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Nobody Reports: Youtube’s Control on Tucker’s Repeats

It’s Sunday, and I’m not watching FOX News at all. If I find myself suddenly on the channel, I go OH…Quick! Flip it! I think I’m not the only person doing this out of protest because FOX New’s rating have plummeted. When once they were in 1st, now, they come in third over CNN and MSNBC.

Nobody Reports

Sure. I miss Hannity. I miss Tucker. And some of the guests on Laura. Even seeing Trump on FOX News in the Morning, but I feel that what they did to America on election night was JUST as egregious as Pelosi holding everyone’s relief money hostage. Fox and Drudge, conservative ships of safe shore, are now gone.

So, I look for Tucker on Youtube, and THIS is what I found. Watch this, and tell me if the video, AND audio are WAY off. You know me. I think this is on purpose so you will tune back into his program and bring the money back to FOX.

Let’s be real. Hannity and Tucker, could get a job on OAN or Newsmax. The only power we seem to have now, is our attention. If we don’t give them our attention, they can’t brainwash us now can they?

Anyway, here’s some good thoughts from Tucker as usual. And tell me if YOU get the messed up video like I did. I just listened to it. Watching it was too funny.

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