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Nobody Wins

What can I say? Let’s find all those involved in wanting to scare the world into another lockdown, round them up, and put them on the first rocket to Mars, where they can all “reset” their own lives and leave us alone.

Here in my little Nobody neighborhood, ‘smart’ water meters have already been installed. You had not choice in the matter, only one water company. Which means, they can control your water supply from online. The electric company wants to put “smart meters” on my house, where they can control the heater and air conditioner. So far, I’ve fought them, but I’m sure I will lose. I’m fine with the old meters, and I don’t mind the upgrade in tech, I just don’t like the fact that THEY can then control your electric and water from some office. They are already doing this in some places like California.

They haven’t done anything in Missouri yet, but according to all the other countries on the planet, they have already started. All in the name of climate change.

And good luck with controlling our meat, which is in our hamburgers, probably the most popular meal in the United States.

It’s as if they just CANNOT help themselves, can they?

And we all would love to know who is behind this power grab.

Nobody Wins when a few elites at the top can control food, water, and power.

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