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RIP: Donald Rumsfeld

Nobody Remembers

NOTE: I could NOT upload ANY Bush or Rumsfeld images today…but I could upload this one.

Somebody want to tell me why?

Donald Rumsfeld died today:

From Alternet: *******

Born on July 9, 1932, Rumsfeld was a fixture in GOP politics for decades — serving in President Richard Nixon’s administration in the early 1970s before serving as secretary of defense under President Gerald R. Ford in the mid-1970s. Rumsfeld returned to the private sector following Ford’s loss to Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1976’s presidential election, but he became secretary of defense for the second time when he joined Bush’s administration in 2001.


Most of us remember him from his briefings throughout the Iraq war. Myself, I always like him better than Cheney or Bush. Like President Trump, he was much blunter and to the point about things. My best memory of him is when he came to the podium and said that HE couldn’t find over $3 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon. What politician admits that, or even sounds alarmed by it? By the way, I couldn’t find that video on Youtube, but I did find this:

So, I wondered…did Donald get along with Dick Cheney? We are seeing now, the old RINO boys, who have their spokesman Brian Kilmeade on  the radio, pushing for getting BACK into Iraq and Afghanistan to what…help those poor people? I remember seeing a film in which it was revealed that MILLIONS in cash were given daily as bribes to the Taliban. Obama did it with Iran. Our war leaders at the top gave billions to our enemies and why? The wars in the middle East broke us both financially AND military because SO many good men died or came home broken, their lives destroyed.

I’m sorry. George W.’s riding his bike once a year with vets did NOT make up for that fiasco that he led us into. But, was George blamed? Nope. Daddy Bush blamed Rumsfeld and Cheney for the war, not his son.


From Daddy Bushes’ Book:

Turning to Donald Rumsfeld, Bush Sr. called him an “arrogant fellow.” “I think he served the president badly,” Bush said. “I don’t like what he did, and I think it hurt the president having his iron-ass view of everything. I’ve never been that close to him anyway. There’s a lack of humility, a lack of seeing what the other guy thinks. He’s more kick ass and take names, take numbers. I think he paid a price for that.”

That is my two cents on the subject and the REAL two people behind the Iraq War were Cheney and Rumsfeld.


From another source:

Most prominently, Bush and Rumsfeld have been rivals for power since Gerald Ford was president.

Rumsfeld felt he was more in line with Reagan’s own policy views—Bush was almost ruled out as too liberal on abortion and economics—and was chagrined to have been passed over. He wasn’t the only one; Milton Friedman called choosing Bush over Rumsfeld the worst decision of Reagan’s presidency.

Rumsfeld bluntly criticized Bush for attempting to nation-build in Iraq.


And for that alone, this Nobody thinks he was right.

Every time I hear Brian Kilmeade say how we abandoned all those poor women who were learning how to read thanks to X President George W., all I could think of was: What about all the poor women being raped coming over the border George? What about letting all our enemies come through your open border policy, George?  

Well, it will be interesting to see…the people that are probably very happy that Rumsfeld is dead, are the Bushes.

We can now wait for the X President George Jr.’s Book.

My life: Why Trump is destroying everything.

Okay, Hey…I bet there will at LEAST be a chapter on it.

I wonder: Did Rumsfeld ever find that $3 trillion?

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Does the U.S. Now Belong to CHINA?

Nobody Knows

I was going to write about how everything that we see happening right now makes sense, if you think it’s actually China controlling Obama, and Biden, and using the techs and our democrats to destroy America…then today I got this in the mail:

The CCP controls everything; Americans are now living under enemy occupation

We’re no longer living in “America.” What used to be America is now a nation under enemy occupation, ruled by authoritarian tyrants who were installed through election fraud and whose loyalty rests with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The Big Tech corporations all work for China, too, and the censorship they pursue in the USA mirrors the anti-freedom censorship of communist China.

The CCP’s goal for America is the complete extermination every living American person, followed by the occupation of the continental United States, transforming the nation into an agricultural food producer to feed the communist regime in China.

The CCP has paid off the Bidens, most governors and nearly all Democrats to take part in this total destruction of America. And the next phase involves nationwide gun confiscation, followed by a land invasion run by the PLA.

