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Does the U.S. Now Belong to CHINA?

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I was going to write about how everything that we see happening right now makes sense, if you think it’s actually China controlling Obama, and Biden, and using the techs and our democrats to destroy America…then today I got this in the mail:

The CCP controls everything; Americans are now living under enemy occupation

We’re no longer living in “America.” What used to be America is now a nation under enemy occupation, ruled by authoritarian tyrants who were installed through election fraud and whose loyalty rests with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). The Big Tech corporations all work for China, too, and the censorship they pursue in the USA mirrors the anti-freedom censorship of communist China.

The CCP’s goal for America is the complete extermination every living American person, followed by the occupation of the continental United States, transforming the nation into an agricultural food producer to feed the communist regime in China.

The CCP has paid off the Bidens, most governors and nearly all Democrats to take part in this total destruction of America. And the next phase involves nationwide gun confiscation, followed by a land invasion run by the PLA.

Does that sound feasible

The released virus was a bioweapon: so, who benefitted from this?

First: It destroyed the economies of most of the world. And made the top one percenter so rich, that Bezos is just about to become the first trillionaire. Because of the ‘lockdowns” almost a third of the small businesses were destroyed, never to come back. If you have less money to fight a war, then China wins.

Also, all our tech companies and our largest manufactures have made a home in China. Disney, Apple, GM, GE, Nike, Hollywood, all now, simply surrogates of China. With the help of China, Wal-mart has made it’s owners the richest people in the world: Next to Bezos. China wins again.

Second: Divide and conquer is the oldest tool used by tyrants throughout the world. It’s an old communist ploy, and they are using RACE to destroy the white Americans who make up the most in population of the country. Obama started it, and it was just ramped up to absurdity, going after “whites” as the Germans went after the Jews. The virus was engineered to kill off the “useless” as in Germany. The old, the sick, and anyone with half a brain. We still don’t really know what’s in that virus, but it got rid of the one man standing in the way of America remaining strong: President Trump. Who wins when the world is lockdown, losing precious hours of work and education? China. Remember, it was China who developed the “one child policy” and now has an overabundance of men to women. Good for an army. But just now, they have reversed their policy to say that couples can now have THREE kids. They will spread these families throughout the world. Don’t think so? Then pay attention to the American commercials. Almost EVERY SINGLE one of them has a Chinses in them, speaking PERFECT English. They are getting you used to the next wave of Chinese.

Who wins? China

THIRD: Destroying all American history. Mao did this during his cultural revolution. The ancient history of China was destroyed, and every single day in America, our history is being attacked. Torn apart. BLM flags wave over all our embassy around the world. BLM is communist being used to destroy our cities. And when the BIGGEST cities like New York and L.A. are destroyed, the next one to get is the state of Texas. Our founders are trashed every day. Who wins?


Fourth: Destroying all religion, and gathering as much power to the Federal Government as possible. Who wins?


Fifth: Making our generals ostracized our great American soldiers for being ‘white racists.’ Women are depicted in ALL our movies as being able to beat up men. China would love it if we got rid of all good fighting men and replayed them with gays and women. Transformation of the American man has been full speed ahead. They’ve made trillions selling video games to the men to make them release that testosterone inside.

Sixth: America is the fattest nation on earth, and yet, we work the hardest. Our forests are burning down, we have floods and droughts all destroying our small farmers. Who wins?

China, who has weather modification technology down to a war weapon with no fingerprints.

The next generations of Americans have had decades of ‘global citizen’ conditioning and have learned to HATE capitalism, and embrace the concept of communism. Who benefits?


And the last way to complete takeover? Get rid of all police, take over the Pentagon with Generals like General Milley, and once and for all…take the American guns:

ATF intends to bring the most common uses of the most widely possessed stabilizing braces within the purview of the NFA,” reads the letter. “Doing so would turn millions of law-abiding Americans into criminals overnight, and would constitute the largest executive branch-imposed gun registration and confiscation scheme in American history.”

Each one of these moves deserves a blog, but for now, as long as Americans still have guns, I doubt if the Chinese army is coming in any time soon: They want to destroy America without firing a shot, and so far, with the help of our politicians and CEO’s, after many years of effort, and with the total censorship we are witnessing, and lawlessness, AND open borders letting in criminals, it would still take an EMP over the United States to fully take us over.

How hard would THAT be?

According to experts: 90 million people would die in the first year of starvation.

I am having trouble editing this blog…so bear with the writing and punctuations. To be honest, the ‘rules’ kept changing and I am having trouble even copying and pasting, so please bear with me. Hopefully, I can get it working again. 

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