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Nobody Flashes: I got this from an email I subscribe to. Thought it was interesting enough to share. Just another ‘nobody’ who puts out his opinions…And while everyone still hopes WHEN the election is proven to be stolen, Biden will leave the White House, this Nobody has to think that the global cartel would NOT let that happen…ever.

Most people with a brain know it was stolen, and already the ‘conservatives’ that SHOULD be supporting Trump…are not.

Like Dick Morris, who said in Newsmax magazine that Trump actually lost the election. We can tell by the ‘actions’ and words of them all…they talk a good game, then prepare us all for the NEXT election, where the next President is probably already lined up. They will do as much damage as they can until then, so even if Mike Pence manages to be put in the White House, and talks a great game of patriotic political lies, the charade goes on.

Well, we can HOPE not. Pray not. And try to fight it, but sorry. I’ve been out of the loop for about 2 weeks.

Anyway, I’m ranting…on a Sunday. Enjoy THIS rant…a man with more hope…


The bad news for you is I am back.   The good news is we are absolutely on the precipice of all hell breaking loose for dems.  They SHOULD have finished the hand count of the ballots by now, and preliminary reports say that Trump has a 254,000 vote lead over Pedo Joe despite the fact that HUNDREDS of thousands of ballots are missing, and there are boxes full of nothing but blank ballots.  Both of those invalidate the election.   The law is SO CLEAR on this.  An audit of the full state will show Trump won by 750,000+ votes.   While that is great news, even better is an insane THIRTEEN states have sent delegates to review the audit process.   Some of the states were hotly contested, but about HALF of them weren’t, and were won handily by Trump.   Despite that, an audit will show rampant fraud and Trump winning by an even larger margin.   I keep saying we MUST know the legit election results for all state and local officials and for all ballot initiatives.   Dems know they are in DEEP trouble.   The corrupt state AG threatened to intervene in the completely legal audit process, and threatened to bring the Dept of Injustice with him which would be genuinely illegal.   An AZ senator posted to Twitter in response a tweet to him saying if he comes near the ballots or the voting machines he can expect to be going to an AZ prison.  He added the DOJ was one of the most corrupt institutions in the country.   WOW!   Republicans are growing backbones, and it is WAY past due time.  We learned that the AZ Rangers are providing security for everything related to the audit showing our side had the forethought to know the depths of evil the left would go to to stop this.   

Some interesting side news related to all this.   Myanmar is in the process of executing traitors over the election theft.   A preview of coming events?   I sure hope so.   Remember one of the last EO’s signed into action by Trump was an EO allowing traitors to be executed by firing squad, hopefully on pay per view.   Another side note is Pedo Joe is trying to close Gitmo.   No chance in hell that will happen.  So the BIG question is what happens next and when.   Most people are claiming the AZ audit will end today, which happens to be Trump’s 75th birthday.   I don’t think so.   CodeMonkey refers to “splunk logs” which are logs that record internet access to the machines.   The audit has been denied access to those logs for obvious reasons, and CM is pushing to get them for review which would obviously delay the end of the audit.   Regardless, we are REALLY close to the end of this audit, and preliminary pseudo-audit news from other states shows rampant fraud which we all already knew.  Let’s assume the audit DOES end this week.   The question then becomes what next which is the quagmire.   This is the great unknown.   Simon Parkes actually addressed this.   He said if the media refuses to report the results, the military will step in.   He said if they do report the results, the dems will then work to discredit them, call for another audit to verify the results, try to delay audits in other states, etc.   In other words, the longest delay game in the history of the world.   Simon Parkes offers no details but said that “wouldn’t be allowed to happen”.   I sure hope so because my greatest fear is they delay this thing until the end of 2023 which a corrupt judicial system could EASILY do.  

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