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RIP: Donald Rumsfeld

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NOTE: I could NOT upload ANY Bush or Rumsfeld images today…but I could upload this one.

Somebody want to tell me why?

Donald Rumsfeld died today:

From Alternet: *******

Born on July 9, 1932, Rumsfeld was a fixture in GOP politics for decades — serving in President Richard Nixon’s administration in the early 1970s before serving as secretary of defense under President Gerald R. Ford in the mid-1970s. Rumsfeld returned to the private sector following Ford’s loss to Democrat Jimmy Carter in 1976’s presidential election, but he became secretary of defense for the second time when he joined Bush’s administration in 2001.


Most of us remember him from his briefings throughout the Iraq war. Myself, I always like him better than Cheney or Bush. Like President Trump, he was much blunter and to the point about things. My best memory of him is when he came to the podium and said that HE couldn’t find over $3 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon. What politician admits that, or even sounds alarmed by it? By the way, I couldn’t find that video on Youtube, but I did find this:

So, I wondered…did Donald get along with Dick Cheney? We are seeing now, the old RINO boys, who have their spokesman Brian Kilmeade on  the radio, pushing for getting BACK into Iraq and Afghanistan to what…help those poor people? I remember seeing a film in which it was revealed that MILLIONS in cash were given daily as bribes to the Taliban. Obama did it with Iran. Our war leaders at the top gave billions to our enemies and why? The wars in the middle East broke us both financially AND military because SO many good men died or came home broken, their lives destroyed.

I’m sorry. George W.’s riding his bike once a year with vets did NOT make up for that fiasco that he led us into. But, was George blamed? Nope. Daddy Bush blamed Rumsfeld and Cheney for the war, not his son.


From Daddy Bushes’ Book:

Turning to Donald Rumsfeld, Bush Sr. called him an “arrogant fellow.” “I think he served the president badly,” Bush said. “I don’t like what he did, and I think it hurt the president having his iron-ass view of everything. I’ve never been that close to him anyway. There’s a lack of humility, a lack of seeing what the other guy thinks. He’s more kick ass and take names, take numbers. I think he paid a price for that.”

That is my two cents on the subject and the REAL two people behind the Iraq War were Cheney and Rumsfeld.


From another source:

Most prominently, Bush and Rumsfeld have been rivals for power since Gerald Ford was president.

Rumsfeld felt he was more in line with Reagan’s own policy views—Bush was almost ruled out as too liberal on abortion and economics—and was chagrined to have been passed over. He wasn’t the only one; Milton Friedman called choosing Bush over Rumsfeld the worst decision of Reagan’s presidency.

Rumsfeld bluntly criticized Bush for attempting to nation-build in Iraq.


And for that alone, this Nobody thinks he was right.

Every time I hear Brian Kilmeade say how we abandoned all those poor women who were learning how to read thanks to X President George W., all I could think of was: What about all the poor women being raped coming over the border George? What about letting all our enemies come through your open border policy, George?  

Well, it will be interesting to see…the people that are probably very happy that Rumsfeld is dead, are the Bushes.

We can now wait for the X President George Jr.’s Book.

My life: Why Trump is destroying everything.

Okay, Hey…I bet there will at LEAST be a chapter on it.

I wonder: Did Rumsfeld ever find that $3 trillion?

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