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Nobody Flashes: Like a Prayer

Nobody Flashes

Who knew that this old song by Madonna could be so beautiful?

I’d like to thank Donald Mercer for sending it to me, because now I know this group exists.

AND…also great thanks ALSO to Mr. Mercer who’s emails, which are full of great information, I receive each day. If you would like to subscribe to Mr. Mercer’s emails…go here, his email address is, and request him to send you his free newsletter.

I don’t miss reading any of them. He’s a patriot on the frontlines with many around the world, exposing the evil and it’s always good to know, isn’t it? He gives you the latest from just about everywhere and what’s important.

So, enjoy….if you like me didn’t know these guys existed, you are in for a treat.

Like a prayer, fitting for a Sunday.

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