Does that sound feasible

The released virus was a bioweapon: so, who benefitted from this?

First: It destroyed the economies of most of the world. And made the top one percenter so rich, that Bezos is just about to become the first trillionaire. Because of the ‘lockdowns” almost a third of the small businesses were destroyed, never to come back. If you have less money to fight a war, then China wins.

Also, all our tech companies and our largest manufactures have made a home in China. Disney, Apple, GM, GE, Nike, Hollywood, all now, simply surrogates of China. With the help of China, Wal-mart has made it’s owners the richest people in the world: Next to Bezos. China wins again.

Second: Divide and conquer is the oldest tool used by tyrants throughout the world. It’s an old communist ploy, and they are using RACE to destroy the white Americans who make up the most in population of the country. Obama started it, and it was just ramped up to absurdity, going after “whites” as the Germans went after the Jews. The virus was engineered to kill off the “useless” as in Germany. The old, the sick, and anyone with half a brain. We still don’t really know what’s in that virus, but it got rid of the one man standing in the way of America remaining strong: President Trump. Who wins when the world is lockdown, losing precious hours of work and education? China. Remember, it was China who developed the “one child policy” and now has an overabundance of men to women. Good for an army. But just now, they have reversed their policy to say that couples can now have THREE kids. They will spread these families throughout the world. Don’t think so? Then pay attention to the American commercials. Almost EVERY SINGLE one of them has a Chinses in them, speaking PERFECT English. They are getting you used to the next wave of Chinese.

Who wins? China

THIRD: Destroying all American history. Mao did this during his cultural revolution. The ancient history of China was destroyed, and every single day in America, our history is being attacked. Torn apart. BLM flags wave over all our embassy around the world. BLM is communist being used to destroy our cities. And when the BIGGEST cities like New York and L.A. are destroyed, the next one to get is the state of Texas. Our founders are trashed every day. Who wins?


Fourth: Destroying all religion, and gathering as much power to the Federal Government as possible. Who wins?


Fifth: Making our generals ostracized our great American soldiers for being ‘white racists.’ Women are depicted in ALL our movies as being able to beat up men. China would love it if we got rid of all good fighting men and replayed them with gays and women. Transformation of the American man has been full speed ahead. They’ve made trillions selling video games to the men to make them release that testosterone inside.

Sixth: America is the fattest nation on earth, and yet, we work the hardest. Our forests are burning down, we have floods and droughts all destroying our small farmers. Who wins?

China, who has weather modification technology down to a war weapon with no fingerprints.

The next generations of Americans have had decades of ‘global citizen’ conditioning and have learned to HATE capitalism, and embrace the concept of communism. Who benefits?


And the last way to complete takeover? Get rid of all police, take over the Pentagon with Generals like General Milley, and once and for all…take the American guns:

ATF intends to bring the most common uses of the most widely possessed stabilizing braces within the purview of the NFA,” reads the letter. “Doing so would turn millions of law-abiding Americans into criminals overnight, and would constitute the largest executive branch-imposed gun registration and confiscation scheme in American history.”

Each one of these moves deserves a blog, but for now, as long as Americans still have guns, I doubt if the Chinese army is coming in any time soon: They want to destroy America without firing a shot, and so far, with the help of our politicians and CEO’s, after many years of effort, and with the total censorship we are witnessing, and lawlessness, AND open borders letting in criminals, it would still take an EMP over the United States to fully take us over.

How hard would THAT be?

According to experts: 90 million people would die in the first year of starvation.

I am having trouble editing this blog…so bear with the writing and punctuations. To be honest, the ‘rules’ kept changing and I am having trouble even copying and pasting, so please bear with me. Hopefully, I can get it working again. 

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Nobody’s Perfect: Make a Wish Foundation

We are ALL been brought up on the belief that ‘foundations’ are such wonderful things! Bill Gates! The Clintons, Zuckerberg, basketball players: suddenly the famous people starting their own foundations was as popular as getting on the Oprah Winfrey show. We were all lead to believe how generous all these REALLY, REALLY, rich people were by giving to whatever causes they said their foundations were about.

