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Nobody Knows Who Wins: China or Davos?

Joe Biden and the attack on patriotic Americans aside, here’s the latest on what is coming according to SOME: Never mind the food shortages, Janet Yellen wanting Wind Mills, nobody being able to buy a house, and high gas prices pushed in order to FORCE us into electric cars, and Mr. Hollywood Matthew McConaughey joining Biden to come get the guns…this is the latest from one of my emails:


Russia and China are planning simultaneous attacks to ELIMINATE the United States and occupy North America.

The continental United States will be attacked from the North, South, East and West

Americans are oblivious, and leaders are clueless about what’s coming


According to Mr. Wang, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is financing Russia’s war in Ukraine. However, he says, Russia’s best forces are not being used in Ukraine. They have been deployed in the Far East, prepared for action against America.

According to Lude media sources, China will try to use nuclear blackmail and unrestricted warfare to collapse the United States while forcing Taiwan, Japan and South Korea under Chinese control. Failing this, China and Russia will launch a full-scale war against the United States. The Russian and Chinese fleets will be united – not in the same ocean – but by attacking the same continent, North America. The Russians will attack through the Arctic, the Chinese through the Pacific….”


So, our own government along with Klaus Schwab is out to destroy us with the Davos gang, it seems at the same time, China wants to beat them to it.

Do we be afraid of Monkeypox and the “destroy the sun and the moon” Gates?

Or do we think China and Russia have a chance of invasion, and beating Gates to it?

WAIT! What? This could all be just ‘fear’ porn, or it could all be true.

How would we know? Nobody Knows. In any case…

Enjoy the summer!  

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What’s Been Happening…and How Do we Stop it in 2022?

Gee, here we are, the last day of the year…people are passing out like fireflies in the night, without a warning. Soccer players are falling over dead on the field. We’ve watched many deaths from the Covid virus, and the vaccine will continue to take more.

So—I’m just going to post this summation of what’s been happening for years while we were all being suckered, by our nightly newscasts. By our politicians. By our kids’ teachers. By our school boards.

It’s not good news…. China has us…China OWNS us, or at least most of our institutions, and top leaders.

Fact: China is the largest source of fentanyl, and they are flooding our country with it. The Cartels are now mixing it with prescription drugs. Over 49,860 deaths came from opioids in 2019.

Fact: The Wuhan virus has destroyed the world’s economy.

Fact: China made a bundle off the pandemic. They not only used the WHO to help cover up its Wuhan lab, in the early signs of the Pandemic they stockpiled personal protective equipment from around the world, then sold it to everyone making itself out to be a hero.

Fact: Foreign companies face considerable barriers in accessing the Chinese market and must transfer their intellectual property as a condition for entry. While they give us cheap Chinese goods that our companies cannot compete with. (The video below has a lot on that.)

Fact: China has been hacking our industries for years, including the government, Equifax and Anthem, which they got personal information on every citizen. Not to mention Tik Tok.

Fact: They are buying up U.S. farmland, oil fields, and own AMC. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Fact: Chinses people are being hired in our movies, our commercials, our television programs, so we get used to them.

Fact: We are now reliant on them for are drugs and rare earth minerals.

Will America end up bowing to China in 2022? Will the elites do something so drastic and horrible we could never recover from it? Is Biden’s billion-dollar funding from China given the Presidency TO China, in order to finally destroy us all, and make us it’s dog? Nobody could make one horrible decision after another. Nobody, not even Joe Biden.

Is America on its last breath?

Well, history tells us, as Gandhi once said, truth usually wins out.

China does NOT own, the American People. They hope to kill off as many old as they can, because the old remember…. they remember freedom. And I don’t think they will go into that night quietly.

Not yet. And that fight will come in 2022.

Will it come down to the children?

Nobody Knows. But if you thought 2021 was bad, something tells me, 2022 will be one for the history books.

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Nobody Escapes

Nobody’s Opinion

Here’s the most important headline for today:

Does Biden Want to Destroy America? by Terry Paulson (

And here’s what Mr. Paulson so succinctly listed to answer the question, and I hope you follow the link and read the whole thing…And I’ve added a few of my own at the end.  

If you want to destroy America, open our Southern border to all who want to come in.

If you want to destroy America, do everything you can to end our energy independence.

If you want to destroy America, stoke the fires of racial hatred in an already divided country.

If you want to destroy America, allow crime on the streets to go unpunished.

If you want to destroy America, keep calling for lockdowns and strict mask guidelines.

If you want to destroy America, allow congress to pass reckless deficit spending creating government dependence and rampant Inflation. 

If you want to destroy America, establish the federal control of elections.

If you want to destroy America, project military weakness and failed leadership in times of crisis.


Mr. Paulson blames all who voted for Trump, assuming that the election was legitimate.

And he blames Biden on the American voters.

THIS nobody puts the blame on China, who basically has played the long game of the takeover of the world. They bought and sold many of our politicians, they released a bio-weapon with the help of Bill Gates and Fauci, who will make BILLIONS off the vaccines. They own half of Congress, and ALL of the democratic party. They are now working with The Taliban, the Muslims, Russia, and many dictators in South America and Africa, AND the European Union.

They’ve managed to kill all small business, and will now go to push global warming which they ALSO control. Our biggest CEO’s have already made deals with them, and China has bought and paid for the destruction of our country.

While Biden gave the Taliban our weapons, China is taking California, New York, and are on their way to taking Texas and Florida.

President Trump was the only one standing in their way. But, because he won, the “globalists” controlled by China, had to speed up their global agenda.

They released the virus, and soon, very soon, will take over complete control of our biggest companies: Wal-Mart, Disney, Ford…and even Apple and Microsoft. They already own Facebook and Twitter’s CEOs.

