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As I have told my readers, every summer, I go swimming at my local pool. And this summer, the COVID Summer, the pool has been closed we are told, because the city is going Bankrupt. It’s easy to understand why. It’s been run by democrats for over 50 years. All the major manufacturing industries that the city depended upon, moved to China.

But, instead, the schools grew. I won’t go into the stats here, but to reflex on an incident that happened last week. As I wrote, I got a flyer in the mail which said on August 3, a vote was being put up for higher property taxes, and THESE taxes would go to pay for all community college students, along with building new places and new labs for them to learn. Really, part of Biden’s ‘infrastructure.

MOST of our property taxes go to pay for the schools, and it’s mostly retired people who now live here, and most of them on Social Security. But, the expenses for these schools has grown. Not only do we supply breakfast, lunch and dinner, we also supply free medical care for all the kids under 18. I think we pay quite enough.

Most of the woman that I swim with all go to church. And one women in particular really got heated up when I swam into a bunch of them and asked them if they had read what they had gotten in the mail.

NONE of them had. They all threw it away, mostly because they couldn’t read the small print. I had to get a magnifying glass just to see it. So, I told them they should read it because they would be voting on an increase on their property taxes.

Betty (Not here real name) overheard me and yelled at me, “Don’t let HER tell you how to VOTE!!!”

She practically screamed it at the top of her lungs.

“Well, I just wanted them all to know, that if they didn’t vote, their property taxes were going to go up, and it was to pay for free college to all who lived or did NOT live in our city.

“Of COURSE we should pay for their college!” she screamed.

“Well, we pay for everything else.” Last year, our property taxes went up on average $500 a house to pay for all new computers for the kids and teachers. And they were out all year.

The thinking of this women is I was being selfish NOT to support paying for other kids community college. Realized, that many of us older people, pay for school 1-12 and we don’t even have kids in schools.

Where does it stop this universal welfare?

I have noticed that the progressives are using the churches as promotors of “The collective” hive where you must sacrifice all that you have to the ‘community’ or be branded as an evil person.

As you know, I think Americans are taxed far too much as it is, and now that they are bankrupting the country in order to make it communist so that the few criminals at the top can control the world forever…well…

It’s not going to end well.

But, it’s not just that she disagreed with me, it was her raging hatred that was alarming.

So I said to the crowd. (Who call themselves Mermaids….)

“Beatty is right. You should all read it, and if you think that you want to pay for the college education of everyone, you should vote yes. If you think that you do NOT want your property taxes to go up to pay for college education, then you should vote no.”

She shut up. What could she say?

You can’t argue with stupid, but I’m sure, she’s still ranting to the “Mermaids” about how selfish I am.

What she doesn’t know, is there WERE a more than a few woman who said, “I didn’t read it!” in horror.

Of course they didn’t.

And that’s why the print was so small.

And that’s why, Beatty will be the first to turn me in when they come to arrest those people who will NOT join the state and do what’s “good for the many.”

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