Boy…were we stupid. For instance, most of these people use these foundations to pay for all their expenses TAX FREE. As an example, the Clinton foundation only spent about 10 percent of its money on helping others, the rest went to their own expenses: Like Chelsea’s wedding and $10 million dollar apartment.

But when THIS horrible man came out and insisted that all the terminally ill children AND their families would have to be vaccinated or NO WISH WOULD COME TRUE…you have to wonder: What kind of crook is THIS man and what kind of money is he taking from the foundation to support himself and HIS family?

The vaccine, can literally kill those kids, because most of them are already really sick.

Since he put out his ‘tweet’ he has since reversed his dictatorial mandate, which BY THE WAY…is against all law.

The vaccine cannot be lawfully mandated, as many of the doctors are now telling us…you are just hearing it. And yet, the politicians and the Supreme Court are letting the companies do it.

The fact that he reversed his decision, says a lot.

I don’t know who this guy is, or his name, but he should be fired.

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President Trump: BACK And Fighting

Nobody’s Opinion

Well…he’s back. As if he was just in front of us yesterday, instead of being gone for how long? Almost a year? I didn’t even know about the Ohio rally if my neighbor hadn’t of told me. That’s how censored President Trump is. FOX NEWS didn’t even carry it. Right now, Tucker and Hannity are paying their bills, and the Bushes wouldn’t allow it. I know. I know. How do I know that the Bushes have anything to do with FOX? Same way I know that CNN was the Clinton Channel the whole time he was in office.

Newsmax carried it. And 2 million people watched it online.

By now, Trump is predictable. He spends half of his speech talking about all the successes he had as President. It worked in the last election. He won by the biggest margin of votes of any President. Anyone who has been following that knows that to be a fact, they just switched it to JOE won the most votes of any President. The hatred for Trump has been so strong, the elites figured that, the lie, as always, just gets ingrained sooner or later. The censorship is as bad as China. Putin called it for what it was:

Russia Calls America a ‘Liberal Totalitarian State’ with a ‘Monopoly on the Media’ and ‘Irremovability of Oligarchic Elites’

You have to think the world is upside down when a communist like Putin tells the truth about America. Putin doesn’t want China to rule Russia either. He might work with China, but Putin does NOT want to be a China puppet.

Still, with all that has happened and the Rino’s working against Trump, the way forward to take back the Presidency will be long and hard. The states have to take back their powers, and with all the corrupt politicians in place, that is NOT going to be easy. Biden has opened up America pretty much, or it opened up itself. The pandemic caused enough damage that they figure they can safely do that.

After all, to continue the lockdowns after ALL the destruction would be very bad for the democrats.

It’s being said Pence will run for President, which is the biggest joke. And looking back at Hillary, I think Bill Clinton himself helped her lose. If it was her decision to keep him quiet, it was a huge mistake. Or was Obama in the background laying his bombs for what we see now as his third term? Nobody Knows. But if they put Joe in then they could have released the virus and put Hillary in.

Why didn’t they? Nobody knows.

As I write this tonight, I’m hearing someone setting off fireworks, and Nobody Wonders: What kind of July 4th will this be?

General Flynn says to expect a big false flag event, when the final tally in Arizona comes out.

The real question is: Are there enough patriotic politicians who will work to SAVE America?

Nobody Knows. But if they don’t rectify the LAST stolen election, the next election might be the same.

Will we have a meatless, gun less America? If Biden is kept in power, you can count on it.

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Nobody Flashes Katelyn Ohashi

Having so much fun, she scored a perfect 10…


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How to End a Stressful Day

I will not spoil this masterpiece of music and digital magic.

It reminds me of an American past, all the soldiers and great American music…the Andrew Sisters, honored.


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John McAfee Tried to Warn Us All

Nobody Flashes

When I heard that John McAfee was dead, it came as no surprise. Of course, much like the last Presidential election, we are NOT allowed to even THINK that the deep state would kill McAfee, let ALONE steal an election.

Funny. Every one is still giving Obama, and I say it was Obama and the deep state that killed him because it was done in Barcelona…a place where Michelle and Obama went often, and rumor has it, U.S. election votes are finalized and counted. So, killing someone overseas is a better bet, something that Epstein didn’t get.