The CEOs of those companies, and the American politicians WHO think they are going to get a place at the China table are going to be into a big surprise. China will gobble them all up.

So, the ONE thing that can save us is holding onto our guns.

The Taliban has already said they want all guns turned in.

China wants to destroy America, and Joe Biden is the bought and sold puppet that has been put in place to do it.

If the NEXT elections are stolen like the last one was, and like before, we have even people like Mr. Paulson, still thinking this America is still ours…

Nobody Knows if the American people will get what happened to them.

Lindsey Graham is already saying another 9/11 will happen.

Remember, Joe Kennedy, who is trying to tell us about the danger of this ‘vaccine’, now admits it was our own CIA who killed President Kennedy.

Sure, Joe Biden is destroying the country, but he had a LOT of help, and I’m pretty sure it was NOT the American people.

Watch this video, for some answers.

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Nobody’s Opinion

For God’s Sake people, PAY ATTENTION!

Last week, I put up some of Aldous Huxley’s comments on the future of dictatorships, and how propaganda, in his estimation, with advanced technology would be brought to full fruition.

I don’t think even he could have imagined the success that we are seeing. Even some of my best friends do not see how they are being fooled into thinking that “Everything will be okay.” …when whole cities are being destroyed, business destroyed, America’s tradition being destroyed, and just simple respect for the human soul being decimated. It’s human nature to think: Well, it hasn’t happened to me, or my friends, therefore, everything will work out.

They have been so trained that they don’t even see what’s happening around them.

America just went through a coup, a VERY popular President was outed, and even though we were allowed to complain, it didn’t take long for everyone to call the imposter: “President Biden.” Everything now is going to hell fast.

And the technology being used to control the masses has been brilliant. It’s no wonder the democrats, and communists are so unafraid. They’ve got the social engineering down to a science.

FIRST: The race card has been used so often, now, most of the white population feels guilty. They can watch a crowd of blacks, burn, loot, kill, and think: Well, they have been mistreated.

When Michelle Obama claims they NEED to be on the streets, and NOBODY refutes it, common sense says…” Are you kidding?” White people should be shouting as loud as can be about the horror of letting mobs rule the day, but they aren’t, are they?

Here’s what’s bugging me. How they manipulate. Looking back on the past decades it seems it’s the GERMANS who always seem to be at the top of the world giving the commands. Think about it. Fauci, Kissinger, Cheney, Merkle, and the newest German guy who wants the world to be wired into the net by chips in their brains: Klaus Schuab.

Real-Life Bond Villain Klaus Schwab Wrote the Script for Covid-19 Lockdown Takeover (

Soros? Wasn’t he a German Jew?

What IS it with these Germans?

 We’ve been programed to believe there is NOTHING to DNA, but science says different. Everything in nature is in the DNA. Look at the difference in dogs for example. Or birds. Or even horses. To say there is no difference in the DNA in humans seems a bit…like…propaganda. It’s not that one race is superior than another but there are differences in height, weight, intelligence, and even dare I say it? Men and women.

I saw my first REAL transvestite (Besides Michelle O.) today in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. It was a man with a very heavy beard…looked Muslim…with a dress on and very high heels. His calves were humongous, but I guess he felt very sexy. I was…disturbed, sorry. It’s in my DNA. And I have been pounded upon by the mass media to accept this man as “normal.” I can’t. Sorry. I would never harm him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wonder why.

And you know what? The rulers of the world KNOW this. Why do you think CHINA, who now seems to control the Biden administration, is making our military so…feminizing? Have you SEEN their military?

And speaking of China, Next to waiting for the Puke science, I have noticed in most ALL commercials and TV movies now, a Chinese appears as an American. Why?

We have been SO brainwashed by our media here that most people don’t even notice it, and what they are being prepared for. China taking us over. We were ‘prepared’ to accept gays, racial couples, feminized men, puking, Americans as weak, and strong men, like Trump, as DANGEROUS. Have you noticed the word “poop” is being thrown around like a basketball on Michael Jordan’s court? Our very words are being transformed and changed.

WE ARE BEING BRAINWASHED massively. China will be our new master…we will ‘merge’…quietly.  

And China is driving the car. For instance, Fauci came out and called us all racist. Does he not work for China? And CNN, of course, has a Chinese Doctor telling us all that we should ALL wear mask, until we have a way to tell whose been vaccinated and who hasn’t.

People are DYING from this vaccination.

No matter. It’s the will of the One World Government. You will have PROOF, or not be allowed to do anything.

You want to talk tyranny? Here’s the Chinese Doc:


“I am shocked by the CDC’s abrupt reversal of their guidelines for vaccinated people. While I agree that vaccinated can choose what they want to do, this only works if there’s a way to check vaccination status. Otherwise, what’s to stop the unvaccinated from endangering everyone?

CNN Doctor Says She Doesn’t Feel Safe Around Unmasked People In Stores, Tacitly Demands Vaccine Passports (

American people have been so good for so long, and never noticing the brainwashing that is happening to them every day.

If it doesn’t affect THEIR lives, so, they don’t think about it.

It’s simply human nature.

Unless someone starts talking about this soon, I am not hopeful…

When 2020 comes, it might be too late.

I can put up my American Flag outside my house, but half of my neighbors now hate me for it. Small towns might be the last stand in America, but sooner or later, communism will come for them too. We are being flooded with people from communistic countries on purpose.

Remember…Donald Trump had to fight city hall for many years to fly a flag at his home in Florida. And yet, our boys are expected to die for it.

All I can say is “Houston: We have a problem.” THIS Nobody Wonders if the people will wake up in time.

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Nobody’s Opinion: Whose Got the Pain When They Do the Mambo BS?

