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For many of us older folks, who had relatives who went to war…some who gave their lives, for freedom, I can’t think of a better way to honor those men and women than to promise to NOT let America go to the communist/oligarch’s who now seem to run the world…for money. For control.

Those who are taking away our freedoms and our lives. They ARE hell-bent on destroying America.

Many of our young have been brainwashed. It will be an uphill battle to fight. Once again, it’s going to be a long hall.

I just got off the phone with a friend whose older brothers served. Her father, kept the Eastern seaboard’s electrical grid online during WWII. Her brother repaired the American boats in Japan during Vietnam.

I remember my father, who lost his older brother at Midway. How my mother said my father, who served in the Pacific, used to cry out at night. “GET THAT JAP!” How he told me he could sleep with his eyes open. And he always did. Most of the time.

It was weird to watch.

Those men were so young during the war. I think it was a MISTAKE not to really know this, because, only when I was in my fifties did I learn what a horrible war WWII was. I had to rent a movie from the library. Sure, they MENTIONED it in History class in high school, but it was always boring. They showed movies of men climbing onto boats. NEVER the horror of it. Most of those men were so young…17,18,19. Thrown into hell. They did NOT show any of it in our schools. I believe this was an incredible mistake, because that greatest generation…did not talk about. I also didn’t really learn about the Holocaust until I was in college and my Jewish poetry teacher showed us a movie one day of the thousands of dead Jewish bodies being pushed by tractors into mass graves.

Why didn’t they show this in our public schools? Why coddle us? Certainly high school students should see it.

How can future generations STOP wars if they never the horror of it?

And President Trump had it right. Iraq ALSO was a huge mistake. A waste of lives. We never were told how they messed up Vietnam…except, it seems the drugs and the destruction of America started then.

American men were brave. Good. Strong. Too many of our politicians started playing war games. And now our military is being controlled by some unknown country with American alliances. War, is profit, and good at ‘culling the herd.”

And we certainly are at war now. It’s just not talked about.

What’s coming from the democrats? Somewhere on this holiday someone is remembering blacks being slaughtered sometime in the past. Nothing about the MILLIONS of lives lost in all the wars.

Once again, they are ignoring history. And even more concerning, they are destroying our military with political correctness. And dismantling our police. We will be helpless if attacked, and it seems that’s the plan.

This Nobody Think that memorial day should become global. If they want to have a one-world government…then maybe we should start a one-world pushback.

It’s not only Americans who sacrificed their lives for freedom…every country has a patriot.

So…how do we honor all the lives lost for liberty and freedom?

I think we all know the answer to that: Never give up.

Have a great holiday everyone.

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