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GOP Want Desantis:

Nobody’s Opinion

I was listening to the FOX radio station today, and I’ve noticed they are pushing Ron Desantis to run for President, with the argument that Ron would get MORE votes than Trump, because Trump is hated. They then go into the very popular argument that so many people didn’t vote for Trump, and that’s why he lost. Desantis was so much BETTER than Trump they said…nobody hates him.

Today, when I saw Joe Biden sitting with Desantis, I thought of Obama being thanked profusely by Chris Christie for coming to New Jersey after the Hurricane. That helped Obama get the election, because everybody pictured a republican thanking a democratic President for coming to the rescue. Today I thought: that’s NOT a good move there Ron. He was so obsequious to Biden. So many politicians can convince you that they are conservative, and then turn around an stab you in the back.

Paul Ryan being a great example. So, right now, anything could change.

And all the GOP RINOs are saying Trump won’t run in 2024.

Trump himself says, “I never conceded.”

Which MEANS: What with China declaring a blood bath on any bully who tries to keep them for taking over Taiwan, those were fighting words…and Trump does NOT back down from a fight. I remember the last time somebody threatened and made fun of Trump. That was President Obama at the White House dinner. How MANY people said Trump would NEVER be President…remember?

It’s happening again.

President Trump is NOT a man who would go away. Nope. He knows he won the biggest victory in American History, and if he goes away, the record will be…it was NOT true.

Besides…remember…he did NOT concede.

Do you REALLY think a man who puts TRUMP on his planes would back down?

Hell no. There’s still a lot of Jacksonian left in the man. He really is…amazing.

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