This week, I was thinking that the lies we are hearing across the board on all channels are overwhelmingly stupid. “Not the President” Biden came out and declared how DISGUSTING the new law in Georgia was when it would be a crime to give out water to those people standing in line to vote.

Most of us had never heard such a thing. That’s absurd. Of course, that’s disgusting.

It was only when Tucker Carlson came out and declared that anybody could get water, or bring water themselves, they just couldn’t have politician operatives walking the line and soliciting by giving out water, that we saw how insidious Biden’s lie was. That’s not allowed in any state. But leave it to the democrats to come up with another sneaky idiotic way to influence a vote.

Then Biden told another whopper. The voting booths would be closed by 5pm in Georgia. Old Joe was outraged. But that also, a big lie. The voting places all closed at 7p.m. And that is what has been done in every single state for years. Why did he lie? And what is it about Georgia that is just so damn special?

Here’s the problem. The American people are being lied to every single minute. Call it propaganda, call it a scam, call it mass population Gates’s style New World Order Control, whatever you want to call it, it IS disgusting.

Everyone, including President Trump, would not admit that China released a bio-weapon, developed in a lab in Wuhan, to basically attack the World in order to take it over. The whole “pandemic’ lie is crap.

This was a bio-weapon, manufactured with the help of Western leaders and China.

Nobody wanted to admit it as an attack, which now, all the evidence points to as yes,…COVID was a weapon.

Why else did Bill Gates have a big forum with all the heads of the world before it was released? Go ahead. The info is here:

Hohmann: Technocracy Will Dehumanize All Humans Into ‘Digital Assets’

And why the lie? Because most of our products are made in China. If we attacked back, we are doomed. Our politicians moved our factories over there by raising the corporate taxes to the point of absurdity, and the world economic forum changed the planet forever.

Which brings me to the point. Here in my little neighborhood, smack in the middle of nuclear waste cancer world, many of my friends are in pain.

Serious pain. From cancer. From arthritis…from hundreds of serious and very painful diseases not even related to Covid.

One of my friends recently had hip surgery. As you know, both my husband and I have had knee surgery in the last few years. And, a month ago, I came down with shingles. A very painful virus that attacks the nerves, and trust me, you don’t sleep for a month. The nightmares alone will scare you.

Still, today (Easter) I was thinking about the fact that there is one thing I have noticed throughout the last few years. of visiting so many doctors. NO doctor will give you pain medication past a few weeks. None. Period. It doesn’t matter WHAT you are having done. Unless you are in hospice ready to die, then nope. A few weeks, okay. But after that. No.

You’re on you’re painful own. Take Tylenol. But regular aspirin does NOT kill deep pain. So too many people take too much aspirin and end up with other major stomach, liver, and kidney problems. While the doctors NEVER tell you why they won’t give you more…the media has it all explained.

The excuse is they don’t want you to get hooked. The story put out was that too many people were getting hooked on opioid’s and it was the good doctors that GOT them hooked on opioids. It’s the doctor’s fault. Those mean doctors.

But what if: what IF…those doctors know there is a shortage of pain meds due to China? What if there is something going on that we don’t know about? What if THEY are being watched?

Recently, a CEO of a company that manufactures Opioids was convicted of getting people hooked on drugs.

Never mind the masses of drugs of heroin being introduced across the border. Never MIND that drug cartels get a free pass. Go ahead and get the masses hooked, just not those who really ARE in pain.

What’s really going on? Where is the big lie here?

From the Lost Angles Times:


“One of the ugly secrets of the pharmaceutical industry is that the vast majority of raw materials that go into a prescription drug are produced overseas, mostly in China and India,” said Geoffrey Joyce, chairman of the Department of Pharmaceutical and Health Economics at the USC School of Pharmacy.

It doesn’t require that the sources of a drug’s ingredients be disclosed. Rather, the law says a drug maker can claim as the country of origin wherever the drug’s various components were “substantially transformed” into the final product.

That means a drug manufacturer can gather ingredients from around the world. But if it pulls them all together into pill form in the United States, the country of origin can be claimed as the U.S.

Acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol, is America’s most widely used drug ingredient, found not just in namesake pills but also as a component of hundreds of cold, flu and allergy remedies.

recent study determined that 84% of the world’s supply of acetaminophen comes from China and India, with China accounting for nearly two-thirds of About 90% of the core components of leading antibiotics such as amoxicillin and penicillin come from China. The total.

Disruptions such as the coronavirus expose this dependence on foreign sources and heighten the fears associated with drug shortages.”

China makes many drug ingredients, sparking coronavirus worries – Los Angeles Times (


I’m starting to suspect that China is behind this. Our politicians don’t WANT to let us know how all of our medicines are made…in China. And China has us by the, well, you know the expression. Maybe the real act is the supply is…dare we say…limited.

And is THIS the reason states are trying desperately to legalize marijuana to substitute the pain meds not made here? After all, many of the Congress are getting a nice kickback off of the CBD stock.

Maybe I’m speculating too much. But I DO remember a time when even people with Shingles got a stay in a hospital. Mothers of newborns got to stay a week. Old people were treated with as much care as young people.

And people with pain, got the drugs they needed, and were supervised carefully, to a full recovery without pain meds.

Now, the doctors AND the nurses just don’t have the time.

Obamacare can’t be the only reason, and Nobody Wonders, every day almost…


Or…should the real question be, why are SO many people in pain?

That’s another blog.

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The Luck of the Irish?

Nobody Wonders

Wow. Is it me? Do the mass shootings ALWAYS seem to happen when the democrats want to pass certain draconian legislation? The shooting of some Chinese ‘message’ parlor women, last week, where they were shot and killed by some man who had a sex addition (No, it was NOT Bill Clinton) immediately went to favor China, who plans to send millions of their own citizens over here to help with the ‘reset’ of America to favor the Chinese takeover. Right now, while watching TV, I am looking for every Chinese person I can. Every time I see a Chinese person in a commercial or a movie, or Net flick Binge” I yell… ’CHINESE!” It’s a wonder my husband hasn’t traded me in for one by now.

