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Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares that Joe Biden is going to give BLACK famers big cash bailouts, if you are a poor white farmer…nope. As Glenn Beck pointed out last night, they did this very same thing in Africa. And the white farmers were slaughtered. Will that happen here? Has ANYBODY in our Congress raised and outcry about this unconstitutional discrimination? It’s bad enough that they let Bill Gates buy up all the farmland.

Nobody Cares how all the citizens of the United States who do NOT have children, now, not only have to pay for other people’s schooling (which is not happening) but 88 million of these kids will get monthly checks from Joe Biden. Why should divorced fathers have to pay a dime when the state is going to take care of those kids? Why should WE have to pay for them kids?

Nobody Cares that he sent relief checks to people in Japan.

Going Viral in Japan: Joe Biden Sent Out $1,400 Stimulus Checks to Roughly 150,000 Japanese Citizens (VIDEO) (

Nobody Cares that electric cars have to be plugged in every night, and your electric bill will triple. They are telling you that won’t happen. But, you will have to get a charger for your garage, around $2,000 (NOW) and since coal mines are being shut, do you really think that car won’t cost you? Don’t forget the cost of new batteries and the landfills that will fill up with them. ($5,000) You will WISH for the days when you could go long distances, on cheap gas. Get out your Jimmy Carter sweaters. And Nobody Cares that Joe Biden can’t drive anymore, but he likes to pretend that he can.

Nobody Cares that Covid has made everyone stay home for a year and gain weight, because they closed all the gyms and restaurants. Fast food stayed open. Now, they want to not allow people who are ‘fat’ to get on airlines. So, who decides whose fat? Liberal women should think twice about this one. I’m just saying. Also, you can fly to Europe now…. IF you are vaccinated. I guess that means that half of the CDC who have refused the vaccination cannot go to Greece for their vacation? Right? Is that right?

Nobody Cares that Fauci wants to end with vaccinating every newborn, and make everyone get a new vaccination every year, so he can make more money.

Nobody Cares that now, if you want to see your doctor, you have to wait six months…unlike BEFORE Obamacare when you waited no longer than two weeks.

Nobody Cares that my brother’s D.J. business was completely destroyed due to the lock-downs, and weddings being cancelled.

And Nobody Cares about the pain all this nonsense has caused…or do we?

Watch this…and try not to care.

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