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Nobody Remembers: THE SNAKE

Nobody Remembers

He warned us. And he did it with this poem. It was brilliant. One of his finest moments. President Trump captured America with this simple truth: we were letting in the worst snakes in the world, and they meant to destroy us.

The snake now has multiplied. We have a nest of infestations, ready to take us down. It’s not just the illegals, that will destroy our country because we really don’t have the money to take care of them, its the many terrorist that now move among us, as we saw in New York over the weekend, attacking Jews. Jews are being attacked in every city.

But the BIGGEST snakes of all are back in the White House, in full control.

Yes, the Snake never left, he’s BACK., and he is striking with the poison that is meant to kill us all. And last weekend he showed us just how much hatred he has for us all.

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