Nobody Knows

Don’t get me wrong, the Chinese people are great. But you can never tell the ones working for the Chinese government or the ones who want to escape from communism. I think Hollywood is slowly getting the American people used to seeing Chinese Americans, because, they plan to flood the country with them. It’s CCP PR. Right away, all the news channels came out and said, that Americans must STOP from attacking the poor Chinese! Especially the ‘message’ parlor workers. Cleary, essential workers of the economy. Even though there has been very little ‘Chinese attacks.”

And then today…Biden came out to say that he wants bans of assault weapons…after Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, killed 10 people in Boulder, Colorado, with an AR-15 that nobody can figure out how he got. Too bad they had to admit he hated Trump and was a Muslim, because they wanted to blame a white supremist. The TIMING couldn’t have been better because they already had a bill trying to get passed by the democrats to destroy all ‘assault’ weapon. The word “assault’’ depends on what you want it to mean. In the case of the democrats that means ALL guns are assault weapons.

Or was this more about getting rid of the filibuster?

Pocahontas insists, THAT’s the only way to get the guns.

Whatever. But to this nobody it sure seems like the democrats are really lucky to get the very crisis they need to come out and pass laws that take away our freedoms. Could it be a mixture of false flag attacks by the CIA? Or just corrupt politicians setting up the fertile ground for chaos, and then taking advantage of the events to once again, take away our freedoms?

Nobody Wonders.

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Nobody Wonders: Did CHINA Want Dr. Sessus’ books banned?

Nobody Wonders

Was it CHINA that insisted on Dr. Sessu’s books be banned because of all the Chinamen he drew in his books? These books were written SO long ago, and the whole thing is so stupid, this Nobody Thinks it was more about not insulting the Chinese than the blacks, but then again, both ‘race’ mentions are part of the China takeover.


When Geisel first began to write for children in 1937, many depictions of people of color in his books and cartoons, were racial stereotypes. In Dr. Seuss’s first book, published on December 21, 1937, And To Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street, there was a lot of backlash for the racial stereotypes he put in it. For example in this specific book, Geisel expressed Asian characters using what he saw as traditional attire and chopsticks. In this book, Seuss refers to the Asian character as a “Chinaman” and made his skin yellow. It is hard to comprehend the amount of children who might be lead to believe that this form of racism is acceptable by reading it in a book meant for their generation.

Theodore Geisel later changed a “Chinaman” to saying a “Chinese Man” and also removed the yellow tint to his skin and the long strand of hair. Although this does help the racial stereotype, it does still show a lot of racism within the clothing and chopsticks.

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We WILL Eat Bugs…Davos and China

Nobody Reports

Davos elite tryants are already saying that the land for rising meat is disappearing, no doubt because Gates and Bezos are buying up all the farmlands so we WON’T eat meat, and why don’t they want us to eat meat?

Protein makes you strong and is necessary for human growth. And older people need MORE of it, not less.

NO, they want to kill us all with addictive sugar! That a very profitable business for big pharma.

Okay, I LOVE a good hamburger, but I have to wonder now, just what is in most hamburgers? Don’t you wonder? But, if that wasn’t bad enough…

But, now, if you watch this video, China is eating up all the fish. THIS nobody had no idea.

I’m surprised this video is still on Youtube, so watch it while you can.

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Nobody Wonders…Will He Leave in Defeat?

BREAKING NEWS: Trump warned – act now or go down in history as the president who handed America over to communist China

BREAKING NEWS: Trump warned – act now or go down in history as the president who handed America over to communist China –

“We need Donald Trump to stand and protect the country,” he said. “This is the Constitution at work, to protect America from domestic and foreign interference. And we have both right now. This is a military operation at this time to protect America. It takes a strong leader to overcome that. It takes a General Patton type of stance, a General McArthur, a General Eisenhower…This is a crucial time in American history. The next four days are going to be providential, there’s no doubt about that.”


Nobody Wonders

For the many patriots who are now realizing, after seeing the vast military in ALL our cities…and that the staged coronation event at the White House last week, was just a step to do THIS insanity…it’s like following a play.

A play in the communist takeover of a country. Never in our history has this happened.

And Obama, will come in with his Stevie Wonder, and all his parties, and ALL of his old cabinet is now, ready and in place.

How come nobody is taking about this? Obama lead the coup, and now, he will be BACK in the Presidential seat…guiding Kamala or Joe. EVERY single person who worked for him BACK in place., but Hillary.

She will probably get the U.N.

If it plays out as planned as in history, there just might be some kind of attempt on Joe Biden’s life Wednesday, (by a Trump supporter of course…NOT.) and that will issue in the confiscations of all guns in America.

This seed is already being planted by the media. DANGER! DANGER! WHITE PEOPLE MIGHT KILL JOE!

(See video below)

Give me a break.

As we have watched over the years of Obama, so many events seemed a bit planned, and in every one, Obama tried desperately to take our guns.

So did Bill Clinton after the Oklahoma City bomb.

They couldn’t do it, so force is the only way. And they HAVE force out on all the capital streets. 75,000 Chinese Troops are in Canada, 150,000 are in Mexico.

Waiting to be used.

I must admit, many of us are praying that President Trump has some kind of surprise up his sleeve. We Know Mattis and other generals have been helping plot all of this, but we also know, and pray, that Trump has generals too.

Having listened to Trump these last four years, we are having a hard time believing that he is just going to walk away, but then again, many, like me, believe that JFK was killed, AND his son. Princess Diana was killed, and they were all done to make it look like an accident.

