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The Demons of Davos VS the People of the World: An Olympic Fight

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Watching the empty seats in all the Olympic today, was a clear picture of just how powerful this COVID reset has been. No matter how good the TV camera shot are, they can’t FILL in people in the stands.

But the question is: Will this be the new future? One virus being released after another: keeping people all over the world from gathering in crowds at all?

But people are gathering. They gathered in Arizona. Finding President Trump’s speech on ANY major TV channel was hard. Only one or two carried any of it. I doubt many people saw it. But the blast-offs of Bezos, and Virgin Harry’s great rockets, got full weekly coverage. It was so full of gushing billionaire worship, it got nauseating.

The world is now getting angry.  MILLIONS of people all over the planet are rising up against the tyranny that is being forced on them if they DON’T get vaccinated.

From all that I’ve managed to read, the vaccinated still get Covid, and will have to keep getting vaccinated forever more. Masks and controlling our lives will go on forever if this cabal of Davos Demons continue to rule the world.

Sweden, never locked down, and there’s not one Covid Death…so that’s proof in itself that the fear and tyranny being fostered upon the planet is about a communist takeover, not a virus.

Here in America, we still have STATES. The law for mandatory vaccines has not been passed yet, but be assured, Biden will follow Macron’s dictatorship soon, if the states and the local governments do not dictate it.

Here’s Obama’s butt-buddy’s, Rahm’s Emanuel’s statement this Sunday:


Emanuel said, “I agree. I’m the son of a pediatrician…The fact is no child can show up at school without showing their immunizations, smallpox and measles. You have to make this familiar to people. Second is, I would close the space. If you want to participate in activities, you have to show you are vaccinated. So, it becomes a reward-punishment system. You make your own calculation. The fact is there’s data this week that 30% of health care workers are not vaccinated. They have got to lead by example.”

He added, “My own recommendation is the religious community ecumenically, across the board needs to speak up and encourage people. So, you hit all populations with a singular message. I do give credit to the White House, whether it’s Fox TV or Republican leaders, getting a chorus of voices, across the spectrum, not just political, religious et cetera, with a singular message and lead by example.”


First…kids long ago, were all coming down with smallpox, polio and measles. There ARE no children that have died from Covid alone, or even proof that they HAVE it, or proof that they are carriers of the virus. That is a bold face lie. And to use the ‘religious’ community to put pressure on people who don’t get the vaccine is typical tyranny. Something Obama, and his buddies the Emanuel brothers are famous for.

Sadly, lots of Christians will follow this advice blindly, because the churches themselves are being seized by the ‘communist’ state.

But the E.U. has come to obey the Davos Demons and made NOT getting a vaccine a crime: And the people of Europe are not happy about it.

Here’s a few pages lifted from various articles:


Tens of thousands of people in France protested the government’s decision to introduce a vaccine passport and mandatory vaccination for certain professions this weekend. France’s vaccine passport will prohibit people from entering restaurants, bars, museums, and more if they cannot provide evidence of vaccination or a recent negative test.

Similar massive protests against vaccine passports and lockdown restrictions have also been held in the UK, Italy, and Australia.

French President Emmanuel Macron argued on Sunday that refusing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 is not “freedom” because anti-vaxxers infect and kill others through their “irresponsibility” and “egoism.”

World leaders have revealed their true fascist nature by requiring COVID passports under threat of jail time as the coronavirus scamdemic shifts to a more insidious phase of their Great Reset: jabbing every person on Earth with the experimental mRNA shot.


And they have stated from the beginning that that is their goal. Fauci, Gates, universities, and I’m sure we would find out many of the Davos Demons will make TRILLONS off these vaccines that will go on forever more…

Unless, the whole world refuses.

Our Presidential elections was rigged. Tonight, as I watched the gymnastics of the American team at the Olympics, the darling Biles made huge mistakes, and yet, they ignored them all and placed her at the top. To me, it looked rigged.

Of course, it was: It’s all about the money and if you join their cause.

The Demons of Davos against the world?  Who will win?

One thing for sure: It’s going to be an Olympic fight.

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