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President Trump: BACK And Fighting

Nobody’s Opinion

Well…he’s back. As if he was just in front of us yesterday, instead of being gone for how long? Almost a year? I didn’t even know about the Ohio rally if my neighbor hadn’t of told me. That’s how censored President Trump is. FOX NEWS didn’t even carry it. Right now, Tucker and Hannity are paying their bills, and the Bushes wouldn’t allow it. I know. I know. How do I know that the Bushes have anything to do with FOX? Same way I know that CNN was the Clinton Channel the whole time he was in office.

Newsmax carried it. And 2 million people watched it online.

By now, Trump is predictable. He spends half of his speech talking about all the successes he had as President. It worked in the last election. He won by the biggest margin of votes of any President. Anyone who has been following that knows that to be a fact, they just switched it to JOE won the most votes of any President. The hatred for Trump has been so strong, the elites figured that, the lie, as always, just gets ingrained sooner or later. The censorship is as bad as China. Putin called it for what it was:

Russia Calls America a ‘Liberal Totalitarian State’ with a ‘Monopoly on the Media’ and ‘Irremovability of Oligarchic Elites’

You have to think the world is upside down when a communist like Putin tells the truth about America. Putin doesn’t want China to rule Russia either. He might work with China, but Putin does NOT want to be a China puppet.

Still, with all that has happened and the Rino’s working against Trump, the way forward to take back the Presidency will be long and hard. The states have to take back their powers, and with all the corrupt politicians in place, that is NOT going to be easy. Biden has opened up America pretty much, or it opened up itself. The pandemic caused enough damage that they figure they can safely do that.

After all, to continue the lockdowns after ALL the destruction would be very bad for the democrats.

It’s being said Pence will run for President, which is the biggest joke. And looking back at Hillary, I think Bill Clinton himself helped her lose. If it was her decision to keep him quiet, it was a huge mistake. Or was Obama in the background laying his bombs for what we see now as his third term? Nobody Knows. But if they put Joe in then they could have released the virus and put Hillary in.

Why didn’t they? Nobody knows.

As I write this tonight, I’m hearing someone setting off fireworks, and Nobody Wonders: What kind of July 4th will this be?

General Flynn says to expect a big false flag event, when the final tally in Arizona comes out.

The real question is: Are there enough patriotic politicians who will work to SAVE America?

Nobody Knows. But if they don’t rectify the LAST stolen election, the next election might be the same.

Will we have a meatless, gun less America? If Biden is kept in power, you can count on it.

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