a man who never got out of his basement.

I’m not sure I’m going to watch it at all. What did Obama once say? Making Biden President would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

Pity the lipstck. Pity the people. And God speed President Donald J. Trump and his family, to their homes.

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