So, you might ask yourself, why is Twitter allowing John to tweet? This Nobody Thinks that he was allowed…because now that he’s dead, it’s a clear warning to ANY other tech guys what could happen to them. They say he didn’t pay his taxes, but neither does Zuckerberg or Bezos, or GE, or…the list is long. No, his crime was that he told the truth about the deep state.

If you think that this man would actually kill himself, then you haven’t been paying attention to the Loooooooog list of suicides’, murders, plane crashes, all done for years. Even JFK and Princess Diana…they can kill anybody they consider a threat.

I would even suspect that they tried to kill Tiger Woods, but he survived. Notice, they never did answer what caused that crash, and Tiger never said. Tiger is NOT woke.

So. The upcoming threat of President Trump fighting back is keeping, as the saying goes, “The petal to the metal.” and hopefully, the parents fighting back in the schools will be the start of a big pushback.

And on another note: It was a McAfee hacker in India who got into my computer and ‘ransomed’ me. Too bad, Biden had to announce the warning too late.

The ultimate message is: We can kill anyone we want. Biden suggested Nukes. You have to wonder just how far they will go…but…for today, I just want to say…

One less patriot on the planet. He was a good one.

And most computer owners had Mcafee at one time or another.

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Nobody Flashes: John McAfee, Told Us they would kill him…

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Nobody Wins

What can I say? Let’s find all those involved in wanting to scare the world into another lockdown, round them up, and put them on the first rocket to Mars, where they can all “reset” their own lives and leave us alone.

Here in my little Nobody neighborhood, ‘smart’ water meters have already been installed. You had not choice in the matter, only one water company. Which means, they can control your water supply from online. The electric company wants to put “smart meters” on my house, where they can control the heater and air conditioner. So far, I’ve fought them, but I’m sure I will lose. I’m fine with the old meters, and I don’t mind the upgrade in tech, I just don’t like the fact that THEY can then control your electric and water from some office. They are already doing this in some places like California.

They haven’t done anything in Missouri yet, but according to all the other countries on the planet, they have already started. All in the name of climate change.

And good luck with controlling our meat, which is in our hamburgers, probably the most popular meal in the United States.

It’s as if they just CANNOT help themselves, can they?

And we all would love to know who is behind this power grab.

Nobody Wins when a few elites at the top can control food, water, and power.

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The Tyranny is Coming FAST!

Nobody Wonders

Every day I visit the Liberty Daily:

🔔 The Liberty Daily – The Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report

It’s a FULL MOON tonight. And here are SOME of the headlines and some  Nobody Opinion about them:


Nine-year-old girl speaks out about the BLM poster in her classroom in Minnesota

              Wanna bet she doesn’t make it to the next grade?

Parents Arrested Protesting Critical Race Theory at School Board Meeting

              That’s what they do IN CHINA! Worried yet?

Why Lockdown States May Shut Down Again This Fall

              Yes. The Indian variant is already being touted as the new scare. We will all go back to being locked down.

California Ha 1.8M More Registered Voters Than It Should.

              Are we surprised?

Investigative Journalist Exposes Reported US Government Ties to CCP, Organ Harvesting Death Camps

              So that’s how they are keeping Kessinger, Biden, Feinstein, and half of the elites alive.

Google Helped Fund Bioweapons Development That Led to the Creation of Covid-19

              And why not? Who’s going to stop them, Obama? What’s a government internet invention for anyway?

How New York City Republicans Profit by Losing

              Wall Street has been “VEDY GOOD TO MEEEEEE.”

The FBI is the KGB

              Right. Maybe Putin gave Hillary some lessons in “How to arrest anyone who is against you” along with his million dollar  payments to her foundation for our Uranium.

Vaccine of No Benefit to People Who Already Had Covid-19

              And yet, my woman friend at the pool today, who HAD Covid, even though she is diabetic, and survived, was so proud today to show off her SECOND vaccine bandage. Nobody Wonders: Well, the same thing you do. Why get the vaccine after you have antibodies?

mRNA Vaccines Appear to Be Damaging Red Blood Cells

              But…don’t watch the film…please…remember, as Fauci says, data changes ALL the time!

