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AARP: So it is Written, So it is done

Nobody’s Opinion

I was in my 50’s when I started getting the AARP magazines. Well, $12 a year didn’t seem like much and they promised all these great things! With your card you could get discounts on restaurants, travel, movies, car rentals, etc. I’ve gotten the card for over a decade or more and to this day, whenever I presented the card to anybody, they always answered “We don’t take that here.” Even when I rented a car in California, I basically got robbed and paid more than I would have had I NOT used the card.

It’s kind of like insurance. If you don’t have medical insurance, (excluding Medicare) your bill will be MUCH lower. Period. I’ve known people who seem to get results using the AARP card, but I’m not sure how they do it. To me, it’s worthless.

Except the AARP medical insurance BEFORE Obama, was good. Who knows now?

So, I was thinking of not renewing AARP, but much like CNN, if I do, I will miss out on the government’s plans for all people over 50. Because that’s what’s in the magazine now: I like to call it old people enginneirng.

FOR EXAMPLE: in the March AARP bulletin of 2021, one of the article’s title was:


There was a picture of a doctor talking to a patient from his home. It said he sees about 20 patients online each workday. So, let’s add this up. If he is making the $150 (Or usually more) for the talk, he isn’t paying overhead, nurses, office space, and gets to take off his home office on his taxes. All he CAN do is…give pills out.  So, $3,000 a day, and that’s pretty good take. How many people can do that? Obamacare was designed to let the nurses take over, doctors quit in droves. Like the police are doing now, doctors retired in the thousands. When I had shingles, my own doctor was booked up for six months. I went to an Urgent Care. In case you haven’t noticed, the thousands of Urgent Care put up all over the country (transformation) now takes the place of your family doctor. That and Walgreens and CVS pharmacy.

THAT was by design.

BUT how many people reading this magazine are doctors? Or teachers? How many? He is an ‘essential’ worker, what about all the old people who aren’t ‘essential’ and can’t get a job working at home making that kind of money?

AARP says: “Meanwhile, ageism remains a threat, as evidenced by the hard hit that older workers took last year. In December, 45.5 percent of unemployed workers 55 and older had been out of work for 27 weeks or more, compared with 35.1 percent of younger job seekers. Some employers, it’s been reported are replacing laid-off older workers with young, lower paid ones.

Well…duh. And if you are a WHITE older worker, you will be the first to go.

On the very same page is the headline:


Nobody asks: So, YOU know there WILL be another crisis?

AARP Question: “How do we get Americans to save more?”


How can you SAVE more, when you are on SS, and once a year you might get a measly $35 a month raise (While illegals are making around $60,000 a year from SS) and gas, food, electric, interest on the Credit Cards, medical expenses add up to the hundreds every month?

On the next page the headline:


AARP: Don’t expect the same old, same old. Just as the rationing, isolation and economic crisis cause by World War I and the Spanish Flue epidemic led to a kind of awakening of how we assembled, expect COVID-19 to shake up the nature and personality of our public spaces.

Nobody Remembers: Right. You cannot visit the Capital anymore. YOU…are dangerous. The whole world was NOT shut down with the Spanish Flu. And the President didn’t tell you MAYBE he would let you celebrate July the 4th.  And building more bike paths are not going to get everyone to NOT want to go back to their favorite restaurant, which accordingly, 3/4th of them went out of business forever.

 In other words, this keeping people from gathering ANYWHERE will go on forever…especially in restaurants where they can actually get a good steak, and they want you to stop eating meat.

Meat is PROTEIN. Good for them, not you.

More bike paths will be built, and everyone is encouraged to ride their bikes to the nearest computer and to contact virtually. (So, the NSA can record what you are saying.)

Scrolling down the next headline was;


AARP:  Rebuilding trust means ‘creating greater opportunities to encounter people who are different from us, and to come together across generations.

So, it’s my little Nobody’s Opinion that the trust in each other was purposely damaged by the democrats and globalists pitching groups against each other for their OWN power. And they said in that last article that the GEN-XERS should volunteer their time to poor illegals and help them out with school work. Notice, not the old people but the GEN-XERS.

I got all these titles from just two pages.

And that’s why I will probably keep getting the magazine. The future they have planned for everyone over 55 is right there in the pages, and they also want you to know there is NO way your future will look bright OR normal. And AARP is there to “help” you manage your bleak future.

In the words of the great Yul Brenner…AARP says So—as it is written. So…let it is done.”

If you want to know what they have planned for you, join AARP. It’s worth the now $16.00.

After all, know your enemy, and the next time you want to buy a steak and can’t, you’ll at least know WHY.

On a final note: I read it in the bathroom. The only place for it.

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