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Nobody Gets Email: Dr. Gabriel Says…

Nobody Gets Email

Since, here I am at bedtime, with nothing to post, BECAUSE there was a major thunderstorm here that lasted for hours, I thought instead I’d post a link from an email I got.

I get the BEST stuff…really I do.

Enjoy, and educate. Or not.

Douglas Gabriel says – OPEN AND READ!!

Dr. Gabriel writes: “This is enough to put Fauci and Obama in jail for the rest of their lives. No fluff, just indictable evidence that is conclusive. Dr. Martin is one of the most recognized experts in biomedical patents, bioweapon proliferation, and the laws that govern such illegal activities in America. He has testified before the U. S. Congress numerous times and is the spokesperson for an organization that does this type of work professionally.

I have read nothing that has come close to this summary of the many crimes against humanity that the CDC and NIH have illegal committed. The evidence is staggering and definitive. Martin names all of the criminal characters and companies involved in the creation of the man-made, laboratory designed synthetic bioweapon that mixed SARS and corona virus variants into a deadly weapon. Even the fake Covid vaccine is revealed as a viral vector, not a vaccine. This is the weapon that We the People need.”

By. Dr. David E. Martin, PhD.The-FauciCOVID-19-DossierDownload

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