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Budgie’s Can Teach Us How to Escape

When I took my husband to the ER yestesday, the whole day I was worried about my little budgie, who the day before had somehow been injured. I have six parakeets, in a BIG cage. Somehow, while I was away, the smallest member injured his foot and beak and the blood was everywhere! I expected him to die right away, as birds do not have much blood, so I put him in a little cage right next to his buddies.

Of course, in the morning (read yesterday’s post) we went to the ER and were gone all day. I made SURE that the little budgie had food and water, even though he was all by himself.

When we came home, I was frantic…because he was NOT in that little cage. I was SURE he was dead…but where was he?

There I was going around the house calling his name. There is an important note. He’s NEVER been out of that cage except to go to a doctor visit. I don’t let my birds fly around…but I did noticed when I left that he wasn’t happy about being in that little cage.

When I got home, I was flabbergasted. You guessed it. He was back in the big cage with all his buddies, sitting on his favorite perch. Even all cleaned up from his blood.

WTH? I thought…did someone come into our house and put him there? (No, all doors were locked.)

Was I just delusional and I put him there myself? (No, I did NOT want him to be in the other cage for awhile.)

Did God swope down and just put him there? (Well, God might have had a hand in it, because clearly, parakeets do NOT like isolation and want to be with THEIR freinds.

After seeing these two video’s I figured out that my little budgie just managed to open his little door, and get into the bigger cage himself.

God made birds smart. Too bad he missed so many humans!

Enjoy! By the way, my little Wickey is fine and singing happily.

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Nobody Visits the ER: or EVERYBODY Should Visit the ER

Nobody Reports

Yesterday, my husband took off work because he wasn’t feeling well. He had just had his yearly check-up the day before, and so, after talking with his doctor, we decided to be “safe” and go to the ER.

Trust me: NOBODY is safe in an ER.

Wow. If you want to know the state of America from how well it takes care of it’s “sick” just go walk around your local hospital. You are hearing on the news that they are overwhelmed. That’s true. But it’s NOT from Covid cases, it’s from the fact that they’ve set up a system that lets everybody else suffer.

Regular people with illnesses are being, let me say this carefully: unattended. Erased. Ignored.

And it’s a system set up on purpose to triage the old.

It’s pretty obvious.

FIRST: and let me make this clear. We were in the waiting rooms for 6 hours, and it was jammed pack, and there was, as far as I could tell, not ONE case of Covid.  COVID, and it was obvious to anyone who had grown up in yesteryear’s medical system, was just another name for the GREAT RESET.

Covid is being used to get rid of the sick, the old, and the ‘useless eaters.’

Our medical system didn’t just break down overnight. It broke down along with the American culture. Now, there are more gunshot wounds, more heart attacks, and strokes, taking place, and if you are OVER 65, I don’t care if your dying of your last breath, that young black kid who just got shot trying to highjack a car, will get first priority. And there are only so many doctors and beds in the E.R. Every hour you might get three or more gunshot victims. Those beds go quickly. And Obamacare got rid of half of all the good doctors.

They retired.

That’s a fact. If you can afford the ambulance ride, you probably won’t have to sit in the waiting room to die, a lesson that some people in my waiting room were kicking themselves over because their 84-year-old mom was sitting in the ‘sick’ emergency room, had just soiled her pants, and they wouldn’t let the family go and take care of her. The family was so upset, as they shouted at each other sitting, of course, in their ‘marked’ seats, which were six feet apart.

Why were they NOT allowed to help their mother? First thing that was ridiculous is that when you walked in, the sick person was told to stay in one room, while the family members were led to a waiting room, which was nothing else but a hallway with kitchen chairs set ten feet apart. Most of the people in the ER waiting room were old.  Most were the elderly, dealing with concerns about their high blood pressure. Most in wheelchairs. So, right away, the family members, were separated from helping their mothers and fathers, slumped over with fear, grief, and pain. No one could help them to the bathroom.

This of course was insane. If you don’t have enough nurses to take care of those sick waiting for hours, you let the FAMILY members help. But no, those members might have COVID!

And by the way…pain is the new ‘norm’.  The doctors can’t help you, period.

My husband was sitting next to a 70-year-old man who had been puking in a bag for over three hours. He was clearly dehydrated. The nearest soda vending machine took about 10 minutes to get there.

I have seen the mess before. I bet you have too. I remember taking my paralyzed mother to a hospital emergency and she laid in a hallway for over 8 hours, getting sicker by the minute. There were many gunshot victims that night.

But at least they let me stay with her. That was in 2001, before the great COVID RESET.

The doctors are being told they ALL must be vaccinated or lose their jobs. Trust me, most of them want their choice to vaccinated or not too. They’re not stupid.

The nurses and the doctors are being blamed for this mess, and it’s not their fault that the CDC is the new dictator of their lives, and they now have to take their orders from the CDC. They know the masks do not work. They have to deal with an insane medical FUBAR beyond their own making.

Their desire to heal is being uprooted to “just do the tests and shut up.” Their own power is being erased.

When we finally got into the ER, for blood tests, the nurse told us we were lucky. The waiting was usually 14 hours, we got in in eight.

But, what I thought was even scarier was the fact that as I sat in a room with twenty other people, EVERY SINGLE ONE of those people were texting on their phone. Nobody was talking. I was BORED out of my mind. It was surreal. People are being brainwashed to relay on their cellphones for comfort. And to stay away from other people. I tried to start up a conversation, but it was obvious the “don’t talk to me, you might have Covid” had been cemented in their brains with a powerful propaganda glue.

And they have no clue that they are being trained for the new world of “cellular” connections. People are not to be trusted…your cell phone is.

Never mind that they can’t see faces. This is so you will NOT figure out what’s happening to your life.

It’s on purpose, this great ‘reset.’

I could go on with this…but I’m hoping the doctors will raise up with the rest of humanity and say “NO.”

There IS a better way. They should say…


 But, like the rest of us, they want to not upset their lives or jobs.

It’s insane what they are doing to the world.

My husband is sleeping soundly now. They gave him some kind of cocktail…I’m sure everyone get it.

I can’t WAIT to see the bill.

They have taken the great medical system of America and destroyed it. If you are a ‘somebody’ you will get great care, a senator, or such. But the rest of us?

You might have to go to jail to get treated.

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