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Nobody Flashes: The Pandemic Was Planned

Nobody Flashes

I watched this today…and he made a lot of sensible arguments. It’s looking more and more like this was a planned pandemic.

Give it a listen. See what YOU think.

Tonight we watched a “disaster” movie about Chemtrails, where the government was spreading diseases through the gas in the Airplanes…people were dying…they said they started the chemtrails for climate change, but then got greedy and started dropping ‘metals’ to make people sick so that they could make money.

At the end, the lady doctor finds out the army is doing this, confronts them and finds out they did it for the MONEY…and…wait for it…THEY HAVE A VACCINE!

And she saves the whole town with the vaccine that everyone takes with smiles!

See how they do this? They know too many people think the ‘elites’ are behind this Covid-19, and so, TAKE THE VACCINE!

It’s good so see somebody else is wondering how all these movies get it so…right. Evidently, this guy has an opinion on why Hollywood lets us know stuff.

Anyway, there are a lot of good points made here, and it’s not only sad, but…scary.

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