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So, McCloskey Wants To Be A Senator? Nobody Smells a Scam…

Nobody Knows.

We all watched as a President who got the most votes in American history was destroyed with the help of China and rigged machines, AND then silenced on all media platforms, AND then has been continued to be destroyed by Congress.

President Trump was attacked as if he was Putin.

So, remember as I suggest this, that the powers in the world that want to take it over, and put Marxists dictators in place for the “Great Reset”, knows they have to convince the public that it’s all about ‘saving’ America.

Missouri, in any election, has always been a pivotal place. That’s why, even though most of the state is conservative, the governors have always been democrats or RINOS…and they disguise their corruption very well. They always talk as if they are the best of conservatives, and yet, they join the democrats in many votes in D.C..

When this couple, the McCloskeys, were ostracized in St. Louis for trying to protect their home from being attacked, everyone up to President Trump came to their defense. IN that group, there was a BLM woman leading the protest in front of that house, and her name was Cory Bush, who now is in Congress. She is a full-blown racist and got lots of money from George Soros, and then Viola! She now represents all of Missouri.

I thought the fact that SHE was in that protest group very much a coincidence since right after, she went to D.C. Like the Wuhan virus coming out of Wuhan…common sense says: Wait, what are the odds?

It was FIRST reported that McCloskey and his wife were democratic lawyers. And that neighborhood where they lived is very elite and FILLED with Democrats. I know, because I used to date Brett Cervantes, who lived in that neighborhood and whose father was the major of St. Louis for many years, and was responsible for the building of the Arch. But…if you look at his ad for governor, it’s about catering to the conservatives that make up America. Eric Grieten was a very popular governor, and they took him out with a sex scandal among other corruptions. An XNAVY Seal, Grieten truly was a man of the people. And he is running for the job again.

It’s my Nobody Opinion that this whole gun-totting supposed attack on the rich lawyers was a staged event, in order to get the governor the elites really want. And I say this because SOROS’s BLM were the ones ‘breaking’ the gate to get into that neighborhood. Notice his gun. Notice HER little gun. Looking at the scene again, it looked staged. The whole thing. These are VERY rich people, and they would NOT have come out of their house, trust me on that. They would have called the police, or just stayed inside. Notice, them waving the guns around? Didn’t look like either one of them had ever held a gun before.

Fooling the masses is the new scam. Pretending to be patriots when they are not…we just saw this scam with the coffee company who were catering to patriots and gun owners.

Remember the company that sold the patriot coffee? All their ads were filled with veterans and guns etc, and now the CEO has come out and trashed every gun-toting conservative patriotic American. Sorry.

They HAVE to control the top positions, so the globalists lie, cheat, and the propaganda is strong. Missouri has always been a strong conservative state. That’s why, they NEED people they can control at the top. Governor Nixon called out the National Guard to protect the town in Ferguson, but he did NOT send them in. He let the town burn.

I always thought Roy Blunt was a conservative. I thought the Bushes were. Sadly, we have found out just how much they have sold our country to the global interests and their own pocketbooks. They are RINOS. So…

Follow the money. Follow the power, and expect blatant lies at every turn. Just watch the video from McClosky and ask yourself…are you being scamed?

Nobody Wonders. But, when George Soros is handing out the money, I don’t put anything past them.

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