The Deep State is global, and will kill anyone who gets in their way. Anybody who reads the news knows this is true.

Therefore, what has the President got to lose? EVERYTHING. His life and the life of his family will be in GREATER danger once he leaves office. Better to stay IN, we say. BUT…

What happens if he really does just walk away?

Then, this nobody thinks they may have already threatened many of his family with death. And it’s a very REAL threat. They might have someone right now.

It’s not a choice I would want to make. It’s one thing for a President to take the risk, it’s quite another for a man to sacrifice his whole family, and his whole life.

Are they that dangerous?

Yes. We will become…China. If they can do this to a President, they will do this to us all.

The great purge will begin.

So, if the President goes quietly into ‘that good night” of defeat, let us remember that he WAS the last American president, and the greatest.

He would want to be remembered that way.

In the meantime, the only choice we will have is to be like Jesse James. Lie, steal, and bury those guns patriots!

If Hillary Clinton can swear “I don’t recall” a million times, so can we.

As Joe Biden has said. “There is a dark winter coming ahead.”

We should all know, by Thursday.


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We The People…HAVE A DUTY

Nobody Knows Part I

WE THE PEOPLE have been assaulted enough. Our country has been destroyed.

WE THE PEOPLE KNOW we have been stepped on, called siliceous names, attacked for the color of our skin with incredulous lies and controlled by the corporate media’s like rats in a maze. We are told what we can do, what we cannot do, and now, we will be punished if we outcry or complain about the lies told to us daily, on the Congress floor, and in our media, by the many criminals and liars that work, not for us but for a corporate state.

If I hear one more politician compare the ‘attack’ on the Capitol to 9/11, I will give Celente a run for best angry rant of the decade: (See Gerald’s rant below at this site, because I can’t copy it.)

Report: Jared Kushner ‘Intervened’ to Stop Pres. Trump From Joining Gab (

They bastardised the founders words on the floor of the House to sell their heinous crimes to America.

Steny Howyer is now on TV comparing this “attack” on 9/11. Liz Cheney, a father whose Halliburton company made BILLIONS in the wars in the Middle East, costing thousands of our young men and women’s lives, has the NERVE to call this gathering of protesters ‘terrorists.” Steny Howyer says the stealing of election was absurd, knowing that the THOUSANDS of testimony and proof the great steal never saw the light of day.

By any court. By most Americans. They are now censoring all the media.


The Tyrants are the democrats. THE LIES ARE unbearable.

The flame of destruction has been fanned for decades by progressives, in all of our institutions. Not by us.

Never by the people. The huge group that showed up on the Capitol that day were there, in hopes for Mike Pence to STICK TO THE CONSITUTION. Which…he did not.

So, here’s the question:

Do we the people have the right to overthrow our government, if that government is corrupt?

The Declaration of Independence says: Yes. WE DO.

It is not only our right, it is our duty. Is, or is it not, part of our rightful right as citizens to overturn a government that is so corrupt, they are now silencing all dissent?

According to Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence these patriotic people had a right, no, even a DUTY, to protest. Did they have a right to violence?

No. But the violence was caused by many Antifa members, who actually brag about it on the internet. That’s a video they are also trying to hide.

When the British came for our weapons in the American revolution, the battle of Lexington was fought, and the shot was heard round the world. For YEARS we celebrated those brave men.

No more. Today, they would be called ‘terrorists.’

This nation is not calling out for ‘healing.’ as everyone is saying. It is calling out for justice. Justices they KNOW will never, ever come. The most popular President, who won the most votes in American History, has been banned. Banned by his “brothers”. Judases. Brutus. Betrayal.


Let me get this straight. The ‘patriotic mob’ who ‘attacked’ the Capitol a few days ago, all waving American flags and Trump flags, with love and peace and heartache, and yes, anger, are now going to be prosecuted, by companies, by the FBI, by their teachers, their employers, their friends, their children,…and probably even their mailman. (This article explains it well.)

Americans forced underground (

Yes, hunted down like animals, along with President Trump, every day of their remaining lives for the ‘sin’ and ‘insurrection’ of even daring to come into their state capital to want their votes counted. You can BET that all the faces of everyone there, has been recorded…by drones and camera’s.

Like the man said in the video…he THOUGHT that building belonged to the people. What DO you do if nobody listens to you?

Not even that. What do you do when your politicians destroy your work, your kids, your lives, and all your pleasures?

So says the new administration, we are Nazi’s.

They are declaring the lie that President Trump called out his supporters to overtake the Congress. But…he didn’t say that. In fact, the riots were well under way before Trump ended his speech, in which he called for peaceful protests. To impeach the President for this is beyond absurd.

But so was his first impeachment. This is not only about Trump, it’s about getting rid of ALL of American culture. It’s about making America into…China TWO.

But they have to destroy the American patriot first.

I must even admit, when I saw the flyer advertising this, I thought to use the words “It’s going to be wild.” sounded more like something Alex Jones would put up. Lin Wood hasn’t helped lately with promoting his twitters with 1776…suggesting revolution.

Yes, those people in that crowd thought they were standing up for their own rights. What little they have left of them. And the video were the woman was shot dead? That policeman AIMED for HER. The men were doing the smashing. Really. Strange.

Oh sure, the FBI, we are being told, is going to just go after the ones who committed crimes right? BUT…

Even if you were not there, patriots are being silenced on all media platforms. They are being silenced for their speech, their patriotic thought, for even daring to come to the capital to express their concerns about the election fraud, and to have their votes counted. ALL the major companies are coming on board. Even talking about your love for Trump can get you kicked off your airplane. Congress now wants to BAN anyone who was there from ever flying again in their life. Ted Cruz and Josh Howley are at the top at that list.

