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Nobody Wonders WHY The RICH are Leaving…

Nobody Wonders

It’s not talked about much, but the VERY rich are selling their mansions in the United States and moving…off to islands and bunkers:

WEALTHY tech moguls are preparing for the apocalypse by buying island properties, having laser eye surgery and investing in pimped out nuclear bunkers.

Billionaires are buying islands and bunkers as they prepare for nuclear war (

So, what are they afraid of?

The ‘deplorable” terrorists’?

Or just the neighborhood and their favorite restaurants and hot spots being destroyed by Antifa?

What do THEY know that we don’t?

One thing for certain: If they are afraid of a nuclear attack, then I would THINK Hawaii would be right up there as China’s first target…but Zuckerface and a lot of techs have bought most of the land there.

Which means, they just want to get away from the mainland and China has promised not touch their estates, which you can view on the link above.

The rest of the rich are buying up islands and building bunkers, some even in Kansas of all places.

In that case, SOMEBODY should find out where Fauci will be hiding out, don’t you think?

Nobody Wonders.

One thing we do know, is many of them (Like the Obamas) have estates right next to the ocean, so they can make a quick getaway by boat.

You tell me: Are they more afraid of the people coming after them? Or something else?

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