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Do NOT Miss This Video…Just Don’t.

Nobody Reports.

I drafted this video yesterday, I thought it was so fantastic….

This man calls for the world to stand up against the tyrants, and it’s an epic rant…one for the records.

But, of course, today I come and see that the video itself may not appear on this blog, so

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…do yourself a favor and go watch it.

The fact that it’s already being takin down by all the major social sites, AND…the fact that the Prime Minister himself just declared today that on JULY the 19th…the lockdowns and social distancing will be lifted…

Well…how about that? Do you THINK Parliment might be worried? It the day that this man says we should ALL gather and show our protests against tyranny.

After all, I think by now, even if the people go…”Oh well luv, they just lifted it all, why attend and get ourselves photographed? “

BECAUSE! All the lockdowns will continue as soon as possible. They’ve all said so.

Anyway, this man was great. If I had the money I would fly to London and be there.

God sped all good men.

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