Every single radio station, every media broadcasters, are all apologizing for the ‘riot’ that went on inside.

Here’s what you are NOT hearing, and you WILL not hear NOT ANYWHERE: While Pelosi likes to bloviated about the “Constitution” and she stands for “the People” you won’t hear her claim EVER that the people have a right to overthrow their government.

According to Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence these patriotic people had a right, no, even a DUTY, to protest.

The Declaration of Independence says that we not only have the right but we also have the duty to alter or abolish any government that does not secure our unalienable rights, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Given that the U.S. was formed by settlers who threw off British government rule, there is also an historic precedent for overthrowing the government.


Rochester Institute of Technology Professor Sarah Burns explains that the message of the Declaration of Independence is that we – as a free people – have the right to stand up to an oppressive government. It is based on the philosophy that people have rights that no government can grant or deny.

According to John Locke, the fountainhead of this philosophy: There is no difference between an unjust government and a thief. Just like we are right to fight off a thief, we are right to fight off an oppressive government.


So yes. The election was taken, stolen, and now the real overthrow of America will come swiftly. But it won’t be by the American loving people who supported Trump.

It will be by the corporate/fascistic/ Chinese takeover.

President Donald J. Trump, just might be the last President of the United States of America.

Will GOD intervene? As my reader Mrs. O. suggests: We pray.

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President Trump: The Last True American President, By and FOR the People.

Nobody Reports

If you’re wondering why in the WORLD would Nancy Pelosi go nuts and impeach President Trump for the second time, one of the greatest Presidents in the history of the United States, a few days before he leaves office, and WHY they are making the American people sit through MORE hours of congressmen and women trashing President Trump ONCE AGAIN, saying the most outrageous things, fueling us with their outrageous lies filled with hatred and emotional political BS?

The same crap we’ve been hearing for four years? Why? What’s the point?

Want the answer?

Take a good look at that picture above. Now, take a GOOD look at who’s in the middle. That’s why. Even back fifty years ago, those American companies would have been standing with an AMERICAN President. The days of an American President being the most powerful man in the world, is gone. We have watched this destruction of not only Trump, but the office of the American President for four years.

Welcome Xi Jinping. America awaits you. We have no choice now, do we?

Joe Biden, a senile but crooked politician, who is China’s puppet, was placed in the office. He was bought and sold.

Sorry America. Biden just got greedy. Everybody knows it. And yet, the propaganda is easy. It’s all now controlled by the same few multinational companies.

And with the control of the internet in the hands of monopiles beyond our control, we are to believe that the American people were so stupid that they WANTED more taxes, a major depression: to wear masks forever and to never gather without the government permission ever again in their lifetime. Yes, they WANTED a demented old criminal hack to be President. One who had never done a thing for America.


Yes, we are being told on ALL our networks that the patriots are the REAL terrorists. Hillary’s deplorables. Obama’s FBI had us listed as such, but now its official. Now they are screaming it at us, everywhere. On every channel. We have to watch them demoralize us all.

(Like watching actors piss and throw up, in all our movie.) Morals and decency be damned.

If you are a patriot, (especially if you are white) you WILL now be punished for your crimes. It has started already. Patriots are being purged from the internet, from their jobs, from their insurance and bank companies. You can get kicked off a plane, for liking Trump. JUST LIKE IN CHINA!


You are getting used to communicating by ZOOM…another Chinese company. Gates is making a killing…computer sales are out the roof. China must LOVE our kids staying out of school.

Another plus. Legalization of drugs! GREAT! Opioids killing thousands…great! China is doing a hell of a job.

Amazon wants to take over our defense. Zuckerberg paid millions to help rig the last election. Now, Disney, Blue Cross Blue Shield, all the banks, they are all getting on board.

MISSIONDestroy the patriots.

Congress doesn’t need to do a thing to control the people, the corporations will do it all for them.

Corporations will not serve you, food, water, electric, insurance, or internet, if you don’t get in line with all their plans for humanity.

You WILL obey. Or you will be miserable.

During the last four years of Trump’s presidency, they have worked hard to make not only the office itself, but America, and all its traditions, impotent and thrown into the history books.  This year, Christmas was canceled. To add to the hypocrisy, Hallmark, has boycotted Senator Josh Hawley for wanting a recount.

Guess who makes all those beautiful ornaments we see in ALL the Christmas Hallmark movies?

(HINT: You’re not Kansas anymore.)

EVERY time Trump tried to get something done for the people, either the courts, or Congress, or the Supreme Court stopped him cold.

EVERY SINGLE TIME. And then, they came back and said he didn’t get anything done. China released the virus on the world, and our politicians blamed…Trump.

Then came the riots. All through Obama we watched them fuel the race card. They are STILL fueling the race card. Whites are evil.

Antifa and BLM have destroyed our history. Our statues, Our beloved monuments. Our politicians protected them. All of them. China colored revolution redo.

Politicians destroyed as many lives as they could. Congress has the right, by the Constitution, to send in troops to stamp out all the riots, but they didn’t. They blamed it all on Trump.

It was THEIR responsibility. Not his.  

Our great Congress did…. nothing.

And now, the greatest American President who survived ALL their attacks, but was stabbed in the back in the end by his own VP, will not be allowed to speak or hold office ever again.

THAT my friends, IS Tyranny.

If you don’t think that is proof right there that our Congress has given over to communists than I don’t know what to tell you.

This impeachment is not only about Trump, but the takeover of the office of the Presidency itself.

Trump was never ever allowed a representation in his first trial.  A right he deserves. His free speech is being forever revoked. The Constitution, ignored.

THAT…is TYRANNY. All the tyrants hide bring out race and the Constitution, like little bratty kids saying “Na na na na…you can’t touch me!”

