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Nobody’s Opinion

For God’s Sake people, PAY ATTENTION!

Last week, I put up some of Aldous Huxley’s comments on the future of dictatorships, and how propaganda, in his estimation, with advanced technology would be brought to full fruition.

I don’t think even he could have imagined the success that we are seeing. Even some of my best friends do not see how they are being fooled into thinking that “Everything will be okay.” …when whole cities are being destroyed, business destroyed, America’s tradition being destroyed, and just simple respect for the human soul being decimated. It’s human nature to think: Well, it hasn’t happened to me, or my friends, therefore, everything will work out.

They have been so trained that they don’t even see what’s happening around them.

America just went through a coup, a VERY popular President was outed, and even though we were allowed to complain, it didn’t take long for everyone to call the imposter: “President Biden.” Everything now is going to hell fast.

And the technology being used to control the masses has been brilliant. It’s no wonder the democrats, and communists are so unafraid. They’ve got the social engineering down to a science.

FIRST: The race card has been used so often, now, most of the white population feels guilty. They can watch a crowd of blacks, burn, loot, kill, and think: Well, they have been mistreated.

When Michelle Obama claims they NEED to be on the streets, and NOBODY refutes it, common sense says…” Are you kidding?” White people should be shouting as loud as can be about the horror of letting mobs rule the day, but they aren’t, are they?

Here’s what’s bugging me. How they manipulate. Looking back on the past decades it seems it’s the GERMANS who always seem to be at the top of the world giving the commands. Think about it. Fauci, Kissinger, Cheney, Merkle, and the newest German guy who wants the world to be wired into the net by chips in their brains: Klaus Schuab.

Real-Life Bond Villain Klaus Schwab Wrote the Script for Covid-19 Lockdown Takeover (

Soros? Wasn’t he a German Jew?

What IS it with these Germans?

 We’ve been programed to believe there is NOTHING to DNA, but science says different. Everything in nature is in the DNA. Look at the difference in dogs for example. Or birds. Or even horses. To say there is no difference in the DNA in humans seems a bit…like…propaganda. It’s not that one race is superior than another but there are differences in height, weight, intelligence, and even dare I say it? Men and women.

I saw my first REAL transvestite (Besides Michelle O.) today in the parking lot of Wal-Mart. It was a man with a very heavy beard…looked Muslim…with a dress on and very high heels. His calves were humongous, but I guess he felt very sexy. I was…disturbed, sorry. It’s in my DNA. And I have been pounded upon by the mass media to accept this man as “normal.” I can’t. Sorry. I would never harm him, but that doesn’t mean I don’t wonder why.

And you know what? The rulers of the world KNOW this. Why do you think CHINA, who now seems to control the Biden administration, is making our military so…feminizing? Have you SEEN their military?

And speaking of China, Next to waiting for the Puke science, I have noticed in most ALL commercials and TV movies now, a Chinese appears as an American. Why?

We have been SO brainwashed by our media here that most people don’t even notice it, and what they are being prepared for. China taking us over. We were ‘prepared’ to accept gays, racial couples, feminized men, puking, Americans as weak, and strong men, like Trump, as DANGEROUS. Have you noticed the word “poop” is being thrown around like a basketball on Michael Jordan’s court? Our very words are being transformed and changed.

WE ARE BEING BRAINWASHED massively. China will be our new master…we will ‘merge’…quietly.  

And China is driving the car. For instance, Fauci came out and called us all racist. Does he not work for China? And CNN, of course, has a Chinese Doctor telling us all that we should ALL wear mask, until we have a way to tell whose been vaccinated and who hasn’t.

People are DYING from this vaccination.

No matter. It’s the will of the One World Government. You will have PROOF, or not be allowed to do anything.

You want to talk tyranny? Here’s the Chinese Doc:


“I am shocked by the CDC’s abrupt reversal of their guidelines for vaccinated people. While I agree that vaccinated can choose what they want to do, this only works if there’s a way to check vaccination status. Otherwise, what’s to stop the unvaccinated from endangering everyone?

CNN Doctor Says She Doesn’t Feel Safe Around Unmasked People In Stores, Tacitly Demands Vaccine Passports (

American people have been so good for so long, and never noticing the brainwashing that is happening to them every day.

If it doesn’t affect THEIR lives, so, they don’t think about it.

It’s simply human nature.

Unless someone starts talking about this soon, I am not hopeful…

When 2020 comes, it might be too late.

I can put up my American Flag outside my house, but half of my neighbors now hate me for it. Small towns might be the last stand in America, but sooner or later, communism will come for them too. We are being flooded with people from communistic countries on purpose.

Remember…Donald Trump had to fight city hall for many years to fly a flag at his home in Florida. And yet, our boys are expected to die for it.

All I can say is “Houston: We have a problem.” THIS Nobody Wonders if the people will wake up in time.

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