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Budgie’s Can Teach Us How to Escape

When I took my husband to the ER yestesday, the whole day I was worried about my little budgie, who the day before had somehow been injured. I have six parakeets, in a BIG cage. Somehow, while I was away, the smallest member injured his foot and beak and the blood was everywhere! I expected him to die right away, as birds do not have much blood, so I put him in a little cage right next to his buddies.

Of course, in the morning (read yesterday’s post) we went to the ER and were gone all day. I made SURE that the little budgie had food and water, even though he was all by himself.

When we came home, I was frantic…because he was NOT in that little cage. I was SURE he was dead…but where was he?

There I was going around the house calling his name. There is an important note. He’s NEVER been out of that cage except to go to a doctor visit. I don’t let my birds fly around…but I did noticed when I left that he wasn’t happy about being in that little cage.

When I got home, I was flabbergasted. You guessed it. He was back in the big cage with all his buddies, sitting on his favorite perch. Even all cleaned up from his blood.

WTH? I thought…did someone come into our house and put him there? (No, all doors were locked.)

Was I just delusional and I put him there myself? (No, I did NOT want him to be in the other cage for awhile.)

Did God swope down and just put him there? (Well, God might have had a hand in it, because clearly, parakeets do NOT like isolation and want to be with THEIR freinds.

After seeing these two video’s I figured out that my little budgie just managed to open his little door, and get into the bigger cage himself.

God made birds smart. Too bad he missed so many humans!

Enjoy! By the way, my little Wickey is fine and singing happily.

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