Never again, will any President represent us, the people. Whoever holds that office will be beholden to the oligarchy who run the money interests of the top 1 percent, and China.

From now on in, we will have Manchurian Presidents. Probably movie stars, like George Clooney, or even Michelle Obama. It doesn’t matter. All elections will be rigged.

China used our own people to take us all over. All those people you see in this picture, and many you don’t, will now run the world, under the China model.

Remember these people when you use their products. Remember Wal-Mart…and the fact that Rush Limbaugh used to promote both Wal-Mart AND Apple.

Has he disowned either one? Uh…I don’t think so. He’s a republican party man, forever.  

So, Xi Jinping has taken control of our country, and has gotten our own CIA, FBI, and major corporations to give him the power to DESTROY what’s left of America. Our past four President helped.

Make no mistake. The communist fueled this ‘black/white/colored revolution all through Obama’s Presidency and it would have continued through Hillary, but they weren’t ready for Trump.

President Donald J. Trump, may be the the last true American President.

And this impeachment WILL go on, because they have to KEEP it on TV and KEEP destroying Trump and the Americans that supports him. Destroying what’s left of the economy is a must.

And anyone that speaks out, will be silenced.

Hillary Clinton said this:


To “remove white supremacy and extremism from America,” she suggested social media and other Big Tech giants must ramp up their heavy censorship efforts even further.

Clinton offered her support for impeaching Trump a second time but argued that, to end “white supremacy,” the president and those who support him must be permanently silenced.


How she dreams….

But this impeachment is about punishment: Never again should any patriotic President be allowed to get into that office again.

I remember when Bill Clinton was impeached. They impeached him for lying to Congress. They SHOULD have impeached him for given uranium to North Korea. And for given China the technology to launch the nuclear missiles to hit our own country. They should have impeached him for NAFTA. But no, they impeached him for Monica.

They should have put Hillary in jail for selling our uranium to Russia.

Let’s admit it. Look around our country. EVERY major city, destroyed. Ripe for the pickings. Bankrupting America had to be done. The Bushes saw to that. Wars. Cheney made a lot of money. Now his daughter is out impeaching Trump.

Both Clinton and the Bushes had HUGE donations from the Saudi’s to build their fantastic libraries where they could live very well off of the ‘Foundations.”

They are not even going to let a streetlamp named after Trump when they get through with him.

Plus…if Trump were impeached, he could NOT pardon. Another reason for the rush.

They are very scared of that pardon. Sure, they control the internet but imagine what Snowdon, and Assange could release. What Trump himself KNOWS.

The whole American system will be destroyed. They have succeeded in destroying elections, next, the electoral college, then…lives.

We will become, China two.

Vaccines will be mandatory. Everything that’s was America is planned…to be destroyed, just as the Chinese Culture was destroyed by China’s ‘colored’ revolution; Our beliefs, pro-life, morals, respect, the right of the individual, all will be gone.


 They say Trump is a tyrant.

Really? Who has put everyone on lockdown forever? It wasn’t Trump.

Who demands obedience, and censor’s speech?

Not Trump.

Who let our cities be destroyed night after night, while we watched cops being killed?

Not Trump.

Who got the most votes of any President in American history and just wanted to make America Great again?

Not Biden.

Congress no longer has to do a thing: the little businesses are all being destroyed, and a few big multinational companies will be left standing to control the people. The last four years, and this impeachment was to put the final nail into America.

So, why is this impeachment going on?

Isn’t it obvious?

For the final destruction of America.

That’s the plan, and they are sticking to it.

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Nobody’s Fool: Patrick Byrne and Heckler


Well, here’s a rarity: A CEO of a successful big company (He started the company of calls out what going on, and gets it right: It a communist color revolution. China is behind it all.

Where he goes wrong, is that he is not paying attention. He thought Trump should have sent in the National Guard to recount the votes. Trump couldn’t….not legally. If he had sent in troops, they would have found a way not to let them see the machines.

He thinks the Supreme Court will finally reign in the progressives…and boy, he is really wrong there. They had their chance. They could care less.

Elections are gone. The progressives have been destroying our rights and turning the country into a socialist nation, bit by bit, for many years, and now, the great global takeover is going full force.

While its touching that he thought China and America could help each other, I’m SURE that had something to do with his business. Notice the Chinese Lady told him they outlawed the beautiful Chinese culture a long time ago.

Most Americans, like the Chinese people, we just hate communism. And now, we are witnessing the Fascists’ takeover…China destroyed the Western economy, got all our companies to give up their total control in order to make money in China, and now, they are being ordered to further the ‘colored revolution’

Congress is on board with China.

And when we finally get pissed off about it, the censorship, the hatred, the swearing to want us all dead, especially white people, Biden will send out the tanks and you and I, will be silenced. Right now, they are just silencing us with masks, controlling our movements, but later, it will be even more draconian. They WILL come for our guns.

But right now, they NEED the whites and Trumpsters to get pissed off, so that they can send out the troops to disarm us all. It’s the excuse they need. So the more angrier they can get us, the better.

That’s why, Twitter won’t take this video below down.

The Nobody’s Fool Award goes to this lady Heckler. Even though Patrick is right about China being involved, this lady showed more guts than him.

They know we are pissed. Now, they just need to piss us off more, so they can complete their communistic takeover.

And now we wait.

(ON another note, this COULD have been a setup…notice all the camera’s and how the men let her talk? They can use this video to say SEE…she says the Trump supporters will come after us.. Yes, this lady could have been hired to do this. Nowadays, you never know.)

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The Godfathers, And CHINA

Nobody Wonders

One more day to the new year? Is anybody really ready for 2021?

Here in my house, we are hunkered down and watching movies—Like old reruns of the GODFATHER.  