Colorado Town Mayor Cancels Pledge of Allegiance at Town Hall. Attendees Recite Anyway

If there was a town square, they would probably all be beaten by Antifa.

Critical Space Theory: NASA Puts Diversity Before Merit

              The first people to Mars will probably die of diversity. The race war will continue.

Underwear Inspired by George Floyd

              It won’t let your private parts  breathe.

Leaked Iowa School CRT Docs Show Teachers Forced to Classify “Make America Great Again’ as ‘Covert White Supremacy’

              Covert? What’s covert about being white? I don’t get it. Making America great again is now a crime. Who knew?

‘I’m Not Going Back to Work’: Indiana Residents File Lawsuit After Governor Ends Unemployment Benefits

              Why work when you can go to the pool? No kidding. There is a guy that comes to our pool every day, and calls his wife while SHE is at work. He is VERY Tanned.

State Official Promotes Critical Race Theory-Based Classes at Military College

              China is VERY happy about this one. They also have Drag-Queen shows.

For this STEM Scholarship, Middle-Income White Males Ineligible to Apply All Other Welcomed.

              Won’t matter. They might be better off. Who wants to go to a racist school?

Of Course, the FBI Was Infiltrating January 6 Groups.

              King George is BACK! Heck they do it in all other countries…why not ours?

China wants Nobel Prize for Wuhan Lab

              And why not? They got the WEST to fund its own destruction! Brilliant!

Outdated Solar Panels, Wind Turbines, Electric Car Batteries Will Clog Landfills with Hazardous Waste According to New Report.

              Our groundwater will help us produce two headed babies! Obamacare will be saved.

Woke Ideology Mimics Precursors to Totalitarian Slaughter, Experts Say

              Such is history…and clearly, our elites have the blueprint.

Now, excuse me while I go slaughter the fly buzzing around my computer, it’s probably a drone.

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Nobody’s Fool: Young Teenager Gives it To his Idiotic School…

Nobody’s Fool

I’m glad they didn’t give his name, but this young man should be an example to us all.

Listen to this young intelligent mind: We need all the hope we can get, and he delivers.

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Nobody’s Opinion

The terrible news is constant. The other day I flipped on Steve Bannon in War Room and some guy was on saying that we should all just turn off our TV’s and turn to Jesus. I can just imagine some priest long ago telling some man who lost his family to the Black Plague to stop watching the bodies being carted out in the streets and turn to Jesus.

While religion has always been good for the soul, a way to comfort us from the horrors we see in life, I have always been suspicious of the “turn the other cheek” remark, or that you can survive on Jesus alone. THAT can get you killed. We are watching it now being used all over America in the Black Lives Matter Marxist movement.

I was thinking today about our ‘government’ and the crazy thing we have seen over and over: We hear both sides…if you are a liberal, you go to CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times, and watch the propaganda on most of the TV programs. Every hour you hear alarm about fires, weather, climate change…and how black lives matter.

Add to that the ENDLESS lies of our politicians. Now trying to tell us all that anybody who loves America is a traitor to ‘democracy.’ And if you are white, you are born a racist.

Yes, then we all turn to FOX or our favorite conservative who pontificates about the democrats: they are Marxists, and they ARE destroying our country. WE MUST STOP THEM! VOTE!

Right. But let’s not fix the voting machines. (Proving how stupid we are, and my point.)

Do you REALLY think that is going to happen?

Which is: They all talk. It’s all talk. They continue to do what they want. It’s like they are giving you something to help you release your anger…and your hope. It’s pretty sad really when you think about it.

But. Here’s the catch. Massive crimes have been committed by our so called “Leaders” in Washington D.C. for decades:  Bill Clinton gave us NAFTA (And nuked up China and North Korea) with the blessings of Daddy Bush watching him sign the papers. America lost its jobs. Lots of GOP complained about it, and YET…here we are…watching an invasion.

What can Congress do? Why…nothing dear people! Wait until the NEXT election!

