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Happy Independence Day!

Nobody Flashes…

I hope everybody has a GREAT day…we must keep the tradition in our hearts, especially since we have so many in Congress who wants to prosecute all who hold our country dear.

Let the deplorables and ‘insurrectionists’ enjoy the celebrations of our founding. Pelosi can go hide in her mansion for the night.

Here’s a A BIT OF HISTORY ABOUT….The writing of the Declaration of Independence, remembered by Charles Francis Adams, who no doubt knew the truth of it better than any man up to that point.

Jefferson wrote it: John Adams argued it for three days to get everyone to sign it.

And so it began…

When Jefferson wrote the Declaration, he communicated his draft to Mr. Adams and to Dr. Franklin separately, because they were the two members of whose judgement, he wished to have the benefit: and that all the corrections which they made were those that were visible on the paper in their own handwriting. Mr. Adams’s is, that Mr. Jefferson and he acted as a sub-committee, and reviewed the paper critically, without making or suggesting an alteration. In the face of both these statements remains a copy of the original draft of Mr. Jefferson, in the handwriting of Mr. Adams, taken before the numerous erasures, alterations, and interlineations were made by Mr. Jefferson’s own hand., which appear in the fac-simile published by his grandson. This at least, shows that the paper was much more changed after it had been submitted to Mr. Adams than either statement would seem to imply. For the present purpose, it is enough to know that, as Mr. Jefferson wrote the paper, so the labor of “fighting fearlessly for every world of it,” in the three days’ debate which ensued in congress after it was reported, fell almost exclusively upon Mr. Adams. Mr. Jefferson “thought it his duty to be a passive auditor of the opinions of others, “which he admits to have been expressed “in acrimonious criticisms on some of its part, that made him writhe a little.” Several passages were altered in deference to the lingering hopes of reconciliation of some, or to the tender consciences of others, but the tenacity of Mr. Adams saved its substance, which will remain to a distant future, to inspire a far more perfect system of liberty than any social community has ever yet, in its practice, carried out.

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Oh Claire…get a life…

Nobody Flashes

We had to put up with this douche-bag for too many years in Missouri. She ALWAYS acted as if she was a conservative, but when the citizens got SICK of her always protecting Hillary (As she is doing here) we finally got rid of her.

It’s a old trick that politicians have used for a long time. Run a candidate which ACTS as if he or she is conservative (Loves the police, the military, guns etc) and then gets power, and acts like a true/blue democrat.

All conservative states should be aware of this tactic: Look at Arnold. Or George Jr. Or Chris Christie. Or recently we found out in Missouri that Roy Blunt was a BIG Rino. He hide it well.

I’d beware of Hollywood movie stars. (Warning to Texas) or any other famous people.

Look for the nobodies.

As for Claire? She is calling these people terrorists while they wave the American flag…how DARE they attack the elite snobs/tyrants who rule their lives.

Jan 6, was staged in many respects. And Pence was the biggest liar of them all. It’s reported that it was his secret service agent who shot that Trump supporter…and…uh…he was black.

Hey Claire! Have some popcorn while you are watching that movie on the American Flag-waving people. Better yet, stay away from ALL crowds today.

It just might make you sick.

I loved Mary’s response here. As Hillary would say…”What difference does it make Claire?”

The only one who died was a white woman.

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