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Nobody Knows How China Is Taking Over

Nobody Knows, just how right President Trump is when he says that if Biden becomes President, China will own us. If you haven’t seen the two videos below, best watch them before they disappear. The Chinese themselves admit that China has it’s very heavy influence in the upper echelons of our government, and has for decades.

We KNOW that the Biden’s are deep in the pocket of China.

So is Diana Feinstein, who has had a Chinese limo driver for decades who worked directly for the Chinese military. I once saw the President of GM bowing like a simple servant to Xi Jinping. It was disgusting to me. He couldn’t have been more subservient.

This morning I saw Meryl Streep on TV, talking to Steven Colbert… trying to talk Chinese and explain a simple word in Chinese as if was just so beautiful.

Seriously? Love the glasses Meryl but why not just move there?

And I worry about how easliy they are getting into all our universities. It’s been said that It’s China that is FUNDING the antifa and colored revolution, modeled after their own cultural commuinst revolution.

For instance: In 2015, at the University of Columbia, Missouri, a school where many of the countries journalists are educated, a ‘colored” protest of black students who claimed that they were attacked by racist slurs, refused to play any sports. They demanded the replacement of the President, a white man named Wolfe. He has now been replaced by Mun Choi, a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, from the U of Conn. He went to school in IL, and got his degree from Princeton, BOTH progressive universities.

Mun Choi, President of Columbia University MO

Now this might not mean much, but remember: Boeing has a major manufacturing hub next to Lambert Field here in St. Louis, and Amazon is building major warehouses RIGHT next to Boeing, and I have written how China wants Lambert field to be a major hub. Put Amazon and Boeing, together with China, and Mun Choi sending in his ‘students’ to run the show, and you can picture Trump’s worst nightmare coming true.

By the way, Lambert Field is run by the City, which is run by democrats and one very radical House representative who is a Marxist of BLM fame. Somehow, out of ALL the state being red, SHE got the big position. Gee.

China is slowly taking us over, with the help of our politicians. Don’t miss Tucker’s video below, or Dick’s who go further into exposing the truth.

If ONLY more of our politicians would see the danger.

They released the bio-weapon, to take out Trump, rigged the election, and destroyed our economy in order to take us over.

That’s my Nobody Opinion and I’m sticking to it.

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