 Obama passed Obamacare…costing everyone’s health care to go up. Many complained…, but now, we just hear silence. Hillary sold Russia our uranium. That crime is completely ignored. Hunter Biden? We all KNOW the crimes of him and his father and YET, all of Congress says…well, he won. Let the media discuss it.

And letting two tech giants run the world…well…let’s not forget Fauci and the millions of our money sent to Wuhan to kill off the old basically. The West just can’t support those useless eaters anymore.

They have the “PLANET” to consider.

We are now…Russia. In fact, Russia is starting to look more democratic.

 And let’s not even count how many of our representatives…lie to the people.

Trump never lied. But that’s all you heard EVERYWHERE: Trump lies! And then they tried to do whatever they could to get rid of him.

What I’m trying to say is: I think our political government has been a well-planned staged game, for years, and we have been brainwashed to think what they say…is honest and true.  The elites in Washington have put on quite a show for the world: They ACT as if there ARE two parties. But both parties have committed egregious crimes against our country, and they protect each other.

They both TALK a great game, but NOTHING is ever done, except they get richer. They now see the world as their playground, and we are just the peasants to be sucked dry.

Call it communism, but As Mark Levine says, it’s American. It’s our own special brand.

About 8 years ago, I noticed that all of a sudden, the TV was FULL of contests. Game shows, where people are pitted against each other. It came out of nowhere. And I thought at the time…what’s up with this?

Games have been used for all of history to ‘calm’ and control the people. Even in sports, the people can feel like they have won, when their home teams win. Their politicians can continue to screw them until the cows come home as long as they can FEEL like…you can still win. There are still umpires to judge fairly.

That’s smoke and mirrors in real life.

Have you noticed, after Covid, the games were all shut down? Biden gets elected and VIOLA! The games are back!

If we think back, you have to admit that this GOP VS DEM has kept the same families at the top of the government. The Clintons and the Bush family ruled us all for over forty years, all the time accusing each other of crimes, and YET…and YET…(Remember, Bush voted for Hillary and LOVES Michelle Obama.)

Do ANY of these politicians EVER get punished for their crimes? Bill Clinton and Daddy Bush were BEST buds. The Bushes never talked against the Clintons. Ever.

And it wasn’t because they are such decent people as they want you to believe.

NO. All that happens is the citizen is hooked on the game of “WHO WILL WIN THE NEXT ELECTION?”

THAT”S the money ticket that keeps the ALL…democrats and republicans…in their mansions. And they control the outcome…at the very top.

It’s all in the book of ‘How to rule the masses.” Yes, divide and conquer, and never let them know. The Roman Rulers knew it, and it’s always been the case.

Already, the elites know the democrats are destroying us, and we are pissed, and so, the next President WILL be a GOP…he is already hand-picked. And he will promise the moon, but the damage will already be done. As planned.

And Trump will continue to be attacked, because Trump is the man the people really trust.

He destroyed their game of smoke and mirrors.

Today, I got a magazine from Newsmax. Dick Morris said that Trump lost the election. Dick Morris, the man who destroyed the Clintons in his many books. Like Ann Coulter, he has made a lot of bucks choosing ‘sides.”  I must admit, he said that Hillary would win, and she lost. I was surprised. Despite all the video’s he put out supporting Trump, if HE doesn’t know that Biden was not elected, then it’s all about the money.

 It doesn’t matter what person you like to watch on cable. Tucker, or anyone, because in the end, the people who run the world want us ALL to think that what we see in front of us WILL be taken care of. Someday YOUR side will win!

But guess what? It won’t be. They’ve rigged it pretty well.

P.T. Barnum would tell you…it’s all about the con.

And that’s why I was so furious seeing Jenna Bush jump out of a plane in honor of her Gampy.

This Nobody sees no honor in any of them. It truly think our elections have been rigged for many, many years.

It should end in states fighting back…but then again. When the FBI and the NSA are out to get you…

And smart meters will control your house, and “woke” will control your job, and Gates will control your food..

Nobody will this end?

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Happy Father’s Day!

