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The Spirit is STILL Strong…

How was YOUR 4th of July weekend?

Mine was…pretty strange to say the least. Yesterday, I went into my local Dollar General, and was shocked to see the America flag sticks and various American paraphernalia being displayed outside. I know the manager, she’s black and recently took over the store. The last women made her do all the work she said, and took all the credit. I told her the store look much nicer, which it did. Sometimes the blacks behind the desks are rude, but other times, they are more than nice.

I must admit, you never know. Blacks are moving into my neighborhood by the droves. Soon there will be just us few old white folks getting ready to die to make the neighborhood all black. It was bound to happen sooner or later. But I feel like Tucker Carlson, it’s my home. Why should I move if some of my neighbors don’t like the color of my skin? Why should I move just because George Soros put that recaist Cory Bush into office?

I blame my crabby ancestors tonight.

It was a pretty depressing sight. As I drove down the streets of my neighborhood, I counted only a very few American Flags. I came home and watched the parade in downtown St. Louis. It was mostly white people, high school bands, Shriners on their little cars, floats with white kids, and some black kids. But NO crowds at all. Very sad. Everyone is scared to go downtown. At the end of the parade the local reporter said that America the Beautiful was going to be the last song.

Well, it wasn’t that song at all. The song was a big black woman singing about how beaten down she had been and it was not going to happen ever again. She was going to be strong. All around her were various sick kids: cripples, mentally ill children, basically, the poor things that life did not leave much too. And they were dancing with her as she walked around and embraced them.

Now, I wouldn’t have minded this in the middle of the parade…but to make this the final statement?  China must have been laughing their heads off.

I read today that Venessa Williams is going to sing the BLACK NATIONAL ATHEM in D.C. Tonight. Will this be the LAST song? Nobody Wonders.

Think I’ll skip it.  

Also, yesterday I watched that genius guy who lives in Missouri, say that riots will be coming, and we should all stock up on water, food and guns.

Mmmmm…hey, there’s enough gloom and doom around here.

Last night we went to Illinois to watch the fireworks. We pulled into a gas station. The white guy behind the counter kept giving us compliments about our shirts. I had a hat on that said, “FREEDOM” in rhinestones and sparkle. Our shirts were all about America. The guy was really loving it. And I can know why. I did not see ONE white person or their children have any American things on at all.

The stores just aren’t selling it.  

But…let me end this on a good note. While I was out yesterday, there was a black lady cruising down the main street of my town in her car, and she had a big American flag flying in the wind attached to her window.

It may sound strange, but she made up for all the lack of display I did NOT see.

This Nobody thinks, they had better be careful with their attacks on Trump. Deep inside America, there IS a bitterness that will boil up.

The world thinks America is toast.

This Nobody Thinks…don’t be so sure.

And TONIGHT…July the 4th, 2021, outside my door, my neighbors have ALL come out with big bangs, and fireworks!

Wow. It’s amazing. The best yet!

Yep. America is still here…they are just waiting, for their time.

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