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Nobody’s Perfect: Make a Wish Foundation

We are ALL been brought up on the belief that ‘foundations’ are such wonderful things! Bill Gates! The Clintons, Zuckerberg, basketball players: suddenly the famous people starting their own foundations was as popular as getting on the Oprah Winfrey show. We were all lead to believe how generous all these REALLY, REALLY, rich people were by giving to whatever causes they said their foundations were about.

Boy…were we stupid. For instance, most of these people use these foundations to pay for all their expenses TAX FREE. As an example, the Clinton foundation only spent about 10 percent of its money on helping others, the rest went to their own expenses: Like Chelsea’s wedding and $10 million dollar apartment.

But when THIS horrible man came out and insisted that all the terminally ill children AND their families would have to be vaccinated or NO WISH WOULD COME TRUE…you have to wonder: What kind of crook is THIS man and what kind of money is he taking from the foundation to support himself and HIS family?

The vaccine, can literally kill those kids, because most of them are already really sick.

Since he put out his ‘tweet’ he has since reversed his dictatorial mandate, which BY THE WAY…is against all law.

The vaccine cannot be lawfully mandated, as many of the doctors are now telling us…you are just hearing it. And yet, the politicians and the Supreme Court are letting the companies do it.

The fact that he reversed his decision, says a lot.

I don’t know who this guy is, or his name, but he should be fired.

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