Wow. Censorship is going to a whole new level: I am trying to post a picture of Trump which says:

“I would like to wish all fathers, even the haters and losers a very Happy Father’s Day”

I’m not sure if he said that, BUT…Wordpress will not let me load this picture…so..welcome to the USSA.

Happy Fathers Day…From this Nobody….Hey Dads, have a great day!

My Friend Anthony with his beloved Daughter Elle Gray…Happy Fathers Day!

Dads are needed now more than EVER!!!

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Nobody Flashes…Email

Nobody Flashes: I got this from an email I subscribe to. Thought it was interesting enough to share. Just another ‘nobody’ who puts out his opinions…And while everyone still hopes WHEN the election is proven to be stolen, Biden will leave the White House, this Nobody has to think that the global cartel would NOT let that happen…ever.

Most people with a brain know it was stolen, and already the ‘conservatives’ that SHOULD be supporting Trump…are not.

Like Dick Morris, who said in Newsmax magazine that Trump actually lost the election. We can tell by the ‘actions’ and words of them all…they talk a good game, then prepare us all for the NEXT election, where the next President is probably already lined up. They will do as much damage as they can until then, so even if Mike Pence manages to be put in the White House, and talks a great game of patriotic political lies, the charade goes on.

Well, we can HOPE not. Pray not. And try to fight it, but sorry. I’ve been out of the loop for about 2 weeks.

Anyway, I’m ranting…on a Sunday. Enjoy THIS rant…a man with more hope…


The bad news for you is I am back.   The good news is we are absolutely on the precipice of all hell breaking loose for dems.  They SHOULD have finished the hand count of the ballots by now, and preliminary reports say that Trump has a 254,000 vote lead over Pedo Joe despite the fact that HUNDREDS of thousands of ballots are missing, and there are boxes full of nothing but blank ballots.  Both of those invalidate the election.   The law is SO CLEAR on this.  An audit of the full state will show Trump won by 750,000+ votes.   While that is great news, even better is an insane THIRTEEN states have sent delegates to review the audit process.   Some of the states were hotly contested, but about HALF of them weren’t, and were won handily by Trump.   Despite that, an audit will show rampant fraud and Trump winning by an even larger margin.   I keep saying we MUST know the legit election results for all state and local officials and for all ballot initiatives.   Dems know they are in DEEP trouble.   The corrupt state AG threatened to intervene in the completely legal audit process, and threatened to bring the Dept of Injustice with him which would be genuinely illegal.   An AZ senator posted to Twitter in response a tweet to him saying if he comes near the ballots or the voting machines he can expect to be going to an AZ prison.  He added the DOJ was one of the most corrupt institutions in the country.   WOW!   Republicans are growing backbones, and it is WAY past due time.  We learned that the AZ Rangers are providing security for everything related to the audit showing our side had the forethought to know the depths of evil the left would go to to stop this.   

Some interesting side news related to all this.   Myanmar is in the process of executing traitors over the election theft.   A preview of coming events?   I sure hope so.   Remember one of the last EO’s signed into action by Trump was an EO allowing traitors to be executed by firing squad, hopefully on pay per view.   Another side note is Pedo Joe is trying to close Gitmo.   No chance in hell that will happen.  So the BIG question is what happens next and when.   Most people are claiming the AZ audit will end today, which happens to be Trump’s 75th birthday.   I don’t think so.   CodeMonkey refers to “splunk logs” which are logs that record internet access to the machines.   The audit has been denied access to those logs for obvious reasons, and CM is pushing to get them for review which would obviously delay the end of the audit.   Regardless, we are REALLY close to the end of this audit, and preliminary pseudo-audit news from other states shows rampant fraud which we all already knew.  Let’s assume the audit DOES end this week.   The question then becomes what next which is the quagmire.   This is the great unknown.   Simon Parkes actually addressed this.   He said if the media refuses to report the results, the military will step in.   He said if they do report the results, the dems will then work to discredit them, call for another audit to verify the results, try to delay audits in other states, etc.   In other words, the longest delay game in the history of the world.   Simon Parkes offers no details but said that “wouldn’t be allowed to happen”.   I sure hope so because my greatest fear is they delay this thing until the end of 2023 which a corrupt judicial system could EASILY do.  

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