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John McAfee Tried to Warn Us All

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When I heard that John McAfee was dead, it came as no surprise. Of course, much like the last Presidential election, we are NOT allowed to even THINK that the deep state would kill McAfee, let ALONE steal an election.

Funny. Every one is still giving Obama, and I say it was Obama and the deep state that killed him because it was done in Barcelona…a place where Michelle and Obama went often, and rumor has it, U.S. election votes are finalized and counted. So, killing someone overseas is a better bet, something that Epstein didn’t get.

So, you might ask yourself, why is Twitter allowing John to tweet? This Nobody Thinks that he was allowed…because now that he’s dead, it’s a clear warning to ANY other tech guys what could happen to them. They say he didn’t pay his taxes, but neither does Zuckerberg or Bezos, or GE, or…the list is long. No, his crime was that he told the truth about the deep state.

If you think that this man would actually kill himself, then you haven’t been paying attention to the Loooooooog list of suicides’, murders, plane crashes, all done for years. Even JFK and Princess Diana…they can kill anybody they consider a threat.

I would even suspect that they tried to kill Tiger Woods, but he survived. Notice, they never did answer what caused that crash, and Tiger never said. Tiger is NOT woke.

So. The upcoming threat of President Trump fighting back is keeping, as the saying goes, “The petal to the metal.” and hopefully, the parents fighting back in the schools will be the start of a big pushback.

And on another note: It was a McAfee hacker in India who got into my computer and ‘ransomed’ me. Too bad, Biden had to announce the warning too late.

The ultimate message is: We can kill anyone we want. Biden suggested Nukes. You have to wonder just how far they will go…but…for today, I just want to say…

One less patriot on the planet. He was a good one.

And most computer owners had Mcafee at one time or another.

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