Real art, teaches us forever. It was said, that the Godfather was based on real life Mafia history. Who am I to argue?

See this link:

In one scene, the Godfather, played by Marlon Brando, gets the heads of the five Mafia families together, who come from all over the country to broker a peace. Vito’s oldest son was killed, and so, he promises to END the war, and promises no revenge hits…BUT…then he said, “If my son all of a sudden commits suicide in a jail cell…that I will not forget.”

Now, HOW long ago was this film made? Instantly, the name of Alinsky came to mind. Rules for Radicals, Alinsky’s Bible for progressives,  was the bible of Hillary and Obama. Alinsky admits he learned most every tactic of criminal moves he got from the top Mafia Godfathers in Chicago, of whom he studied under. The democrats and the Mafia have Always WORKED together. Las Vegas was built on the pension money from Chicago Mafia. That’s a fact.

And then I thought of Epstein…commuting suicide…and ALL the people in the Clinton family history that have died way too young of plane crashes, car accidents, suicides, murders…the list is VERY long. Reading up on the Mafia, one comes to the realization that the Jews and the Italians mafia’s both worked together.

And they STILL do. They now control the news, so that is why YOU and all Americans think the Mafia was destroyed and doesn’t exist.

But is that true?


With a firm foothold in illegal activities that had the Jewish community as the underworld bankers, they went legit (at least on the surface) and controlled the flow of money in a variety of ways. After gambling-banking, the Jewish financiers moved into the business of entertainment, a place they have thrived ever since. In recent times, Gerald Levin, Michael Eisner, Edgar Bronfman Sr.Edgar Bronfman Jr.Sumner Redstone, Dennis Dammerman and Peter Chernin have collectively controlled: ABC, NBC, CBS, Turner Broadcasting System, CNN, MTV, Universal Studios, Disney, MCA Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records, GRP Records, Rising Tide Records, Curb/Universal Records, and Interscope Records. Even if Jewish Mob banking went legit long ago, it’s possible that its influence is still felt in the entertainment.


I have always said that the Mafia didn’t die, it just merged with the democratic party. The press TOLD us, the Mafia was gone, but if that was so, then the democratic party became the new Mafia party.

Another scene from the Godfather fit events of today.

The Jewish head of the Jewish Mafia, Hyman Roth, gets all the Italian head Mafia guys to come to Cuba. The families go to Cuba to basically put their Casino’s and hotels into Cuba. This was right before the revolution.

Hyman (who is based on the real Meyer Linsky) tells everyone that branching out into other countries is so great…no longer will they have the FBI, the Justice Department, etc, stopping all their illegal activities.

So, the world becomes the new marketplace for the Mafia back in the 1950s.

Flash forward to now: the Jewish/Italian/democratic/progressive Mafia of our own government has met for years with China.


Here’s some pictures of the Mafia joining with a communist country to make their profits..out of the eyes and justice system of America. Proof of the wonderful meetings of the minds of China with our biggest corporations who OWN our politicians. Much like the famous meeting in Cuba, the deals were made long ago with China to give all these guys big paydays for selling out their own country.

And this destruction of America, has had the help of the British, according to a few of my sources.

We have shown you that the British Imperial Empire and the British-American Pilgrims (just one big club of royal globalshits) are at the apex of the control mechanism of the planet and that they use CHINA as their face. Even Henry Kissinger, Mr. China himself, was an officer in the Pilgrims Society; his job was to dismantle the United States and give it over to China where the Pilgrims control it all.

This election isn’t just about control of the Presidency. It’s about the control of the world.

And the fight has just begun.

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Nobody Knows How China Is Taking Over

Nobody Knows, just how right President Trump is when he says that if Biden becomes President, China will own us. If you haven’t seen the two videos below, best watch them before they disappear. The Chinese themselves admit that China has it’s very heavy influence in the upper echelons of our government, and has for decades.

We KNOW that the Biden’s are deep in the pocket of China.

So is Diana Feinstein, who has had a Chinese limo driver for decades who worked directly for the Chinese military. I once saw the President of GM bowing like a simple servant to Xi Jinping. It was disgusting to me. He couldn’t have been more subservient.

This morning I saw Meryl Streep on TV, talking to Steven Colbert… trying to talk Chinese and explain a simple word in Chinese as if was just so beautiful.

Seriously? Love the glasses Meryl but why not just move there?

And I worry about how easliy they are getting into all our universities. It’s been said that It’s China that is FUNDING the antifa and colored revolution, modeled after their own cultural commuinst revolution.

For instance: In 2015, at the University of Columbia, Missouri, a school where many of the countries journalists are educated, a ‘colored” protest of black students who claimed that they were attacked by racist slurs, refused to play any sports. They demanded the replacement of the President, a white man named Wolfe. He has now been replaced by Mun Choi, a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, from the U of Conn. He went to school in IL, and got his degree from Princeton, BOTH progressive universities.

Mun Choi, President of Columbia University MO

Now this might not mean much, but remember: Boeing has a major manufacturing hub next to Lambert Field here in St. Louis, and Amazon is building major warehouses RIGHT next to Boeing, and I have written how China wants Lambert field to be a major hub. Put Amazon and Boeing, together with China, and Mun Choi sending in his ‘students’ to run the show, and you can picture Trump’s worst nightmare coming true.

By the way, Lambert Field is run by the City, which is run by democrats and one very radical House representative who is a Marxist of BLM fame. Somehow, out of ALL the state being red, SHE got the big position. Gee.

China is slowly taking us over, with the help of our politicians. Don’t miss Tucker’s video below, or Dick’s who go further into exposing the truth.

If ONLY more of our politicians would see the danger.

They released the bio-weapon, to take out Trump, rigged the election, and destroyed our economy in order to take us over.

That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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