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George Floyd Mural Destroyed: What are the odds? Supernatural?

Nobody Knows

If this had been an image of President Trump on a wall, and it was destroyed by lighting, you KNOW that it would be all over the media, every cable channel, every radio station, that it was an “act of God.”

But…today. Silence. Even the Climate Change fear mongels had nothing to say, fearful themselves that it would be pointed out by somebody that…


What are the odds that this huge image would be destroyed by a lighting bolt?

Really. What are the odds?

Anyone? When is Obama going to come out and condemn….God? Or even blame it on climate change?

Nobody Wonders if they will just repair it. And THEN…Nobody Knows if it happens again, if anyone of the race haters will get the hint.

The only one who knows the answer to that IS… know who.

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