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Nobody Cares If I Don’t TRUST Fauci

Nobody Cares

I was watching someone this morning, and he was making fun of all the people who are NOT getting the vaccine because of all the video’s they are watching on the internet: much like the one above.

I’ve watched many of them. And there are many done by REAL doctors, who warn everyone that this vaccine was NOT tested. The warnings are many: You will be okay for a while, but then if you do get sick, you will be sicker. This was based on the original tests done on monkeys, who did okay for a while and then got really sick and died. And it’s true this IS not really a vaccine. And then I think…well, I just had a second horrible bout with a ‘virus’ that’s been in my body since I was a kid, chickenpox. As far as I know, there is no ‘vaccine’ for any flu, and according to this guy above, there are many kinds of flu. So, therefore, does the Covid Vaccine really work? And if it does, why are they insisting that everyone, even after being vaccinated keep their masks on? They even admit they have no idea just how long the vaccine will work.

Lots of questions, no real answers.

So, simply speaking it comes down to “Who do you trust?” Do you trust Fauci? Do you trust Trump?

The reporter said he didn’t think Trump would knowingly kill millions of people if the vaccines were harmful. Good Point. But if you look at it from Trump’s point of view, he didn’t have much choice BUT to trust so many well established pharmaceutical companies.

If people DO die down the line, then it’s won’t be President Trump’s fault now will it?

What bothers me the most is that they are pushing for EVERY MAN AND WOMAN AND CHILD ON THE PLANET to have this vaccine, and Biden even said he is trying to get companies to…basically force us to do it.

They are making your kids wear masks, which hurts them all. They now, want to vaccinate the kids 12-18. After that, it will be the babies.

THAT’s when my warning bell goes off.

The government should have NO right to tell you what to put in your body. If Cuomo of New York can willingly kill old people in nursing homes and not be prosecuted, then Nobody John and Mary should have the right to get the shot or not. According to a X-Vice President of Pzizer, he thinks they really DO want to kill millions of people…and that’s why, they’ve made sure that nobody will be able to sue if anyone dies.

That tells me…I’ll take my chances with the flu. Nobody in my family really cares if I do or don’t.

Really. Sooooo….I think I’ll…wait. I don’t trust any of them.

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