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Oh Claire…get a life…

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We had to put up with this douche-bag for too many years in Missouri. She ALWAYS acted as if she was a conservative, but when the citizens got SICK of her always protecting Hillary (As she is doing here) we finally got rid of her.

It’s a old trick that politicians have used for a long time. Run a candidate which ACTS as if he or she is conservative (Loves the police, the military, guns etc) and then gets power, and acts like a true/blue democrat.

All conservative states should be aware of this tactic: Look at Arnold. Or George Jr. Or Chris Christie. Or recently we found out in Missouri that Roy Blunt was a BIG Rino. He hide it well.

I’d beware of Hollywood movie stars. (Warning to Texas) or any other famous people.

Look for the nobodies.

As for Claire? She is calling these people terrorists while they wave the American flag…how DARE they attack the elite snobs/tyrants who rule their lives.

Jan 6, was staged in many respects. And Pence was the biggest liar of them all. It’s reported that it was his secret service agent who shot that Trump supporter…and…uh…he was black.

Hey Claire! Have some popcorn while you are watching that movie on the American Flag-waving people. Better yet, stay away from ALL crowds today.

It just might make you sick.

I loved Mary’s response here. As Hillary would say…”What difference does it make Claire?”

The only one who died was a white woman.

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  1. Hang in there, Joyanna. The RINOs are a blight.


    Comment by jameshigham | July 3, 2021 | Reply

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